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Lord Shiva informs Rama that his father, Dasaratha, in an ethereal form and as a replica of his extinct personality, has arrived in an aerial car along with Indra, the lord of celestials. Shiva asks Rama and Lakshmana to pay their respects to the soul of Dasaratha and they respond in approaching him and offer their salutations. Dasaratha says he is overjoyed in seeing him, having defeated Ravana and having completed the exile for fourteen years.Separated from you, the heaven is not a liking to me, nor the respect given to me by the foremost of celestials. I am telling you the truth. He asks Rama to return to Ayodhya, meet Bharata and get consecrated to the throne of Ayodhya. Dasaratha further advises Lakshmana and siya to continue to serve Rama, the supreme deity. Lakshman and sita nod. We’ll continue to serve thy son till we’re alive.. Dasaratha returns to the abode of Indra, by the aerial car.

Indra the lord of celestials asks Rama for a boon, Rama requested Indra to bring back to life, all the monkeys who had lost their life in the battle. Indra grants the boon and all the dead monkeys are restored to life. The celestials disperse and the whole army of monkeys enjoy their well-earned rest. Ram lakshman and sita r overjoyed and thank Indra. Vibhishan comes to ram and says that he made some arrangements fr their bathing. Ram asks him to take the monkeys. I won’t come. In the absence of Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi, who is practicing virtue, ritual bathing, garments and jewels are not to my liking. Rama prepares to leave for Ayodhya. Sita comes to him and says Raghunandan… It’s a pleasure fr is that we finally reach ayodhya to meet our family. Ram recalls the promise he made to Bharat. Even though Vibhishana requests Rama to remain at Lanka for some more time and receive his hospitality, Rama gently refuses to do so, adding that he needs to proceed to Ayodhya quickly, to see his mothers, brothers and people there. Vibhishana arranges the aerial car, Pushpaka to transport Rama and others to Ayodhya.

Rama commands Vibhishana to honour the monkeys with gold and precious stones. When Vibhishana has honoured them with the gifts, Rama along with Lakshmana and Seetha ascend the aerial car. When the monkeys and Vibhishana request Rama to permit them to accompany in the aerial car upto Ayodhya to witness his coronation-ceremony, Rama gladly permits them to do so. All of them start on their aerial journey in Pushpaka, the wonderful aerial car which can accommodate all, spaciously.

In the course of their flight to Ayodhya, Rama shows to sita, the whole City of Lanka, the battle-field where Ravana and other demons were killed, Nala-Setu the bridge which was built across the ocean, Mount Mainka, Setu-bandha (where the construction of the bridge was started), Mount Rishyamuka, Pampa River, Janasthana-forest, Panchavati, Godavari river, the hermitage of sage-Agastya, the hermitage of Atri and Anasuya, Mount Chitrakuta, Yamuna-river, the hermitage of Bharadwaja, Ganga-river, Sarayu-river and finally the City of Ayodhya. Sita smiles..

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