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Recap-makaraksha is killed by ram

On hearing Makaraksha having been killed, Ravana who had been ever victorious in battle, grinding his teeth in rage, reflected on what to do then and there, and as greatly furious as he was, instructed Indrajit, his son to proceed to the battle-field. O hero! Either remaining yourself invisible or visible, kill Rama and Lakshmana, the brothers of great prowess. You are superior in strength by all means. But don’t bring fake news of their death again okay ?. Hearing the words of Ravana, that Indrajit, bowing to the command of his father, poured oblations into the sacred fire, with due ceremony, on the sacrificial ground. Even as he was pouring oblations into the sacred fire there, the female-demons carrying red turbans (for the use of priests) hastily arrived at the spot where Indrajit was there. Seems he’s gonna b mad ?.. Having spread on the ground around all the sides of the sacrificial fire with other weapons along with lances, the demon seized hold of the neck of a live goat, entirely black and consigned it to the fire ?. After that he boards his chariot and goes invisible.
“By killing both the princes who left home to become religious mendicants in the forest in vain, I will present a gift of victory secured in the battle, to my father, Ravana today.”he says.. Seeing ram and Lakshman he covered them with clouds shot by arrows.
Though covering the sky with a net-work of arrows, the two mighty princes could not touch Indrajit with their arrows charged with mystic missiles and which were efflugent like the sun. While Indrajit was moving about, neither the sound produced by the impact of his palm on the bow string was heard, nor the sound of his wheels or the clattering of hoofs of his horses could be heard, nor did his form come to the view. Rama and Lakshmana, the foremost of men, who were being struck with steel arrows, like two mountains being hit by torrents, released sharp golden-shafted arrows. Back in the vatika siya is worried from them while trijata consoles her. Those arrows reaching Indrajit in the sky and piercing him, fell to the ground, soaked in blood. Rama and Lakshmana for their part directed their excellent missiles in the direction from which they saw the sharp arrows, fallen., Struck down by Indrajit, the monkeys were killed. The monkeys dropped dead in hundreds on the earth’s surface there. Lakshmana for his part was enraged as always and told his brother that he would employ the missile presided over by Brahma/brahmastra for the purpose of killing all the demons. Ram told lakshman “You ought not to kill all the demons on earth, merely for the sake of a single demon.You ought not to kill on this earth one who is not fighting or one who is hiding or one who seeks refuge with joined palms or is fleeing or is intoxicated. We shall try to kill Indrajit alone. We will employ mystic mssiles with great impetuosity and which are equal to venomous serpents.” Lakshman nods.

Precap-Indrajit falls on the ground dead..

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