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The epi starts wid Luv Kush asking Valmiki, did ram-sita live happily ever after killing Ravan… Valmiki says no…. Sita looks on n cries recalling best moments wid ram. She thinks its tym fr father sons reunion. Sita tells valmiki she feels NT to tell Uttar Ramayana to luv Kush. Valmiki says they’ve to know.. Valmiki starts narrating Uttar Ramayan. Luv n Kush r infuriated on knowing that ram abandoned his beloved sita. Siya cries ? seeing them n thinks I can’t make them hate their father. Kush says ram should have banished the dhobi. Luv says yessss he didn’t do ryt. Till now v felt he’s so great, bt in fact he’s a coward. We hate ram. Nobody should b lyk ram. They go away. Sita cries n asks them to stop, bt they go deep in forest till then. She shouts Raghunandan had a motive.. They don’t pay heed n go..
Ram asks the guard to call Bharat n Lakshman.

Having heard what Rama said, the doorkeeper summoned the two princes in order to serve Rama. When Rama saw that Bharata and Lakshmana had arrived, He embraced them and then spoke these words to Them: “ . Now I want to once perform the rajasuya sacrifice, which is the bastion of righteousness. In My kingdom this sacrifice produces an undecaying and imperishable result. It increases righteousness and destroys all sin. You two are My own self. Therefore, I wish that the two of You should arrange for this remarkable rajasuya sacrifice which I desire. By doing so, righteousness will be perpetuated. Mitra achieved the status of Varuna by performing the rajasuya sacrifice with appropriate oblations. By performing a proper rajasuya sacrifice Soma achieved fame in all the worlds and a perpetual post. This very day You two should consider the means by which We can achieve ultimate good and then tell Me what it is.”

Upon hearing what Rama said, Bharata, who was an expert speaker, joined His palms and spoke the following words: “O saint, in You is found the highest righteousness, on You rests the entire earth, as well as fame and immeasurable prowess. As the immortals consider Brahma the lord of the world, so do we and all the kings of the world look upon You. O king, as a son looks at his father, such is the mood of all kings in relation to You. You are the shelter of all living entities. How You should perform that sacrifice is by defeating all the royal dynasties in the world. O king, all those who are concerned with their own amelioration will meet with destruction sprung from anger. O tiger among men, because of Your possession of good qualities, the world is subject to You. As such You should not destroy it.”

Upon hearing Bharata’s nectarean words, Rama experienced unparalleled pleasure. He spoke the following auspicious words to Bharata, who increases the delight of Kaikeyi: “O sinless one, I am very, very pleased with what You just said, the spotless and righteous words which You uttered can deliver the world. O You who know what is right, the idea has occurred to Me, we shouldn’t do what is a burden on ppl, I feel disinclined to perform the yagna, Il heed ur advice. Ram.. Ram plays.. Then ram tells them abt the ashwamedha yagna. Even king ila performed it n gt very pleasures fr the kingdom. Pita ji also performed it and gt success. Shall we…..??? Bharat and Lakshman nod in unison.

Luv n Kush r roaming in the forest. Luv tells Kush didn’t u see hw Mata was restless wen we disrespected ram. V hv hurt her. Kush says bt ram also had hurt Sita. Siya tells valmiki she’s going to bring luv Kush, she rushes towards the direction they went..

Precap-Ram makes all the preps fr the yagna. Luv tells Kush that ram is preparing fr ashwamedha yagya. It’s ryt opportunity to punish him what he did to sita.
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  1. wow vanshu amazing!! love the precap!!!waiting for the next part

  2. Ur story was nice but to perform a rajasuya sacrifice a king and queen should there so because of Sita vanavas ram make a gold idol of Sita to perform the rajasuya sacrifice

  3. Anushya

    u rocked it vanshu!!! lovely precap! waiting for next update

  4. Padmaja

    It is just fabulous dear… ur writing skill just amazing… u have a very gud talent dearie..

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx a ton… Sweetie di luv u ?

  5. Nice and amazing writing…………. Also waiting for next update….. Plz update soon……………..

  6. Jayani

    I’m just waiting for d next epi vashu di

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