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At that time Sita said to Lakshmana, the increaser of good fortune: “O delight of the Raghu Dynasty, I see many inauspicious omens. My right eye is twitching and My limbs are trembling. O Lakshmana, I see that Your heart is not at ease. I am feeling intense anxiety and great uncertainty. The whole world seems empty to Me, O broad-eyed one. I hope Your brother is all right. And may everything be well with My mothers-in-law. May all living beings in the capital and countryside be well.”

Joining Her palms, She prayed to the gods. Parvati sadly asks mahadev what’s happening.. They look on. Hearing Her prayer, Lakshmana bowed His head to Sita and with a heavy heart said: “Everything is all right.”

Thereafter, reaching the Gomati River, They passed the night in a hermitage
there. In the morning Lakshmana got up and told the charioteer: “Quickly harness the chariot. Today I shall touch My head to the waters of the Ganges, just as Lord Shiva did.” After harnessing the swift horses to the chariot, Sumantra joined his palms and said to Sita: “Please get on board.” At the request of Sumantra, She boarded the fine chariot. With Lakshmana and the intelligent Sumantra, the broad-eyed Sita arrived at the Ganges River, which destroys all sin.
Ram cries seeing siya’s belongings.. All the sisters blame ram.. The mothers cry.. The palace is grieved. ?????

When half the day had passed, Lakshmana saw the current of the Ganges. Forlorn as He was, He began crying loudly. Seeing Lakshmana overwhelmed with intense grief, Sita asked: “Why are You crying? Having reached the banks of the Ganges, My long-cherished desire is now fulfilled
cherished desire is now fulfilled. O Lakshmana, why are You crying when it is a time for rejoicing? O best of men, You are always at Rama’s side. Why have You become so sad after only two days without Him? O Lakshmana, Rama is also very dear to Me, more than My own life. Yet I am not lamenting like You. Do not be childish. Please take Me across the Ganges and show Me the ascetics. Then I shall present the sages with garments and ornaments. After greeting those great sages as they deserve, We shall spend one night there, then We shall reutrn to the capital. My mind is eager to see Rama, the best of enjoyers, whose eyes are shaped like the petals of a lotus flower, Don’t cry.. Come on..
When Lakshmana heard what Sita said, He wiped His beautiful eyes . He asks the boatman to keep the boat ready.. Siya looks on tensed..

The boat had been well-prepared by the nishadas. After helping Sita get on board, Lakshmana also boarded. Lakshmana told Sumantra to wait with the chariot. Burning with sadness, He told the boatment: “Go!” When they reached the bank of the Ganges, Lakshmana’s eyes filled with tears. Joining His palms, He said to Sita: “O princess of Videha, a great arrow has pierced My heart because the wise and noble Rama has intrusted Me with a task by which I shall be vilified by the world. It would be better to die! My death today would be better than engaging Myself in such an action reproved by the world. Please forgive Me and do not find fault with Me, O lovely woman.”
Seeing Lakshmana crying with joined palms and desiring His own death, Sita became very disturbed and said to Him: “What is this? I do not understand. O Lakshmana, please tell Me truthfully. I see that You are not at ease. Is the king all right? I asked the king to grant My wish, which has caused You so much anguish. Tell Me to My face why. I command You!”

It’s too sad ? epi… I literally crying while writing it ?…. Comment dears ☹

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