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Gods reach Lanka in aerial cars and approach ram., Kubera the King of Yakshas, Yama the lord of death together with the deceased ancestors, Indra the lord of celestials Varuna the lord of waters, the illustrious Shiva the great deity who bears the device of a bull as his banner and having three eyes, Brahma the creator of all the worlds and the best among the knowers of sacred knowledge all these together reaching the City of Lanka in aerial cars, shining like the sun approached Rama. They ask Rama why he ignores sita, when she is entering into the fire.How do you, the maker of the entire cosmos, the foremost among those endowed with knowledge and an all-capable person, ignore siya who is falling into the fire? How do you not recognize yourself to be the foremost of the troop of gods?”

O the destroyer of the adversaries. You are seen (to exist) at the beginning and at the end of creation. Yet, you ignore Seetha, just like a common man. Rama appeals them to describe in reality who he is. I think of myself to be a human being, by name Rama, the son of Dasaratha. You, as a gracious Divinity, tell me that which I as such really am like this.Brahma (the creator) proclaims his divinity and eulogizes him with hymns.

You are the Lord Narayana himself the glorious god, who wields the discus. You are the Divine Boar with a single tusk, the conqueror of your past and future enemies. You are the supreme righteousness of people, whose powers go everywhere. You are the four-armed. You are the leader of the army and the village headman. You are the intellect. You are the endurance and the subduer of the senses. You are the origin and the dissolution of all, Upendra the Divine Dwarf and (the younger brother of Indra) as also the destroyer Madhu, the demon. People neither know your end nor your origin nor who you are in reality. You’re the end you’re the start. You appear in all created beings in the cattle and in brahmanas. You exist in all quarters, in the sky, in mountains and in rivers.

With thousand feet, with hundred heads and with thousand eyes along with Lakshmi the goddess of wealth, you bear the earth with all its created beings along with its mountain.. Ram looks on..O Rama! I (brahma) am your heart. Saraswathi, the goddess (of learning) is your tongue. O lord! The gods created by Brahma are the hair on all your limbs. Sita is no other than Goddess Lakshmi (the divine consort of Lord Vishnu), while you are Lord Vishnu. You are having a shining dark-blue hue. You are the Lord of created beings. For the destruction of Ravana, you entered a human body here, on this earth.Those humans who are full of devotion to you will never be unsuccessful on this earth. Those who are devoted to you, the primeval and the eternal lord, belonging to ancient times and the Supreme Person, will forever attain their desired objects here as well as hereafter. He shows ram the divine form of Vishnu. Ram sees himself as Vishnu..

The fire-god appears in person from the burning pyre, carrying Seetha in his arms and restores her to Rama, testifying to her purity. Here is your Seetha. No sin exists in her. This auspicious lady, whose character has been good, has never been unfaithful to you who are endowed with strength of character either by word or by mind or even by intellect or by her glances. This Seetha, who was fixing her mind upon you ad looking on you as her final attainment, was detained in the gynaecium and hidden there. She was guarded by rightful female-demons with horrible intellect. Seetha, whose mind was directed towards you, ignored that demon even though allured and frightened through various means. Take back Seetha, who is sinless, with a pure character. She should not be told anything harsh. I hereby command you. Rama later joyfully accepts her. Seetha certainly deserves this pure factory ordeal in the eyes of the people in as much as this blessed woman had resided for a long time indeed in the gynaecium of Ravana. I’m sorry siitee.. The world would chatter against me, saying that Rama, the son of Dasaratha, was really foolish and that his mind was dominated by lust, if I accept Seetha without examining her with regard to her chastity. In order to convince the three worlds, I, whose refugee is truth, ignored Seetha while she was entering the fire. This auspicious woman could not give way to the sovereignty, existing in the gynaecium of Ravana, in as much as Seetha is not different from me, even as sunlight is not different from the sun. Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, is completely pure in her character, in all the three worlds and can no longer be renounced by me, as a good name cannot be cast aside by a prudent man Siam share a hug….

Precap-Dashrath tells ram to reach ayodhya.. Ram lakshman n sita leave fr ayodhya.

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