next in siya ke ram part 18

Recap-Indrajit and ram lakshman fight. Indrajit is invisible.

Trijata tells sita that Indrajit has gone in the battlefield invisible.

Sita is sitting with trijata and the other demonesses worried for ram. Those r terrible demons. They will…. Raghunandan… He’ll be okay na?? She asks.. Trijata tells her that none can defeat her ram. Siya hopes it to be true. She takes the ? ring Hanuman gave her and says my ram.. She recalls ram tellin her that nothing will happen to him till she’s with him. She cries ?. Trijata tells her not to forget that they’ve already defeated death two times. They’re the brave warriors chosen by god. Siya is worried something wrong is going to happen.
Placing an illusory live image of Seetha in his chariot, Indrajit along with his army enters the battle-field. Hanuma with his army of monkeys march in front to face Indrajit in battle. making up his mind to purposefully confuse all, by playing a trick to kill siya’s illusory image, the exceedingly evil-minded Indrajit sallied forth towards the direction of the monkeys.. While Hanuman and his army are watching, Indrajit pulls Seetha by her hair and unsheathed his sword. Indrajit kills the illusory living image of Seetha, with his sharp sword. All the monkeys r shocked. Ram is fighting on another place. Hanuman cries. All the monkeys are in tears ??. Hanuman asks them not to lose hope and kill al the demons.

Led by Hanuman, the monkeys fight with the demons in battle with trees and rocks. On seeing his army seriously hurt, Indrajit releases a number of arrows and kills some monkeys. Hanuman destroys some terrible demons with trees and rocks. Indrajit pours oblations into the sacred fire at the sanctuary of Nikumbhila.

Ram asks jambavan to go and help Hanuman in defeating the enemy army. Hanuma, with his army, approaches Rama and informs him that Indrajit has killed siya.”While we, who were carrying on the battle, stood looking on, Indrajit, the son of Ravana killed sita in front of us, even though she continued to weep.Rama faints away, upon hearing that news. The monkeys sprinkle water on Rama, so that he regains consciousness. Then, Lakshmana embraces Rama and discusses with him the roles of vice and virtue in life. After consoling Rama, Lakshmana prepares for a fight with Indrajit. I’ll kill him who dare kill Bhabhi. Indrajit has called upon his death. Ram cries. Vibhishana comes to Lakshmana and beholds Rama having fallen into a swoon and lying in the lap of Lakshmana. Lakshmana informs Vibhishana that on hearing the words of Hanuma saying that Seetha was killed by Indrajit, Rama fell into a swoon. Telling Rama the secret of conjuring trick practiced by Indrajit in killing an illusory image of Seetha, Vibhishana assures him of Seetha being still alive and urges him to send Lakshmana with an army to the sanctuary of Nikumbhila. Ram is glad.

Precap-a huge fight.. Lakshman shoots multi arrows.

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