next in siya ke ram part 23


Ram asks Vibhishan why he’s getting 10 heads.. How to kill him o son of vishrava??

Vibhishan tells ram that mandodri earlier pour some Amrit in ravan’s navel, causing him to do so.. He wont die unless something is shooted to his navel… Ram nods and employs a brahmastra which penetrates ravan’s navel and he falls on the ground shouting Vibhishan…. You dint do it right… U’ll b punished fr this.. All the upcoming generations will call u as a cheat, ghar ka bhedi Lanka dhay… Mandodri is shocked upon Hearing the news and rushes to the battlefield. Ram hugs Lakshman. The monkeys r super excited and hug each other happily .. The sorrow is lightened.. Vibhishana laments a lot, after seeing Ravana lying dead on the battle-field. Rama comforts him, saying that a warrior killed in battle, need not be mourned. Vibhishana describes the personality of Ravana and his qualities to Rama and seeks permission of Rama to perform funeral rites to Ravana. Rama directs Vibhishana to perform the obsequies to Ravana, his deceased brother while mandodri enters the field in tears ?. All the consorts of Ravana lament, recollecting the valour of Ravana and with a stunning surprise of how he has been killed by an ordinary mortal. They feel sorry that, had siya been restored by Ravana to Rama, this major disaster would not have befallen them.

Mandodari stares at the dead body of Ravana and laments, recollecting the strength and power of Ravana. But, she realizes that Rama, who killed Ravana, is none other than Vishnu the lord of maintenance of the world. She further laments that Ravana has done a sinful deed in abducting siya and that he has faced the consequence in the form of his death; in the hands of Rama. She describes the charming personality and the unconquerable prowess of Ravana, but expresses her surprise how he has been killed by a mortal like Rama. Mandodari’s co-wives console her. Meanwhile, Rama asks Vibhishana to perform obsequies to Ravana. Initially, Vibhishana refuses to perform the last rites, but when Rama convinces him, he begins to perform the funeral of Ravana. After the funeral is over, Vibhishana comes and joins Rama, who along with Lakshmana, Sugreeva and others experience happiness for having destroyed their enemy. Matali, Indra’s charioteer leaves the battle-field and returns to his heaven. Then, Rama instructs Lakshmana to arrange for the installation of Vibhishana on the throne of Lanka. Lakshmana arranges to get sea-water from some monkey-chiefs and sprinkles it on vibhishana, to instal him as the King of Lanka, in the presence of the demons there. The rajtilak happens with great pomp. Then, Rama sends his message to siya through Hanuman.

No Precap.. Next epi see siya and Agni pariksha.

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