next in siya ke ram part 14

Recap-ravan orders kumbhakaran to go in the battlefield. Kumbhakaran wrecks havoc. The vanaras give him lots of mountains as a return gift ? (I mean attack him)

Ram is shocked seeing the destruction. He thinks he needs to kill kumbhkrn.
Rama employs a great missile and chops off one arm of Kumbhakarna. When Kumbhakarna with an uprooted tree in his arm, retailiates by running towards Rama, the latter with an arrow, presided over by Indra, hurls it on the former and chops off the second arm of Kumbhakarna, Rama then chops off the feet of Kumbhakarna with his arrows and finally slashes off his head. His head drops in the Indian ocean.

Hearing the news of Kumbhakarna having been killed by Rama, Ravana laments in various ways, thinking that he has virtually lost his right arm. Ravana initially faints on hearing the shocking news. On regaining consciousness, Ravana again wonders how the invincible Kumbhakarna was slain in battle. He feels sorry for not having listened to the sagacious advice of Vibhishana in the past. Yup ‼ ravan faints ‼
As Ravana is lamenting over the death of Kumbhakarna, Trishira (one of Ravana’s sons) consoles him and says that he will go to the battle-field and kill Rama. Hearing the words of Trishira, Ravana’s other sons (Devantaka, Narantaka and Atikaya) also come forward to join the fight. Then Ravana sends all them to the battle. He also sends Mahodara and Mahaparshva, his brothers to guard his sons. Mighty demons accompany them. The demons release arrows towards the monkeys, who see the demons coming in elephants, horses and chariots. The monkeys take huge rocks and trees to fight with the demons. Seeing several demons being killed in battle, Narantaka enters the field with his javelin and kills several monkeys. Meanwhile, those monkeys who were thrown down unconscious by Kumbhakarna earlier regain their consciousness and approach Sugreeva for help. Then, Sugreeva sends Angada for the fight. Narantaka hurls his javelin towards Angada’s chest, but the javelin breaks and falls down. Angada strikes Narantaka’s horse with his hand and the horse falls down dead. Then, Angada and Narantaka exchange the blows of their fists on each other in battle and finally, Narantaka dies. Mahodara, Trishira and Devantaka start attacking Angada. When Angada attacks them with trees, they chop off the trees and break away the rocks hurled at them. With a blow of Angada’s palm, Devantakas’s elephant falls down dead. Seeing Angada being surrounded by three valiant demons, Hanuma and Neela arrive there. With a blow of Hanuma’s fist, Devantaka dies. Trishira and Mahodara attack Neela with their arrows. Mahodara dies in the hands of Neela. Meanwhile, Hanuma and Trisira fight at each other. Hanuma finally kills Trishira, by chopping off his three heads by Trishira’s sword itself. Then, Mahaparshva, the demon comes to the battle field and attacks Rishabha, the monkey-warrior. By banging Mahaparshva’s mace on Mahaparshva Rishabha kills him. (very good monkeys)
Seeing Atikaya, the colossal demon, coming towards him on a chariot, Rama asks Vibhishana who he is Vibhishana introduces Atikaya, as being a son of Ravana and Dhanyamali (another consort of Ravana). Ram nods his head. When some commanders of monkeys try to attack Atikaya, he chops off trees and crags hurled at him. Without fighting further with the monkeys, Atikaya, moves forward to Rama and challenges him for a fight. Then Lakshmana with his bow and arrows begins to fight with Atikaya. By a sharp arrow struck by Atikaya in Lakshmana’s chest, Lakshmana is enraged and releases an arrow employed with a missile of fire and Atikaya attacks it with an arrow employed with a solar missile. On the advice the wind-god appeared before him, Lakshmana finally hurls an arrow employed with a missile of Brahma or brahmastra and chips off the head of Atikaya. Well done lakshman‼‼ the monkeys r having fun now‼‼ ..

Precap–more demons r killed in the battlefield.. N some monkeys also.,,

Sorry if its dragging..

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