next in siya ke ram part 11

Recap-ravan sends his demons to defeat ran but all get defeated in return..

The monkeys were no longer able to maintain their formation, much less fight in the battle. all of them were crushed under the shifts of Akampana and took to their heels. Seeing those companions, getting under the sway of death pursued by Akampana’s arrows, the mighty Hanuman went to their rescue.
Akampana assailed a hail of arrows on Hanuman, who remained as firm as a rock. Laughing ? heartily, Hanuman leapt on the demon, causing the earth to shake as it were. Akampana dies….

Ravana asks Prahasta to go to the battle.”O, Prahasta the proficient in war-fare! I do not see any other deliverance than a battle for this city, which is besieged suddenly and being devastated.” “For that reason, taking a company of warriors, you quickly place yourself in their midst and set forth in order to triumph over all those monkeys.” Prahasta says”I have ever been honoured by you at appropriate times by gifts, felicitations and nice words. When the opportunity arises, is it not for me to render you a service?”he sets out for the combat along with a huge army and enters the eastern gate. Bad omens appeared, as Prahasta enters the battle-field. The army of monkeys seized hold of trees and rocks, to attack the demons.

On Rama’s enquiry, Vibhishana explains the prowess of Prahasta who entered the battle-field.
Ram-“Who is he with a very huge body, coming with a great speed along with a large army? O, the mighty armed! Tell me about this strong demon.”
Vibhishan-“He is guarded by two-thirds of the army of Lanka. He is a demon of prowess, skilled in the use of mystic weapons and valiant. He is the demon named Prahasta, the Army general of Ravana.
The demons with their arrows and the monkeys with their stones combat each other. Both the monkeys and demons were killed in the battle. Prahasta the demon and Nila the monkey come face to face to fight. Prahasta hurls a volley of darts over Nila. Nila kills Prahasta’s horses by hurling a huge tree and breaks his bow. Finally a huge rock hurled by Nila breaks Prahasta’s head into myriad pieces and dies. All the other demons abandon the battle-field and return to Lanka.

Ravan stands shocked. Ravana returns to Lanka and asks some demons to go to the abode of sleeping Kumbhakarna, to wake him up and request him to come to him. “Awaken that kumbhakarna, who is without equal in prowess, who humbles the pride of the celestials and demons, and on whom the curse of Brahma the Lord of creation rests. “Having deliberated with me nine days ago, he has since fallen asleep. Awaken quickly that mighty Kumbhakarna.””If Kumbhakarna is awaken, there will be no worry for me, who stand defeated by Rama in this highly terrific battle.” The slumbering Kumbhakarna is roused by the demons under orders of their king. Entering the beautiful cave of Kumbhakarna, with a large door, having an area of a Yojana on all sides and bearing a floral perfume, the demons of mighty strength, though shaken off by Kumbhakarna’s breaths, remained stable forcefully with difficulty and went into the cave. His limbs covered with down which stood on end, breathing like a serpent, as he slept, Kumbhakarna of irresistible valour emitted dreadful snores, his nostrils being horrible, and his mouth a gaping hell. Stretched to his full length on the earth, he gave forth an odour of marrow and blood, his limbs were adorned with golden armlets and he wore a diadem as bright as the sun, thus did that lion among demons, Kumbhakarna, the slayer of his foes, appear! They made delicious food to wake him up. Kumbhakarna, giant in form, sets out on the high way to see Ravana and the monkeys get alarmed to see the giant demon.

Precap- kumbhkrn wrecked havoc on the monkeys. All of them rush away.

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