next in siya ke ram part 10


Recap- ram wakes up but lakshman is still unconscious. Garuda heals everything. Ravan is shocked ?.

The monkeys and demons fought ferociously. The monkeys torn apart the demons, heaped them in piles of tree trunks, crushed them up, killed them. The monkeys, with even a greater ferocity, crushed the demons with blows of their fists, feet teeth and trees. Dhumraksha that lion among the demons, in his anger began to create a blood-shed of the monkeys wishing to fight. Some were crushed by iron bars, others torn by harpoons, some others pierced by javelins, all exhausted and lost their lives. None could figure out who will win ?.Dhumraksha on his part, wielding a bow in his hand and laughing at the battle-front, made those monkeys to run away to all the quarters by a shower of his arrows. Hanuman was enraged and turned towards him, taking a gigantic rock in his hands. He flung the rock on the chariot of Dhumraksha. Dhumraksha lifting his mace hurriedly, jumped down speedily from the chariot and stood there on the earth.
After breaking the chariot, he destroyed the demons with trunks of trees furnished with their branches. The valiant Dhumraksha lifted his mace and making a roaring sound, ran towards that Hanuman who was rushing on him suddenly. They fought bravely. Hanuman took a rock. Dhumraksha, struck by the rocky peak, which shattered all his limbs, soon fell down on the ground like a mountain crumbling. Ravana sends Vajradamstra, another demon to kill Rama, Sugreeva and his monkeys. Vajradamstra and his army emerge from the southern gate where Angada, the General of the Monkeys is stationed. The monkeys had a tough fight with the demons. Angada, the leader of the monkeys strikes the terrible strong demons, chopping off their heads.

The powerful demon Vajradamshtra penetrated the army of monkeys, sowing terror among them. The monkeys then sought refuge with Angada the monkey-leader. A fierce battle ensues between Vajradamshtra and Angada. Angada assaults Vajradamshtra with a sword and Vajradamshtra’s head falls on the ground.The mighty Angada experienced a great joy amidst the monkey forces, honoured by them for his high courage and he resembled the Lord of a Thousand Eyes surrounded by the celestials.

Ravan is shocked. Ravana next sends Akampana for the battle.”Let the invincible demons of irresistible courage go forth soon, with Akampana as their head, who is skilled in the use of every weapon and missile.” As Akampana along with his army sets out for the war, he visualized various bad portents. At a time of a good day, marked by fine weather, it turned into a day of bad weather with a bitter wind beginning to blow. Birds and beasts uttered cruel and fearful cries. A deadly conflict ensued between monkeys and demons. Kumuda, Nala and Mainda the chiefs of monkeys creates a great carnage among demons. Those exceedingly valiant chiefs of monkeys, as in sport, in the battle-front, with mighty blows of trees, created a great carnage among the demons. All of them repeatedly crushed the demons with every kind of weapon.

Precap-Hanuman comes to the rescue of the monkeys. A great fight ensued between Akampana and Hanuman. Hanuman strikes the head of Akampana with a huge tree and Akampana dies.

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