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Recap-ram and ravan fight fiercely. Ravan’s charioteer takes his chariot away.
Ravana reproached the charioteer for having turned back his chariot away from the battle-field. O vulgar fellow! You have destroyed my fame which was earned through a long period, prowess, vital power and the trust of people today. O evil-minded fellow! In case you do not, by perversity, carry away this chariot at any event, this expectation of mine that you stand corrupted by the enemy, will be a fact. This act, which has been done by you, is only befitting of enemies. This is indeed not the work of a friend, who wishes me well. Take the chariot in the battlefield now. The charioteer explains to Ravana, the various reasons as to why he has taken back the chariot. I was neither frightened nor I was stupid. I was not bribed by the enemies, nor was I a blunderer. I was not disloyal to you. I have not forgotten the benefits conferred by you.

I understand your exhaustion, due to your strenuous fighting in the great battle. I am not reflecting on the inclination of your valour or on your superiority over your enemy. That’s why. The horses of my chariot were broken down and were exhausted by drawing the chariot. They became miserable and thoroughly fatigued, like the cows lashed by heavy rain. Couldn’t it harm us lankesh?? Satisfied with the explanation given by his charioteer, Ravana instructs him to take the chariot back to the battle-field. Thereupon, the charioteer brings the chariot in an instant before Rama on the battle-field.

Sage Agastya advises Rama to recites the ‘Aditya Hridaya’, a collection of verses in praise of the sun-god, with a view to gaining victory. He is the embodiment of all gods, full of glory and the reflector of rays. He protects the multitude of gods and demons as well as their worlds by his rays. He is Brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector of the Universe, Lord Shiva the god of destruction, Skanda (son of Lord Shiva), Prajapati (the ten lords of creted beings), Indra the ruler of gods, Kubera the bestower of riches, Kala the Time-spirit, Yama the god of retribution, Soma the moon-god and Varuna the ruler of the waters.

The Pitrus (manes), the eight Vasus, the twelve Sadhyas, the two Ashvins the physicians of gods, the fortymine Maruts (wind-gods), Manu (a progenitor of the human race), Vayu the wind-god, the fire-god, the created beings, the life-breath of the universe, the source of the seasons and the store-house of light. He has seven green horses, is thousand-rayed, full of rays, the destroyer of darkness, the source of happiness, maker of thinness, the infuser of life in the lifeless cosmic egg and radiant. He is the lord of the sky, the disperser of darkness, the master of the Vedas, the sender of thick rain, the friend of water and the on who courses swiftly in the path of the sky. And so on…

Agatsya blessed ram to establish good and goes.. Seeing Ravana’s chariot coming, Rama asks Matali the charioteer to be on his guard. Bad omens prognosticating the fall of Ravana and good omens predicting the victory of Rama appeared in the scene of battle-field.. Loosing arrows at each other, Rama and Ravana perform a fierce battle. Ravana’s flag-staff is thrown down by Rama’s arrows. When Rama begins to cut off Ravana’s head, another head starts to crop up in its place. The fierce encounter continues thus for seven days.

No Precap.. Ravan will die next epi..

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