next in siya ke ram 22 (season 2) Pt 2

Hi dears.. Hw is navratra going?? Nyc na.. Ok here goes the third last part of the fanfic.. Thnq fr ur support n kip commenting, enjoying , supporting n smiling always ☺ ?..
The epi starts wid luv n Kush talking..
Luv-Kush, I think Mata has sum relation with ram, he’s dearer to her than us.
Kush-yessss bhaiyya, I think d same, bt v can’t break the swear she’s given us.
Kush-Perhaps u r ryt..
Valmiki n Sita r discussing what to do..
Sita – Gurudev , I’m feelin vry depressed,even if I want dem to knw d truth, it’ll b harmful as they’ll start hating Raghunandan, n if i don’t tell them the truth, my motive of being alive is of no use. Even wen I want that they start loving their father, Dey r NT seeing his goodness, they’re inclined to see his……
Valmiki-Putri sita, It’s the time they know the truth, and I know hw to tell them, in such a way that they’ll get it, they’ll start loving their father.. More n more love will get in their heart. It’s tym fr pita Putra meet………
Ram is cleaning siya’s idol, wid tearful eyes. Kaushalya comes him. Putra ram, fr the yagna u r performing, its necessary to have a queen fr the completion of rituals, hw will u do that??? Ram says Mata, who said I dnt hv a queen, sita is still my wife n my queen fr me. He points towards the idol. She’s my Sita, she’s my queen, she’ll do all d rituals of the queen, she’ll do…. Kaushalya says okay n goes. Ram Luks at the idol n cries ?.
Days passssss….
The gr8 procession is going from Ayodhya to Naimisharanya, with the decorated horse ?. Luv n Kush r playing gilli danda in the forest.. Kush hits the gilli and it goes out of sight. Luv sys I’ll bring it. He goes there and finds the gilli. His eyes fall on the horse. WOW ? such a majestic horse ?.. Never seen such a horse ever b4.. Seems lyk the horse of sum RajVanshi. I should see it.. Maybe its ram’s horse. I’ll get to challenge him,. Meet him n ask my questions. No one shall stop me. He holds the horse’s collar. Kush thinks where did luv go? I should go n check. He goes n sees everything. Luv sees Kush n calls him,
Kush… See… Cum here.. This is ram’s horse, we shall catch it. Kush says noooo .. It’s horse fr gr8 sacrifice, I heard Guru dev talking abt it, he was saying ram is performing a Yagna, whosoever tries to catch this horse, will b considered as challenge to the king. If he defeats the king he’ll b installed new king of Ayodhya Nagar.. Luv says y didn’t I hear it?? Kush says wen i was going to talk to Mata, I heard guru dev telling this to sum1. Luv says then its a good opportunity to challenge ayodhya king n ask our questions.. Let’s take this horse.. Lakshman n the others cum there n see it.. What’re you doing children, don’t u know this is the king’s horse?? It’ll b considered as a challenge to the king. Don’t u know?? Now leave this horse n go.. Kush is abt to leave the horse while luv interrupts. Why?? Why do we leave the horse?? Ur Ayodhya king can’t do any thing. He can jus exile ppl. Y doesn’t he live in forest himself?? He doesn’t have any sense. We want our answers. We will talk to him.. Move from our way. Lakshman says what’re you seeing standing lyk statues?? Catch these kids.. They’re questioning ayodhya’s authority. The soldiers rush towards them. Luv singlehandedly beats all of them. Lakshman, Bharat n Shatrughan gt shocked ?.. Sum soldiers go to inform ram as Luv Kush gt ready to fyt wid lakshman, Bharat n Shatrughna.
Precap- Luv n Kush sing the Ramayana. Everyone listens with tearful eyes ??.. Ram hugs them.
Plzzzz comment dearies .. Thnx fr reading ??

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  1. Anushya

    u rocked it vanshu sad to know this is third last part

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx Anu dearie.. Don’t b sad dear.. Will ryt a ff wid a happy ending on Ramayana soon ??

  2. Padmaja

    Really loved it a lot dearie.. and waiting for next Epi..

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx Padma akka ???

  3. wow vanshu loved it.superb episode and exciting precap.omg ram is going to hug lav and kush.plz post the next one soon

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx preeti sweetie pie will post next soon

  4. it was just awesome . the precap looks interesting , update next episode sooooon . i am eagerly waiting for it

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx akka… Will update very very soon … U wont hv to wait much ??

  5. Suprbbbbbbb update…… Nice precap and waiting for next…………..

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx joy da … Will update very very soon … U wont hv to wait much ??

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