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Hi guys.. Second last epi.. Hope u lyk it.. Guys there’re many disputed versions of the ending of Ramayan so I’m mixing them as skr does ?. Sry if u don’t lyk it.

The epi starts with luv challenging Lakshman to fight wid him. They shoot arrows n Lakshman gets shocked seeing the courage of the kids. He accepts defeat. Bharat gets angry seeing this and attacks them. Luv Kush defeat him. Valmiki gets the news and goes there. Luv n Kush hv defeated Shatrughna by then and ask fr ram. Valmiki sees the situation n understands everything. He scolds luv n Kush for fighting with elders. Luv Kush argue and ask where is ram… Ram gets the news of the boys defeating his brothers and is abt to leave while Guru stops him saying that it would b unethical to stop yagna in between. Ram sys bt… Next soldier informs ram that Valmiki is coming with the kids. Valmiki asks luv kusha to apologize to ram. He brings luv n Kush to the court of ram. He instructs them to sing the Ramayana. They get angry. We wont sing Ramayan. Ram is NT gud king. We’ll fyt wid him. Valmiki says them to do this fr their mother. They disagree. Valmiki gives them the swear of Sita. They finally agree to come with him. Valmiki tells them whatever ram did, he did fr his Rajya n wife. Even if he left siya, his heart beat fr his sita only nt anyone else. He abandoned only body of Sita , not soul. They’re one soul, eternal soul. You have no ryt to say anything against him till u know the circumstances he was going through. U don’t know what he felt, what he has gone through. Luv sys n what abt sita ma, what has she gone through?? Valmiki sys Siya’s heart broke wen she heard her Raghunandan has abandoned her, bt she soon overcome all she was going through n lived fr her kids, she knew they’re one soul. There was never separation btw them, hw cn u insult ram? U’ll sing Ramayan now, won’t u?? Luv n Kush think abt it n say yes, on this way we’ll get our answers from ram, lets go..

Valmiki takes luv Kush to the sabha. Yagna is complete. Kush is abt to say something bt valmiki asks them to greet ram. They greet Ram. Ram asks them y they’ve challenged his rule. Luv n Kush sing the Ramayana.
One was the king of Raghu dynasty Dashrath, He had three queens n sons four,
One was Rajrishi Janak who had one queen n no daughter,
RajRishi Janak found siya while ploughing the field,
N kept her lyk a princess, glad as if he had found gold,
She got a sister Urmi n two cousins Mandvi n Kirti,
They got knowledge from Mata Gargi,
Ram n his bros studied in vashisht ashram,
One day in Dashrath palace they gt news sum,
Tadaka n her sons had attacked the van,
Ram n Lakshman defeated Tadaka n killed Subahu her son,
N mareech was set free,
Ram also set Ahilya from her curse free,
N den he met sita n the princesses three,
Ram won Sita in swayamwar by breaking the bow,
Married Siam, married bhardavi married lakshmila, married shushra,
N made those seven vows which stated a life new,
Sent Kaikeyi Ram to vanvas fr fulfilling his promise,
Accompanied with sita n Lakshman he fulfilled her wish,
Surpankha tried to woo ram n kill sita she elongated her nails,
enraged Lakshman cut off her nose,
Adharmi ravan captured Siya in the thirteenth year of their exile,
Ram n Lakshman went till Lanka without resting fr a while.
Accompanied by vanara sena, accompanied by Vibhishan,
On the thirteenth day of the war, ram finally defeated ravan…
Thinking siya regarded impure, she had to give AgniPariksha,
Aftr AgniPariksha, Siam Lakshman returned ayodhya…
Wen everything was right, we want to ask y u exiled Sita ma?? You never cared abt your sons. They say after finishing the story.. The sabha gets shaken.. Everyone look on with tearful eyes ??. Ram gets shocked n gets up from his seat. He looks at luv n kusha n hugs them crying ?.. He says son, I never thought I’ll abandon Sita…. The praja present there cries n apologizes Ram. They ask Ram to bring Siya back. Luv Kush ask ram will sita come back?? Ram nods. VAshisht says family will b complete soon..

Precap- siya returns to mother earth. Ram gets enraged. I won’t forgive them who snatched sita from me!!!

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  1. awesome , just awesome . the song was too good . last part was very emotional

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx a ton Varshu akka..

  2. Padmaja

    Really a awesome one vanshu.. u have rocked it… and lovely song yr… I loved it… and the last part was emotional… update the next asap dearie

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx Padma akka.. Will update asap..

  3. wow vanshu mazing ff.loved the precap.keep up the good job♥

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot preeti sweetie pie ? love you will update asap.

      1. love u tooooo vanshu♥

  4. amazing

  5. Thanks for updating soon………. Nice….
    Feel sad bcoz last update will come soon……
    Hoping that there will be a happy ending……….
    Plz do a happy end((like they all meet))…..
    And last update plz do it long…………….

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx joy da…. Will try to update asap, n as long as Maggi noodles ? lolz lolz ?.. The end will b superb I’ll try to make it such u lyk it..

  6. wow its just awesome………….we are ought to say excellent to your writing skills

  7. its fantastic dear vanshika dii……

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