next in siya ke ram 9 (season 2)


next in siya ke ram season 2 part 9
Sita is shown totally broken down and shattered without ram ?. A lady brings food fr her. Sita refuses to eat. How shall I eat without Raghunandan.. Its impossible for me ?.. The lady says-u’ll hv to eat it for your Raghunandan.. Sita looks at her ?.. How??? U’ll have to eat it for ur dearest sons. They’re ram’s parts, they’re his soul, they’re symbol of your union , they’re your life, they’re hungry .. Sita gazes at the platter ? and thinks of ram’s joy when she was pregnant… She cries and says Raghunandan……… The lady feeds her..
Upon hearing Lakshmana’s wonderful statements, Rama became very pleased and replied as follows: “My dear Lakshmana, especially at times like this it is very hard to find a relative as intelligent as You who follows My mind. O handsome fellow, hear about something in My heart and then carrying out My request. Four days have passed without My attending to the affairs of the citizens. This is tearing up My internal organs. O best of men, summon the common people, priests and ministers, and whatever the men and women require, carry it out. A king who does not attend to the affairs of the citizens every day will undoubtedly fall into a dark and dreadful hell.

“In the past there was a famous king named Nriga. The king was attentive to the brahmanas, truthful and pure. Once at the holy place of Pushkara the king gave ten million gold-adorned cows with calves to the brahmanas. O sinless one, there was a poor brahmana who lived by the gleaning of the grains left after harvest and the performance of fire sacrifices. Once his cow and calf came back to the king and he gave them to another brahmana. Due to the loss of his cow, the poor brahmana was suffering from hunger and looked for the cow here and there. After many years he failed to find her in any region. Finally he came to Kanakhala and saw in the home of a brahmana his own cow, which was healthy and whose calf had grown up. Then the brahmana called the cow by the name he had given her: ‘Shabala, come here!’ The cow heard his voice. Recognizing the voice of the hunger-stricken brahmana, the cow as brilliant as fire turned around and came to him. The brahmana who had been taking care of her came hurriedly and approached the poor brahmana, saying: ‘This is my cow! It was given to me by King Nriga.’ A big disagreement broke out between the two learned brahmanas. The two brahmanas continued arguing with each other and then went to see the king who had gifted the cow.
“Upon reaching the entrance of the palace, they waited many days and nights waiting for the king to pass judgement, afterwhich they became angry. The two great brahmanas, who were furious and extremely irritated, uttered the following dreadful words: ‘O king, you have failed to give audience to those who require your decision on a matter. Therefore you will only be seen in the form of a lizard! You will live in a chasm for many hundreds and thousands of years. O king, when Lord Vishnu appears in this world as the son of Vasudeva to increase the glory of the Yadu Dynasty, you will be freed from the curse. The glorious Nara and Narayana will descend to remove the burden of the earth in Kaliyuga, the age of quarrel.’

“After uttering such a curse, the two brahmanas became calm. They gave the cow to an elderly and weak brahmana. In this way, the king suffered the terrible curse. Therefore a king who fails to resolve disagreements between persons is faulty. As such, immediately let those who have some business to do come before me… I’ll listen to their problems. Therefore go quickly…..
Sita is seen sitting on the banks of a river. She holds a lotus and recalls ram bringing lotus flowers for her. She cries…
When Lakshmana heard Rama’s meaningful statement, He joined His palms and said to Rama: “King Nriga was severely cursed in a manner not unlike Yama’s rod of chastisement for a minor offence against the two brahmanas. O best of men, when King Nriga heard that he was cursed, what did he say to the two angry brahmanas?” When Rama heard what Lakshmana said, Rama replied: “My dear Lakshmana, listen to what the king did when he was cursed. When the king heard that the brahmanas had departed on the road, he summoned all his ministers, residents of the city and family priest. King Nriga sadly said to all those people:

“‘Listen to me with attention. The two faultless sages, Narada and Parvata, who bless the three worlds, came and informed me that I have been cursed, then departed like the wind. Here is Prince Vasu. Today he will be coronated king. Laborers should excavate a comfortable pit for me. Having been cursed by the brahmanas, I shall pass my time there. Make a comfortable pit that is rain-proof, snow-proof and heat-proof. Surround the pit with fruit-bearing trees, flowering vines and numerous shade-giving bushes. Make all sides of the pit enjoyable. I shall live there comfortably for the term of my curse. Always surround the pit with fragrant flowers.’

“After making these arrangements, he installed Prince Vasu on the throne and said: ‘Be ever-dedicated to righteousness. My son, protect the citizens according to the principles of polity. I stand before you cursed by two brahmanas who were angered by my offense. O best of men, do not be anxious on my account. Destiny is just, by which I have been put into difficulty. My dear son, according to how one acted in the previous life, one achieves what one deserves, one goes where one deserves and one receives the happiness and sorrow that one deserves. Do not lament.’
Lakshman is shocked…

Credit to: Vanshika

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