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Recap- Lakshman cuts off Surpankha’s nose ?. Ravan tricks and kidnaps siya. Jatayu tries to save sita.

Ram n Lakshman try to find sita asap.
With ravan’s hit jatayu falls down in front of ramlakhan. Ram greets Jatayu n asks him how it happened. Jatayu asks him to save sita asap. She had been abducted by lankadhipati ravan. Don’t worry about me. Saying so Jatayu points his finger in a direction n tells ram dat ravan went in dat direction and falls down. His breath stops. He’s gone. Ram and Lakshman go there n call sita. But ravan has taken his pushpak vimana so far that ram doesn’t find it. He gets worried about sita. In d meanwhile, they reach a hut in the forest. An old lady/shabri comes out. She greets raghunandan n gives him ber to eat. Lakshman is angry bcoz the ber Is already half eaten by shabri. Ram calms him down. He recalls siya eating ber wid him in d forest. He happily eats d ber.

Ravan lands wid sita n she tells him dat ram won’t leave him. Ravan doesn’t pay heed to her n puts her in ashoka vatika n tells her not to show cleverness. He tells the demonesses to take care of her n goes away laughing ?.

In van ram n Lakshman continue their journey. Ram wishes he finds siya asap.

Bali had gone to fight a harassing demon. He entered into a cave battling the demon and didn’t return. When he didn’t return, sugreev thought he must be dead. So he sadly took charge of Bali’s kingdom kishkindha. Hanuman wants to help him and becomes sugreev minister. After defeating the monster ? and returning, Bali comes to know that sugreev got hold of the kingdom. He’s angry ? and shouts sugreev. Hanuman and sugreev with other ministers hide there.

Ram and Lakshman searching for siya reach kishkinda. On seeing them sugreev is very afraid and tremblingly says to hanuman, Bali sent these two men to kill me. Hanuman tells him that the men aren’t angry ?, they have come for another thing. Sugreev asks what? Hanuman says I’ll talk to them. …
As hanuman goes to meet ram, he’s happy ? to find that it is his best friend, his swami, ram. He falls flat on the ground and touches ram’s feet ?.
Ram hugs him and tells him about sita.
Hanuman tells about Bali. Ram promises sugreev he’ll kill Bali . They engage in a fight and ram shoots an arrow ? at him and kills him. In return sugreev promises to help ram out and find siya.

After becoming king ? again, sugreev gets attracted a lot and forgets the promise he made to ram.
A whole season/autumn passes. Hanuman remembers the promise and asks sugreev to do something. He sends neelu to find siya, but no efforts are made…..
Ram has been waiting for his beloved wife and sugreev. And Lakshman is set on fire ?. Angry ? on sugreev , hot and fiery he goes to kishkindha. Hanuman who understands everything tells sugreev to send an army soon. And the army of monkeys ?/vanara sena spreads across India to find sita shouting in rage, angry on ravan. All efforts have been made and siya is still not found. Hanuman asks ram to send him to Lanka, so ram wants hanuman to go to Lanka and meet sita.
Sadly , hanuman says I’m so horrible, sita would be afraid to meet me. Understanding the situation, ram gives hanuman the ring ? siya gave him, and tells him, in case siya is afraid, you show her this ring ? and tell that u r my messenger, ram’s messenger. Ram again gets soaked in grief thinking ? of their swayamwar, the moment they meet first, the moment they married ?, the moment they leaved for van, siya was so satisfied to b with me, and I have hurt her alot. She must be missing me, she was happy to b with me now she’s so away from me, my siya must be sad ?, I’ll find you soon dear siya , I’ll find u soon, you were a good wife, a good Bhabhi, please come back siya and cries ? ???
Lakshman misses his Bhabhi n the food she made ?.

And off flying hanuman goes to Lanka to find siya and relieve ram of his grief.

Precap- sita is sitting sadly recalling past moments. Hanuman defeats a sea monster ?. Ravan asks siya to marry him. Your ram won’t come. Siya says that your end is near ravan, my ram will come soon. You worry about yourself.

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