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Part 27
Rama, travelling in the aerial car towards Ayodhya, lands at the hermitage of Bharadwaja the sage. When Rama enquires of Bhardwaja about the welfare of Ayodhya-City, Bharata and his mothers. Bharadwaja informs Rama about their welfare. Further, the sage informs that by virtue of his asceticism, he could know everything about the exploits of Rama from the day he left Ayodhya, till he destroyed Ravana. Then, Rama seeks a boon from Bharadwaja, asking him to make the trees on the route to Ayodhya, to bear fruit in the off-season for which the sage grants the boon. Thereupon, the troops of monkeys feasted on those fruits at will. Sita smiles upon seeing them. Ram looks at her.Rama asks Hanuma to proceed to Shringaberapura and communicate to Guha about his welfare and also to know the appropriate path to Ayodhya. Rama also asks Hanuma to go to Ayodhya and communicate to Bharata about his welfare and also the previous happenings at the forest and at Lanka, including the abduction of Seetha and her restoration, by killing Ravana in battle. Rama also asks Hanuma to inform Bharata, about their arrival at the proximity of Ayodhya, along with Sugreeva and Vibhishana. Accordingly, Hanuma approaches Guha and Bharata in Nandigrama and informs the pleasant news about the welfare of Rama as well as his impending return to Ayodhya.You can see Rama here itself today, when he has been duly permitted by Bharadwaja the sage, after spending, at the instance of the sage, for a night of the fifth lunar day. Bharata is overjoyed on hearing the glad tidings from Hanuman and offers him a number of valuable gifts, for having communicated the agreeable news to him. Bharat says that ram can never break his promise.. He came fr ayodhya.. For family.. For everyone.. Overjoyed Bharat arranges for their welcome. He asks Hanuman to describe in detail.. Hanuman replies..
How your mother was conferred with two boons by your father, how Rama was sent to exile, how Dasaratha the king died, with a shocking sorrow for his son’s exile, how you were brought quickly from Rajagriha (the seat of government of Kekaya kings) by the envoys, how sovereignty was not coveted by you when you returned to Ayodhya, how on your going to mount Chitrakuta, your, elder brother the tormentator of enemies was invited by you who followed righteousness to take back the kingdom, how Rama who stood by his father’s words, renounced the kingdom and stood by his father’s words, renounced the kingdom and how your returned to Ayodhya, taking with you the wooden sandals all this is known accurately to you. Hear from me now, that which occurred after you had returned to Ayodhya. Ram n siya sensed some bad signs. They saw Virat the demon.. He attacked them but got killed..fb shows the moments.. Surpankha lusting upon ram and attacking sita, lakshman cutting her nose, mareech as golden deer, siya’s kidnap, jatayu killed, ravan torturing her, ram killing Bali, sugreev crowned as king, searching sita, sampati contributing, Hanuman meeting sita, the brutal war, killing of ravan and Vibhishan crowned as king, and finally siya coming out of the fire.. Bharat’s eyes r filled with tears, upon hearing this description of Hanuman. So much..
Bharata, after hearing the good news from Hanuman about the arrival of Rama, calls Shatrughna and commands him to make appropriate arrangements for the reception of Rama in the City of Ayodhya. Bharata departs with all others, for Nandigrama to receive Rama. The aerial car lands at Nandigrama. Bharata welcomes Rama and others, by embracing them and by greeting them joyously. Rama too offers his salutations to all his mothers, who come to receive him. Then, Bharata brings Rama’s wooden sandals and places them below the feet of Rama. Rama commands Pushpaka, the aerial car to return to Kubera, the lord of riches to whom it originally belonged. The praja is excited and welcomes ram.. Cheers ram sita…
Precap-ram is crowned as a king and sita as queen..

Part 28

Hi dears.. I’m posting the last part of this fan fiction.. Thanx alot for all the love you’ve bestowed upon me, which has always inspired me.. I’m ending this ff now.. But ha.. Uttar Kanda is missing na.. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about it.. I’ll be back after 1 or 1½ month, with the second season of this fantastic fanfic ha..pakka.. I’m really really sorry for ending it like this.. And this part is also small.. I’m sorry for it.. Really really.. Sorry.. Read on..

Bharat tells ram that he can’t bear any more the load of the kingdom of ayodhya.
At the request of Bharata to take back the kingdom of Ayodhya, Rama accepts the offer and sits on a seat. Bharata and Rama take their bath and get adorned for the occasion. Ram opens his tied hair. Rama, mounting on an excellent chariot, sallies forth on a procession in the city accompanied by Bharata, Shatrughna, Lakshmana and Vibhishana. Sita meets her sisters and hugs them.. They talk about the journey.. Urmila wants to meet Lakshman but sita asks her to be patient.. The mothers hug sita.. All r overjoyed.. Nine thousand elephants follow the procession, with Sugreeva and other monkeys mounted on them. Some attendants and musicians with their musical instruments walk in front of Rama’s procession. The citizens of Ayodhya host flags on every house. Rama narrates to the ayodhya people about the contributions of the monkeys.. Which astonished the praja.. Rama returns to his paternal palace in Ayodhya. He greets and meets his mothers and brothers, full of enthusiasm.. Sugreeva orders four of his monkeys to bring water from four oceans in jars given to them. Some monkeys brought water from five hundred rivers, as also from the four oceans for the purpose of the ceremony. Vasishta along with other brahmins as priests caused Rama to be consecrated with that water. The virgins, ministers, warriors, merchants, the four gods as well as other gods sprinkled sap of all kinds of herbs on Rama. Vasishta and other priests officiating the coronation-ceremony adorned Rama with an auspicious and charming crown. With which crown, long ago, Manu the emperor was adorned while he was consecrated and with which, the kings followed in his line were successively adorned while they were coronated, that crown studded with precious jewels, fashioned by Brahma at the beginning of creation and dazzling with splendour, being kept according to practice on a throne adorned with many kinds of precious stones in the council-hall, studded with gold, graced with abundant riches, decorated and shiningly made with most charming jewels of various kinds, and thereafter Rama duly adorned by that crown as well as jewels by the great-souled Vasishta and other priests officiating at the coronation-ceremony. Ram…ram… Plays… Sita sits on the throne along with ram. Siya ram plays… On that occasion of the coronation-ceremony of the intelligent Rama, who was well-deserving it, the celestial-musicians among the celestials gracefully sang and troupes of Apsaras danced.Then, Rama gives away presents to the priests as well as Sugreeva and Angada. Rama presents a pearl-necklace to sita and siya presents that necklace in turn to Hanuman.bhoomija…. Plays…. Ram smiles seeing her charity. Rama further gives away presents to Vibhishana, Sugreeva, Jambavan and others on the occasion. Rama bids farewell to monkeys. The righteous and the renowned king Vibhishana too, after obtaining the treasure of his race (kingdom of demons), followed by those foremost of demons, returned to Lanka. Ram chooses his ministers and distributes the posts among the ministers.. Everyone is shown joyful.. The screen freezes on siya’s and ram’s happy smiling faces…
So how’s it???I hope not much bad.. Of course don’t forget to post ur opinions.. As comments below.. Season 2 will be back okay..pakka.. M sorry if I hurt my friends… Bye..

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