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Hi dears.. Thnx for the overwhelming love you’ve given me always. Hereby writing the last episode, with all your wishes dedicated to you and #SiRa.. Hope u lyk it.. It’s a bit long, bt still I hope u tolerate it, as its the last one..

The epi starts with Luv asking ram will sita come back? Ram pats on his shoulder and says yes son. The sisters’ faces gleam with joy and happiness ???.. The cousins of luv Kush also get happy.. Delightness is spread everywhere after 12 long years ?? .. Ram asks Lakshman where is sita….? Lakshman says I had left Bhabhi Sita in Nirjal van. If she’s still there.. Urmila says I’ll also go with u. Mandvi says me toooo… The mothers say we also want to go there.. The praja also want to go to meet sita and apologize there only.. The kids tell urmi they’ll also go. The whole sabha is filled with chaos… Ram signs them to b silent.. The praja gets silent. Ram says As u wish.. You all will come with us. A stream of happiness flows in the whole sabha.. Ram sees siya’s idol and says sita.. You’ll b with me soon.. He wipes his tears and they follow Lakshman. The whole family and praja go towards the forest with hope they’ll get their queen back.

Sita is roaming in the forest worried abt Luv n Kush. I hope they don’t do anything wrong. Luv n Kush exclaim this is the forest where we live with Mata. Lakshman asks Valmiki I had left Bhabhi in your ashram, don’t ur students know? Valmiki doesn’t respond n tell Luv Kush to first reach the destination. Lakshman is confused ?. What does it mean?? Ram looks at the boys luv n Kush thinking what he felt is true? He thinks in them I see reflection of Sita, I see my reflection in them as if they’re my own sons.. Why??

They reach the ashram and luv kush stand in shock thinking ?… They recall all of siya’s concern about ram, they recall her love for ram, they recall her talking gud abt ram, they recall the idol of ram which sita used to pray, they recall seeing the gold idol in ram’s sabha which looked lyk their mom n the thought exclaims in their mind.. Sita is our mother!! Valmiki goes in the hut to bring Siya as the crowd stands to welcome her. Sita comes out n the praja gets glistened with happiness. Ram n his bros, siya’s sisters, the mothers and kids, everyone is in tears of joy ? on seeing

Sita after 12 years of wait..
here is Sita, who is practicing good vows and observing religious principles. Because of adverse criticism, You abandoned Her near my hermitage. Because You are afraid of public criticism, I shall give You proof of Sita’s purity. Please give me permission to do so. These two brothers are Sita’s sons. They are actually Your sons and are therefore difficult to overcome. Luv n Kush r startled and so is ram.. I am telling You the truth. I am the tenth son of Varuna. I do not remember ever having told a lie. These two youths are in fact Your sons. I have practiced austerities for many thousands of years. If there is any fault in Sita, then may I not achieve the fruit of those austerities! I have never previously committed any sin by my mind, actions or words. If Sita is sinless, then I shall enjoy the fruit of such a life. O descendent of the Raghu Dynasty, with my five senses and mind I determined that Sita was innocent and gave Her shelter beside a forest spring. She is pure in behavior, faultless and worships Her husband like a god. Therefore, to You who are afraid of public criticism I give this testimony. By my transcendental vision I’ve seen her purity.. When Valmiki finished saying that, Lord Rama looked at Sita and replied with joined palms in the midst of the assembly. O you who know what is right, what you say is true. O brahmana, on the basis of your words I believe Sita is blameless. On a previous occassion in the presence of the gods I accepted proof of Sita’s purity. At that time She swore regarding Her purity, on the strength of which I let Her again stay in My home. But later, there was strong public criticism of Her, for which I abandoned Her. O brahmana, although I knew She was blameless, I abandoned Her because of My fear of public opinion. Please forgive Me. I also know that these two young brothers, Kusha and Lava, are My sons. Having been proved pure before the world, Sita is very dear to Me.” Sita cries and comes ahead.. She hugs Mila Mandvi n sutkirti.. She takes the blessings of elders, of three Mata’s and Gurus.. The praja looks on with tearful eyes ?. Sita next goes to Ram with tearful eyes n says Maharaj Ram, shocking everyone…
Ram- Siite, Raghunandan… Once call me Raghunandan.. It has been 12 long years I’m longing to hear Raghunandan from you..

