next in siya ke ram part 21

Recap- Lakshman tells ram that he killed Indrajit. Ravan proceeds to kill siya. His minister asks him to kill ram.
Ravana sends Mahodara to the battle-field. Mahodara creates havoc, by cutting off the hands, feet and thighs of monkeys. Some monkeys seek refuge with Sugreeva and some ran away for life. Sugreeva attacks Mahodara and initially kills the horses of the latter. Both of them fight till the weapons in their hands get broken. Then, they start wrestling with each other, till they get exhausted. Finally, Sugreeva cuts off Mahodara’s head with a huge sword.
When Mahaparshva enters the battle-field and torments the monkeys, Angada comes to their rescue and hits him. Jambavan also enters the field and breaks the chariot and the horses of Mahaparshva. Then, Angada knocks the bow and the helmet of Mahaparshva, as they fall down. Finally, Mahaparshva falls dead, succumbing to a forcible blow of Angada’s fist. The monkeys cheer for him.
Ravana enters the battle-field and with his mystic missile, frightens several monkeys and destroys them. Rama and Lakshmana come and attack Ravana. Then, Rama and Ravana fight each other with various kinds of arrows. When the missile employed by Ravana is struck down by Rama, all the monkeys shout loudly with a rejoice.. Rama and Ravana confront each other with various arrows and missiles. Meanwhile, Lakshmana joins the fight and chops off Ravana’s bow with his arrows. Vibhishana also fights and kills Ravana’s horses. Lakshmana rescues Vibhishana, when a spear is hurled on him by Ravana. Then, Ravana throws a spear on Lakshmana. As it penetrates Lakshmana’s boss*m, Lakshmana falls down unconscious. Rama hurls hails of arrows on Ravana from his flaming bow. Ravana takes to his heels out of fear.. Ram ram plays…., All the monkeys laugh on him. Ravan fumes and shouts ram… Mandodri is worried,
Rama laments over the uncertain condition of Lakshmana. He calls Sushena, the monkey-physician. Sushena tests Lakshmana and says he is still alive. Sushena then requests Hanuma to go all the way to the forests and bring the required herbs to treat Lakshmana. Hanuma proceeds to the forest and failing to identify the herbs in the tree, carries the tree itself and brings it to Sushena. Lakshmana regains consciousness, after getting treated with that herb by Sushena.. Ram hugs Lakshman..
Ravan again arms himself and takes a new chariot. The battle between Rama and Ravana starts. Indra sends a chariot, an armour, some arrows and a powerful spear. A tumultuous and thrilling battle ensues between Rama and Ravana. A spear hurled by Ravana is thwarted by a powerful spear (sent by Indra) of Rama. Then, Rama strikes Ravana’s horses with arrows. He also pierces the chest region and the forehead of Ravana with his fierce arrows. Ravana gets severely hurt. A ferocious battle ensues between Rama and Ravana, hurling thousands of arrows on each other. Each one intercepts the other’s arrows. Rama speaks harsh words to Ravana for having carried away Seetha from Janasthana-forest to Lanka and vows that he will soon dispatch him surely to the world of Death. Rama then pours down streams of arrows on Ravana. Rama more vehemently torments Ravana with his sharp arrows and mystic missiles, till Ravana becomes helplessly weak and confused. Ravana’s charioteer carries away Ravana in the chariot, camly and slowly away from the battle-front. Ram ram plays… Well done.. The monkeys cheer happily..
Precap-ravan shouts on the charioteer. A huge fight continues ram vs ravan….
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