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Recap- Lakshman kills Indrajit.

Lakshmana and Vibhishana approach Rama and inform him that Indrajit’s head has been chopped off. Lakshman murmurs and Rama was delighted with the news and applauds Lakshmana, by embracing him. Rama gets Lakshmana and others treated by Sushena. After the medical treatment by Suhena, Lakshmana becomes sound, active and full of joy. Ravana feels distressed in hearing the news of his son’s death. He gets enraged and after deeply pondering over, decides to kill Seetha, who was the root of all this trouble. Ravana with a sword in his hand, sallies forth towards Ashoka garden to make a short work of Seetha. Seetha observes Ravana rushing towards her and laments that after killing Rama and Lakshmana, he is coming to her place to kill her. Beholding the lamentation of Seetha, Suparshva, a good and upright minister of Ravana advises Ravana to desist from that dastardly act and to divert his anger towards Rama in battle. Ravana accepts the advice of his minister and returns to his assembly-hall.

Sita is glad to know that Raghunandan and Lakshman are okay. As per Ravana’s command, his army marches forward to the battle-field, so as to fight fiercely with Rama and his army with their weapon. When the demons attack the monkeys with their various weapons fiercely, they seek refuge in Rama. Rama destroys the troops of demons in the battle-field swiftly. Ram ram…. Plays..,

The female-demons lament over the death of their husbands and kinsfolk in battle. They further rebuke Surpanakha, for being the prime cause to bring siya to Lanka forcibly by Ravana and for all the combat occurring with Rama thereafter. The female-demons feel sad that Ravana did not heed to the appropriate advice given by Vibhishana. They further lament on perceiving bad omens and predict the annihilation of Ravana. They recollect an instance of celestials praying for Shiva and getting a boon that a woman (siya) will be born to cause the destruction of demons.
On beholding the sight of female-demons, afflicted with grief in the houses of Lanka, Ravana is very much enraged and orders his generals to tell their armies to set out for the battle immediately. Ravana promises them to take revenge by killing Rama and Lakshmana as also monkey-chiefs in the battle. Accompanied by several demon-warriors, Ravana marched to the battle-field, where Rama and Lakshmana are while Ravana is sallying forth for the battle, he sees several bad omens presaging his death. On hearing the noise of the demons entering the battle-field, the army of monkeys return to the battle. A tumultuous fight ensues, between the monkeys and the demons. Ravana fights fiercely with monkeys. Siya is sure his end is near.

Having destroyed some monkeys in the battle-field, Ravana tries to approach Rama to continue his fight. Meanwhile, Sugreeva along with some monkeys attack some chiefs of demons and destroy them. Then, Virupaksha a demon comes and attacks Sugreeva. Sugreeva brings down a violent slap on the temple-bone of Virupaksha and kills him.
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