next in siya ke ram part 12+13 (maha episode)

Recap- the demons get killed by the monkeys. ??. Ravan summons kumbhkrn to go in the battlefield.
Guys this is a very long part…

Kumbhakarna enters the abode of Ravana and sees his worried brother sitting in Pushpaka, a self-moving aerial car. Kumbhakarna asks Ravana about the nature of work to be done by him and whether he has to kill anyone. Ravana replies that Rama has come with troops of monkeys including Sugreeva, after crossing the ocean by a bridge, to wage a battle Ravana requests Kumbhakarna to show his terrible prowess in killing all the adversaries in battle.”O the great armed Kumbhakarna. For the sake of your brother, perform this act, kill ram and sugreev, and entire monkey army ??.. which is very difficult to do. O brother, the annihilator of enemies! In this way, I did not request anyone ever before.”
Kumbhakarna abuses Ravana for his utter disregard of the earlier advices given by his well-wishers like Vibhishana, due to his sheer arrogance and neglect of the scriptures which enumerate the king’s duties. Ravana replies to Kumbhakarna that bygone is a bygone and asks him to proceed to the battle-front. Then, Kumbhakarna reassures Ravana and promises him that all the adversaries would be destroyed by him in the ensuing battle.
Mahodara excitedly speaks to Kumbhakarna about the true character of virtue, worldly gain as well as sensuous pleasure in a person and supports Ravana for his actions. He advises Kumbhakarna not to go single-handed to fight with mighty Rama, but to take the army with him. Mahodara then suggests to Ravana a strategy to fulfill his purpose without a combat.
Kumbhakarna rebukes Mahodara for rendering a wrong advice to Ravana. He asserts Ravana, saying that he will annihilate Rama in battle. Ravana gets pleased and orders Kumbhakarna to wipe off the monkeys together with Rama and Lakshmana in battle. Then, Ravana arranged for ornamentation of the various limbs of Kumbhakarna with various types of jewellery, before sending him to the battle. As Kumbhakarna sallies forth to the battle, several bad omens appear on all sides. Kumbhakarna disregards these portents and marches ahead for the battle. Seeing the colossal form of Kumbhakarna, all the monkeys get frightened and take to their heels.

Rama sees Kumbhakarna with a colossal body and enquires Vibhishana about a report of him.”Who is he with such a colossal body? Tell me whether he is a demon or an evil spirit. I have not seen such a creature earlier at any time.” Then Vibhishana apprises Rama about Kumbhakarna”He is the powerful Kumbhakarna, the son of Visravasa. He conquered Yama and Indra in battle. Tehre is no other demon, corresponding to the size of his body.” “Soon after his birth, this great-souled demon, afflicted as he was by hunger, ate thousands of living creatures. Indra hurt him with a vajra. And Enraged as he was on Mahendra, the mighty Kumbhakarna then pulled out a tusk of Airavata, Indra’s elephant and struck it into Indra’s chest and narrates his story of his getting curse from Brahma, imprecating him to sleep apparently Vibhishana adds that on an appeal from Ravana Brahma relaxed the curse saying that Kumbhakarna would keep sleeping for every six months and then waking up for a day in a year Vibhishana informs Rama that Ravana got Kumbhakarna awakened and is sending now to the battle. Rama then orders Neela the commander-in-cheif to marshal his entire army of monkeys in their appropriate positions in Lanka. On hearing Rama’s orders the army of monkeys start their fighting operation. On hearing Rama’s words, the fearless monkeys started their operation. The heroic monkeys began to torment the enemy-troops with uplifted trees.

Seeing Kumbhakarna coming with his colossal body and emitting a tremendous roar, the monkeys scare away. Angada reassures the monkeys, who then return to the battle field to resume fight. When the monkeys start attacking Kumbhakarna, the latter crushes some monkeys with rage. Then again, the monkeys get frightened and run away in different directions. Angada then restores the monkeys to confidence once more and all the monkeys stand awaiting the command of Angada..
Restored to confidence by Angada, all the monkeys return to the battle-field. Dvivida, a leader of the monkeys hurls a mountain towards Kumbhakarna, but it misses the target and falls on horses, elephants and chariots of the enemy. Dvivida hurls another mountain and some demons are killed. Hanuma strikes Kumbhakarna with a large mountain-peak and injures him severely. In reply, Kumbhakarna strikes on Hanuma’s chest with his spike. Then, Kumbhakarna strikes other monkey-chiefs who attack him. Thousands of monkeys then ascend Kumbhakarna’s body and encounters him with their nails, fists, teeth and arms. In response, Kumbhakarna destroys all those monkeys with his spike. When Angada, the leader of the monkeys, attacks Kumbhakarna, the latter strikes Angada violently and Angada falls unconscious. Then, Kumbhakarna begins his attack on Sugreeva. But, Sugreeva strikes Kumbhakarna’s chest with a mountain, but the mountain only breaks into pieces. When Kumbhakarna throws his spike towards Sugreeva in retaliation, Hanuma stops it on the way and breaks it off. Then, Kumbhakarna hurls a mountian-crust on Sugreeva to make him unconscious and takes him away on his shoulders to Lanka. When Sugreeva regains consciousness, he tears off the ears and nose of Kumbhakarna with his sharp nails and teeth. In relation, Kumbhakarna thren Sugreeva down and crushed him. Then Sugreeva bounces into the air and gets re united with Rama. Kumbhakarna thereafter takes his hammer and begins to attack the monkeys and bears. Then, Lakshmana starts to attack Kumbhakarna with his arrows. But, Kumbhakarna appreciates the valour of Lakshmana and proceeds towards Rama to fight with him. Rama discharges some arrows with ‘Roundra’ spell towards Kumbhakarna. Those arrows disappear into Kumbhakarna’s chest and make him weapon-less. In retaliation, Kumbhakarna hurls a mountain-peak towards Rama and even before the mountain-peak reaches Rama, it was split up into pieces by the arrows released by Rama. Thereupon, on the advice given by Lakshmana, all the monkeys climb straight upon Kumbhakarna’s body. Kumbhakarna shakes them off with violence..

Precap-, Rama employs a great missile and chops off one arm of Kumbhakarna. When Kumbhakarna with an uprooted tree in his arm, retailiates by running towards Rama, the latter with an arrow, presided over by Indra, hurls it on the former and chops off the second arm of Kumbhakarna, Rama then chops off the feet of Kumbhakarna with his arrows and finally slashes off his head.

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