Siya -I’m here because of Maharaj Ram, not cos of my Raghunandan..
R-siite, you’ll back in the palace cos of ur Raghunandan. Come Sitae, ur Raghunandan is calling you ??..
Sita with tearful eyes hugs Ram. The praja gets delighted by that eternal scene..
S-Raghunandan, I’ve tolerated enough in my lyf, my life’s mission was to reunite them (pointing towards luv Kush) n u. Nw having succeeded in my mission, I’ve no motive too live.
R-Siite, don’t say lyk this,. If you won’t b alive, what’ll b my motive to live??
S-the Motive will b same, the person will b changed, the motive fr which I am alive till nw, you’ve to live fr that motive.

R-Fr 12 years you’ve been both mother and father to them, how cn I be both to them??
S-In the palace, they’ll get three caring grandmothers, four caring fathers, three mothers, six brothers, what else can they want???
R-The tasty food you make……… The lovely teachings you gave them….. The love u gave them.. Who else can give, Siite, who can..??
S-None other than u, Raghunandan… None than u.. luv, Kush, my last wish is that you will never blame Raghunandan fr whatever happened.. You’ll always stay happily with him. You’ll never ever say against him. You’ll always obey him… Only if u love me, you’ll obey me, yes or no??
Luv n Kush nod their heads in tears..
Sita asks her sisters to always Take care of themselves n Luv Kush…
Thereafter Vayu blew a gentle and fascinating breeze scented with divine fragrance all about, which delighted the crowd of people. All the people who had come from every country watched with full attention this inconceivable event as if they were back in time during Satyayuga. When Sita, who was dressed in saffron cloth, saw that everyone had arrived, She joined Her palms and spoke the following words with Her head bowed down: “If My mind never thinks of anyone but Rama, then let the earth goddess open up for Me! If I worship Rama with My mind, body and words, then let the earth goddess open up for Me! If I speak truthfully when I say I know no one else but Rama, then let the earth goddess open up for Me!”

After Sita swore in this way, a miracle occurred. From out of the earth came a divine lion throne. It was adorned with sparkling gems. It was being carried on the heads of courageous nagas with divine bodies. The earth goddess was also there. With both her arms she welcomed Sita with an embrace and sat Her on the throne. Seeing Sita seated on the throne and entering into the subterranean region of Rasatala, the gods showered celestial flowers down over Her. A loud cry of approval rose up from the gods, who exclaimed: “Very good! Very good! O Sita, Your character is so perfect!” The sages present at the sacrificial hall, as well as the kings, were all completely dumbfounded. So too were all the moving and non-moving beings in the sky and on the earth, including the gigantic danavas and the serpent kings in Patala lok. Some people shouted for joy. Others were absorbed in thought. Some watched Lord Rama. Some were dazed and stared at Sita. Upon seeing Sita enter the earth, all the assembled people became bewildered for about an hour. Ram shouts Siiite………….. The universe shakes..

His mind was depressed. He was leaning on a stick. His eyes were overflowing with tears and His head was hanging down. He cried and shed profuse tears for a long time. Overwhelmed with anger and sorrow, Rama spoke the following words: “Today My mind wants to experience unprecedented sorrow in that I saw the disappearance of Sita, whose form was like the goddess of fortune. When Sita was on the other side of the ocean, She was out of My sight. But since I had brought Her back from there, why has She left the surface of the earth? O earth goddess, please return Sita to Me! If you refuse, then I shall exhibit My anger! Surely you are My mother-in-law. When King Janaka was ploughing the ground, he uncovered Sita from within you. As such, return Sita or swallow Me up also. I can live in heaven or hell with Sita. Please bring back Sita, for I am crazy about Her. If you do not return Sita to Me as She was, I shall completely destory you along with your mountains! I shall destory the entire earth! Then there will only be water here.”

