next in siya ke ram part 16

Recap-ravan is shocked on his son’s death when meghnad consoles him. He tells ravan he’ll kill ram Lakshman. He shoots arrows making the whole army unconscious.

The epi starts with hanuman flying. He crosses millions of difficulties and reaches the mountain rishi had told him. He gazes at the mountain and is unable to identify the herbs. He’s disappointed ? but suddenly gets an idea! He uproots the whole mountain and brings it to rishi. Rishi identifies the herb and makes a medicine. He puts it into evry1 mouth. They gain consciousness but lakshman is still unconscious. Rishi tells them that there’s no need to worry. He takes sanjivini herb and makes medicine?? Her puts into lakshmans mouth. He gets consciousness. He tells ram that he’ll kill Indrajit. The monkeys r excited ?. Sugreev orders them to burn ablaze all the supplies of the demons with fire ?. The monkeys with fire ? torches/mashal attack ravan’s camp, burning it whole. Ravan is angry ? again(angry shop) he orders demons to attack the monkeys. Ram and Lakshman pick up two bows and attack .. Ravan sends kumbhakaran’s son kumbha and nikumba.. Angada kills Kampana and severely injures Shonitaksha, the demons in battle. Angada, along with Mainda and Dvivida the monkey-warriors encounter Shonitaksha, Yupaksha and Prajangha. Angada kills Prajangha. Shonitaksha dies in the hands of Dvivida and Youpaksha at the hands of Mainda. When Kumbha throws down Angada in the battle-field, Rama sends some more monkey-chiefs headed by Jambavan. Sugreeva, with his thunderbolt-like fist, strikes Kumbha with a heavy blow and kills him. Ravan comes to know about death of these demons and nikumbh and kumbh.e Ravana orders Makaraksha to proceed to the battle-field with an army and to kill Rama, Lakshmana and the monkeys. “I am commanding you! Accompanied by an army, go my son! Kill Rama, Lakshmana and the monkeys.”Makaraksha, surrounded by his army of demons, set out for the encounter.”Today, I will kill Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva the monkey and the other monkeys with my excellent arrows, O demons!” Makaraksha’s whip and flag staff fall down all of a sudden, by the will of providence and a dust-storm ensued. Ignoring those portents. The long whip then slipped down from the hands of Makaraksha’s charioteer and the flag-staff of that demon also suddenly fell down. Makaraskha’s army march forward in the battle-field, to reach Rama and Lakshmana. Fight again ensues between monkeys and demons, when Makaraksha enters the battle-field. The monkeys get frightened of Makaraksha’s arrows and begin to run away. Rama comes in and intercepts the demons with his hail of arrows. Makaraksha challenges Rama to fight with him. Rama tears off the arrows hurled by Makaraksha and Makaraksha broke the arrows released by Rama. Finally, Rama breaks the chariot and its horses of his chariot, stands on the ground, takes a splendorous spike in his hand to fight and hurls it on Rama. Rama chops it off with his four arrows. When Makaraksha rushes towards Rama to fight with his fist, Rama hurls a mystic missile from his bow and kills him on the spot. The demons get frightened and run away to Lanka…

Precap–Ravana instructs Indrajit to proceed to the battle field again. And don’t bring fake news again. Before proceeding t the battle, Indrajit performs ceremorial oblations into a sacred fire and obtains a capacity of going out of sight while fighting.

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