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Thnx a ton dear dearies Fr ur supporting comments.. Here we go..
The epi starts with Sita runs behind luv n Kush. Stop luv!!! Stop Kush!!! Luv n Kush luk behind. Sita says do u luv me? Luv says yes. Kush says bt we hate ram.
Luv-he exiled Mata Sita who dedicated her own life to him
Kush-that too fr Bhadra who deserved punishment
Luv-we want to ask ram why he did so
Kush-we’re going..
Sita-If u luv me, n hv respect for your mother, you won’t do this.
Luv-why do u always take side of ram.
Kush-what’s ur relation with him??
Siya-He’s the king of ayodhya, where we live.
Luv-so we cant tell him what’s ryt what’s wrong,
Kush-is Raj dharma so important?
Sita-you’ll know wen u’ll become king.
Luv-wen will v become king??
Kush-N why will we?? If we were ram, we would have exiled Bhadra.
Luv-Ram doesn’t know how to rule the empire.
Kush-we’ll talk to him.
They turn to go while siya holds them. You’re not going anywhere. Understand or not?? She pulls them back to the ashram. U hv frgt to respect ur mother. U hv frgt rules. U need punishment!! Sita drops them in the hut and closes the door. Remain inside till u remember ur discipline!! She cries standing at the door…
Luv n Kush talk inside.
Luv-Mata doesn’t love us.
Kush-yessss. We’ve to find a way out. They luk at the window n luk out. There’s no one. Valmiki n sita r talking inside another hut.. Luv opens the window n takes a stool lying in the hut. He gets out n hides.. Kush also gets out. They run toward the forest.
Ram calls lakshman.
Lakshmana, summon Vasishtha, Vamadeva, Jabali, Kashyapa and all the foremost of brahmanas who can perform an ashvamedha sacrifice. After consulting with them, I shall diligently perform the auspicious sacrifice.” Upon hearing Rama’s instructions, Lakshmana acted quickly. He summoned all those brahmanas so that they could have audience with Lord Rama. When they saw Rama, who was godly, glorious and indefeatable, they bowed to His feet. Then they offered Him blessings. Rama then joined His palms and spoke to those best of brahmanas about the virtuous ashvamedha sacrifice. When they heard what Rama said, they offered their respect to Lord Shiva, whose emblem is a bull, and then began making all the necessary preparations for the ashvamedha sacrifice. When those foremost brahmanas heard the wonderful news about the proposed ashvamedha sacrifice, they were extremely pleased.

When Rama saw that the brahmanas were making the necessary preparations for the sacrifice, He said to Lakshmana: “O strong-armed one, send for the great soul Sugriva! Return with all the huge forest-dwelling monkeys so that they can enjoy the great festival. Also let the rakshasa Vibhishana who is enjoying all kinds of pleasures come to attend this great sacrifice. Have all those fortunate kings who are dedicated to pleasing Me come immediately with their followers to see the sacrificial arena. O Lakshmana, invite all the pious brahmanas from one end of the land to the other to come and attend the ashvamedha sacrifice. Summon all the great ascetic sages and their wives from the far reaches of the land. O strong-armed one, take a sword and go to the site of the sacrifice accompanied by dancers and actors. Order the construction of a great sacrificial hall on the bank of the Gomati River in the forest of Naimisharanya, for that place is most holy.
“O Lakshmana, pacify the surrounding area with appropriate rites. Hundreds of knowledgeable people will come to Naimisharanya to attend this greatest of sacrificial performances. Immediately invite the people, and when they arrive, offer them food, honors and other requirements, and then return. Go with many hundreds of thousands of pack animals ladden with rice, sesame seeds, mung beans, chickpeas and black beans. Similarly, take quantities of clarified butter, oil, milk, yogurt and fragrances. Bharata should take more than one billion gold coins and proceed ahead with full concentration. Have merchants set up shops stocked with all necessities around the site. Actors, dancers, cooks, and many women who are always youthful should also go there.
“Taking Bharata, go with the army ahead of You. First You should send ahead Vedic brahmanas, the young and old, alert brahmanas, servants, elders, treasurers, all My mothers, the princes, the residents of the palaces, a gold image of My wife and priests initiated for performing the sacrifice.”
After that, Rama arranged for the costly accomodations of the important kings and their retinue. He also arranged for food, drink and clothing for them. Then Bharata left for Naimisharanya with Shatrughna, the great Sugriva and vanaras. Brahmans cook food.
Sita catches luv n Kush. U wont agree to me. You’ve my swear! If u go, you’ll loose ur Mata forever. Nw u have to decide. She goes.

Precap-Luv and Kush see the great procession.. They sees the horse. Luv says catch the horse!!!

Please please comment dearies.. Thnx fr reading and I’m sorry cos I wrote too long.. Hope its NT boring,…….

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  1. vanshu it is not at all fact it is amzing.loved the sita lav kush scene.plz update the next one u♥☺

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      Thnq soooooo very much dear.. Happy that it wasn’t boring.. Will update soon.. Luv u ? too

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    Wow vanshu I loved it… really a great epi… Ram’s talking was absolutely amazing. . Really u mentioned everything in a superb manner… hugs from my side dear… update the next asap… luv u dear..

    1. Vanshika

      Thnq soooooo very much akka.. Very glad u liked it.. Will update asap.. Hugs to you too ? luv u ? dearest akka

  3. Again amazing writing….. Nice to read it…… Plz post the next update ASAP………… Can’t wait for next…………………..

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    vanshu its superb…. love ur writing…. loved the sita and sons scenes.. update next one pls

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