While Rama, who was afflicted with anger and sorrow, was speaking in this way, Lord Brahma accompanied by hosts of gods said to him: “O Rama! O Rama! Do not be so disturbed. Remember Your previous existence, O crusher of enemies! I am certainly not reminding You of Your transcendental position. O invicible warrior, remember at this moment Your appearance as an incarnation of Vishnu. The chaste Sita is faultless. She was Your consort previously. Now She has gone to dwell comfortably in Nagaloka. On the strength of Her austerities She will again achieve You. You two will be reunited in the spiritual world. Of this there is no doubt. Therefore, pay close attention to what I say in this assembly. The epic poem about Your pastimes which You heard is the greatest of poems. O Rama, it no doubt describes all of Your activities. From Your appearance to the times when You experienced happiness and distress, and Your later pastimes in the future—all that has been described by Valmiki. O Rama, This is the first poetic work and it is based on You. There is no one else who is glorious enough to merit such a poem, except for You. Previously I heard this poem about You in its entirety in the company of the gods. It is transcendental and astonishing. Everything in it is true, there is nothing false. O tiger among men, please listen to the remaing part of the epic poem Ramayana concerning future events with full attention as a matter of duty. O illustrious Rama, the remaining portion of the Ramayana is called Uttara. Listen to it in the company of these peeminent sages. O descendent of Kakutstha, You should not do anything else before hearing this excellent poem!”

After saying this, Brahma, the lord of the three worlds, returned to his heavenly abode along with his relatives and the gods. The great sages who reside in Lord Brahma’s abode got his permission to remain because they wanted to hear the Uttara-kanda portion of the Ramayana about Lord Rama’s future. After Rama heard Lord Brahma’s instruction, He said to the supremely effulgent Valmiki: “O venerable one, the sages who reside in Lord Brahma’s abode wish to hear the remaining portion of the Ramayana. Therefore tomorrow morning the Uttar-kanda should be recited.” When Rama finished giving this instruction, He dismissed the crowd of people. He passed the night absorbed in thoughts of Siite……


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  1. omg nooo vanshu why did u end it .it was too good. can i ask u something if u dont mind.can u create season 3.i wont feel bad if u say noo.make it if u have time.but overall i loved the ff and i love the lines a lot. they r beautiful. and once again i am repeating,if u dont want to make season 3 ,decline ok. no problem i wont feel bad !!!

    1. Vanshika

      Oh dear thnx sooo much…. Thank you very much ?.. Sweetie pie ? Season 3 isn’t possible cos there’s no stry remaining , I’ve written next story in Vaikuntha KO prasthan… Bt don’t worry sweetheart coz I’m writing a new fanfic titled JAHAN RAM HAI WAHIN JANKI.. ?

      1. oh yayaya . waiting to read jahan ram hai wahin janki.i am sure it will be amazing like next in siya ke ram

  2. awesome , awesome , awesome , just awesome . ur writing skills r awesome , i loved the way u described all the scenes , especially the scene when sita asked her mother to take her . u have always given the exact stories and this episode was just fantastic . poor ram , he would have felt really bad .u know i read this epi two times because it was too emotional and as always the way u write was very good . i am sure i will miss ur ff a lot . stay blessed, keep writing and keep smiling , love u a lot .

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot Varshu akka…. The ff made u emotional n u made me emotional by ur comment akka.. Don’t worry akka you won’t miss at all .. I’m writing a new fanfic n u’ll lyk it .. Love you ? too n kip smiling and enjoying ? ?

  3. Awesome vanshu dearie…I really liked it…will miss it…keep writing dear..wish you all the best…

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot Tharu di… Love you tons.. ???

  4. Woooooooooww it’s very nice……… Just suprbbbbbbb…..
    Your writing skill are best……….it’s Last part…. So sad…….. Just Hope that we will see in the SKR……… Miss this fan fiction very much…….
    But waiting for another fan fiction………… :-):-(

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks a ton joy da.. Will ryt a nw ff soon.. Don’t b sad. ??

  5. Padmaja

    Realllyyy realllyyy a awesome, fantastic, fabulous work vanshu.. . It was just outstanding…..I am short of words to explain ur writing skill cutie… such a amazing talent u have.. it was too emotional… loved it a lottt.. syay blessed dear…. love u a lot…

  6. Anushya

    really loved the ff… waiting for Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janaki… lovely emotional episode…… fantabulous work vanshu hats off to u… never stop writing pls….

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