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The princes were alarmed hearing this…
When all the disquieted princes were seated, Rama spoke to them with His mouth dry: “Bless You all! Please listen. Do not decide to do anything else. All the citizens are gossiping about Sita. The people of the city and countryside are criticizing Her and they are contemptuous toward Me. This is cutting up My vital organs. I was in fact born in a noble family of the great descendents of King Ikshvaku. Sita was also born in a pious family of the great King Janaka. You know, My dear brother Lakshmana, that when Sita was alone in the forest, She was kidnapped by ravan.
“O Lakshmana, at that time, to prove Her fidelity, She entered a blazing fire in Your presence. Agni himself verified Her sinlessness. The wind-god who travels through the sky, as well as the sun, moon, gods and sages all attested to Her sinlessness. Thus, on the island of Lanka, in the presence of the gods and gandharvas, Lord Indra himself delivered into My hands Sita, whose activites are pure. My mind also knew that the glorious Sita was pure. Therefore I accepted Her and returned to Ayodhya. But now there is this nasty gossip. The citizens of the capital and countryside are raising major criticism, which is causing sadness in My heart. One who suffers from infamy in this world sinks down to the lower planets and stays there as long as people gossip about him. In these worlds, the gods abhor infamy and admire fame. All great persons strive to achieve fame. O best
of men, out of fear of criticism I could even give up My life and all of You, what to speak of Sita, the daughter of King Janaka. As such, just see how I am fallen in an ocean of sorrow. I have never previously experienced a sorrow greater than this.

“O Lakshmana, tomorrow morning You should mount a chariot with Sumantra. Then You should take Sita to the border of the kingdom and leave Her there. Crossing to the other side of the Ganges River, You will find the great Valmiki’s hermitage, which is heaven. Leave Sita there in a desolate place and quickly return. O Lakshmana, please obey My request. No one should speak to Me about Sita ever again. Therefore, O Lakshmana, go! Do not think about this matter. I shall be very displeased if You try to disrupt this. I swear to You by My feet and My life that whoever interrupts Me and tries to somehow influence Me will be My enemy forever for having disrupted My intention. If You have respect for Me and are obedient to My command then immediately go.. Go lakshman go.. Saying so ram’s eyes r full of tears with no words able to speak more, he goes.. The whole court is teary eyed.. Lakshman goes..

It’s morning…
Lakshman, whose mind was miserable, spoke with a dry mouth the following words to Sumantra: “O charioteer, quickly harness swift steeds to a fine chariot. By the order of the king, put a lovely seat spread with a coverlet for Sita. By the command of the king I shall take Sita to a hermitage where great sages practice acts of piety. Quickly bring the chariot.” Sumantra said: “So be it.” Harnessing a gorgeous chariot with fine steeds, he placed on it a comfortable seat spread with cloth. Then he said to Lakshmana: “The chariot is here. O Lord, You may now carry out Your obligation.”

When spoken to in this way by Sumantra
Lakshmana entered the palace. Coming before Sita, that best of men said: “You made a request to the king and He has instructed Me to take You to the hermitage of the sages. My lady, by the king’s order I shall quickly take You to the banks of the Ganges to the beautiful hermitages of the sages in the forest.” After the great Lakshmana said this to Sita, She felt unaparalleled joy and She prepared to go. She grabbed different garments, ornaments and jewels, and was ready to leave. She said: “I shall give all these different costly garments, ornaments and jewels to the wives of the sages.” Lakshmana assented and helped Her board the chariot. Remembering Rama’s orders, Lakshmana quickly left.

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