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Precap-jatayu tells ram that lankapati ravan had kidnapped ravan. Ram kills Bali n makes sugreev king ? again. They try to find sita.

Ram and lakshman along with the army travel all over from panchvati to the south point of India trying to find sita. Reaching there they r all very tired ? and so they sleep ? there.
In ashoka vatika siya is waiting for ram. She is sadly remembering all the past moments, her marriage with ram, their going to van, ram’s promise that he wont leave her, her first meet with ram, her demand for the golden deer etc. The demonesses ask her to eat something. The same time ravan comes there laughing ? ha ha ha. Where is your ram? it’s no use waiting unnecessarily. What is the fault in me that u refuse Marrying me and sayin so he repeatedly asks he to marry him . I’m Lanka pati I’ll always keep u happy ?. I have all the riches , I’ll give u whatever u want. I’ll make u main queen ?, I’ll make even mandodri a servant. What’ll ur ram do? He wont find u. He hasn’t even tried to find u maybe. I’m better than him. Sita is bored of all these talks. You r being foolish ravan. Ur proud will kill u. My ram will come n save me, he’ll kill all ur demons and even u. If u try to forcefully marry me, I’ll better die. Ravan tells her that he is invincible, immortal. No one can kill me, but if u don’t marry me I’ll surely kill u in 2 months. U have only 2 months to live. Only two months. Ha ha ha ha. And goes away laughing ?. Siya misses ram.

Sampati/jatayu bro who resides in a cave sees them lying and says
“I will feast today. I shall be ever grateful to God for having such delicious meal walk to my doorsteps all by itself”. Everyone looks in the direction of the voice, and see a huge vulture progressing towards them slowly, saying these words. At that moment, Jambavan says – “Life is so ironical. One is this vulture, who is planning to eat this disappointed lot, too exhausted to defend themselves – and defeated in this search for Seeta Mata; too guilty even to wish to live any further. And one was that Vulture Jatayu, who gave his life trying to save Sita Mata from the clutches of Ravana.” Ram asks sampati I he has seen sita and tells him her looks.

The vulture froze as soon as he heard the word “Jatayu”. ” Jatayu? Did you say Jatayu? What happened to him? Please tell me.” Jambuvana told the story of Jatayu and his bravery. The vulture’s eyes were moist at the end of the story. His throat choked; he said – “My name is Sampati. Jatayu was my brother. It has been ages since I have heard of any news from him. I hear a news now – news that he is no more!” Then, collecting himself, he says – “I am grateful to you, Sir! You have brought me the news of my brother. I shall return this favour. This lady Sita you are searching for I know where she is.”

Everybody listened with concentration, as Sampati told. ” Lanka is the kingdom of Ravan, I had seen him flying in his Pushpak, landing at Lanka with a beautiful lady with him, forcibly being taken into Lanka and banished in one of the Vatika. I now know after listening to your story, She was Sita. Now she will be remedied of her agony. Everyday, I used to watch her, sitting beneath that tree in that vatika – sadly, waiting for someone. Her wait will end now.”
Hearing this after some rest, ram and others discuss about who to send Lanka n Hanuman tells that he will go to Lanka n takes the ring ? n flies off to Lanka.
He has covered a tiny distance when
Mainaka Parvatam comes out of the Indian ocean to offer Hospitality ….but Hanuman on Ram Kaarya politely refuses to waster a second even and just touches the mainaka and says , TREAT THAT I HAVE RECEIVED YOUR HOSPITALITY. The mainka happily leaves.
after covering a small distance he comes in contact with .Simhika….a chaaya Graahi…a shadow grabber…It catches the Hanuman`s Shadows and the speed of hanuman is reduced .Hanuman finds the reason and KILLS THE CHAAYA GRAAHI AND PROCEEDS.

next he meets SURASA ( Dakshaayanai, sent by Gods to test hanuman) appears as a Demon and says he, hanuman must enter her mouth , and he can not go further further with out doing this. Hanuman with intelligence increases his SIZE ENORMOUSLY AND THE DAAKSHAAYANI TOO INCREASES HER SIZE, SUDDENLY IN A GIFFY HANUMAN BECOMES THUMB SIZED AND ENTERS HER OPEN MOUTH AND RETURNS AND PRAYS TO HER.The Dakshaayani sent by Gods to test blesses Hanuman and disappears. Hanuman finally reached Lanka.

On the shore ram is waiting for Hanuman.

Hanuman flies all over the golden Lanka and looks at its magnificent beauty. He thinks ravan must have kept sita hidden somewhere, where to go first? He goes to ravan palace. And finds no traces of sita. Flying all above, he suddenly stopped when he hears the voice of a lady. She’s sita. He’s above ashoka vatika. Ravan is trying hard to coax siya somehow in marrying him. But sita refuses and threatens him that she’ll suicide. After arguing a lot, ravan goes away. After being sure that all danger has gone, Hanuman drops the ring ? ram gave him from the tree ? behind which he’s hiding. On receiving the ring of ram sita is eager. She looks here and there and finally Hanuman jumps from the tree and siya is shocked to see him. He gives his introduction. She asks about ram. Hanuman tells her that he is very sad ?. He asks her to come with him, but sita refuses saying that it ll hurt ram’s respect and I want that he himself come and save me and kill this harassing demon. Hanuman asks how ll he prove to ram that he met her. Sita hands him her bangles, recalling ram making her wear the bangles. Hanuman accepts them. Hanuman tells her that he is very hungry ? and asks her whether he can get something to eat ?? . He looks at the fruits ??? and asks whether he can eat them. She approves but warns him that he be aware of Indrajit, ravan son. Hanuman tells not to worry and eats the fruits ???.

Precap- Indrajit attacks hanuman. Hanuman burns Lanka.

Ravan kidnapped sita in Grishma/summer and hanuman found her in Basant /spring.

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