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Precap:ram meets sampati. Ravan n sita argue. Hanuman comes out of the dakshayani. He meets sita n gives her ram’s ring ?. He eats the fruits in the vatika.

Hanuman eats all the fruits and vegetables in the vatika and destroys it. Ravan gets this news. Some soldiers attack Hanuman. Hanuman kills all of them. Angry, ravan asks meghnad to bring hanuman live or dead, i want him. Indrajit goes to the vatika and fights with Hanuman. Indrajit attacks hanuman by his divine celestial weapon. And he captures hanuman and brings him to ravan’s palace. Hanuman tells ravan that his status is similar to that of ravan’s. And I’m also like a messenger. So we should sit at equal levels. Either u come down, or I’ll come up. Ravan shouts at him. Hanuman elongates his tail to make a mound/pyramid equal to the height of stairs leading to ravan’s throne, and sits on top of it. Ravan gets angry ?. How dare u do this? U’ll be punished. I’ll kill u right now. Hanuman laughs at him and says that u cant kill me, but If u didn’t leave sita ji from ur captures, Sri Ram will surely kill you. Ravan gets frustrated by this statement and asks the soldiers to kill Hanuman. Vibhishan, ravan’s younger bro asks ravan not to kill him? Ravan asks why? Vibhishan tells him that this will only stretch the matter. Ravan says I don’t care. Vibhishan says u better cut off one of his limbs. Ravan says good idea. Hanuman runs round and round on the court and picks the soldiers with his tail. The courtiers say that a tail is a monkey’s pride. Ravan orders the demons to burn hanuman tail. Hanuman laughs and flees away again but the soldiers catch him. They wrap an oiled cloth around Hanumans tail and burn it. Hanuman keeps on elongating his tail while the demons continue to burn it. Hanuman escapes from the demons and flapping his tail like a flag, flies all over Lanka, in turn burning the whole of it. Ravan gets shocked to see this. Vibhishan tells ravan to leave sita otherwise u ll get burned like this some day. Ravan is angry ?. Vibhishan tells him that ram can do anything, you calm down and leave sita. Ravan tells Vibhishan that he is immortal. Vibhishan repeats that ram can do anything. Ravan is angry n says u care for him more than me go out, dare not come back here go to your ram, I also c who kills me. Hahaha n goes away. Vibhishan thinks how to make him understand that he is calling his doom. On the other hand all the people/demons shout on seeing Lanka getting burnt by Hanuman. Hanuman smiles and then puts his tail in the Indian ocean, to stop the fire ?. The next day he crosses the ocean and meets ram, who is eagerly waiting for him. Hanuman gives ram the bangles given by siya and ram recalls sita wearing them. He cries n asks Hanuman about sita. Hanuman tells ram about sita. Fb shows their convo. She is waiting for u. Ravan ll kill her in two months. Without any delay we must go to save her. Ram nods n they wonder how to make a huge army cross the ocean. Ram makes a shivling of mud and stones n prays to lord Shiva. All the vanaras also pray ?. After that one of the vanaras take a rock and put it into the ocean. It sinks. Ram looks on. Hanuman takes a rock lying around n using a stone like chalk, writes ram on it and throws it in the ocean. It floats. All the monkeys ? jump in excitement, shouting. Ram smiles and greets the shivling.
All the monkeys take stones and rocks and write ram on it and make a setu/road like path on the ocean.

Precap- the army reaches laxman. A messenger informs this to ravan. Vibhishan meets ram.

Plz plz do tell hw it was
There r many versions of Ramayana and this one is t vrsion I know.

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  1. Awesome vanshu di no doubt u can continue writing such ffs sooo nice

  2. Awesome vanshu di no doubt u can continue writing such ffs soooo nice

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  6. Vanshika crzy fr skr

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