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The epi starts with Luv askin sita who their father is. Sita gets shocked. She smiles n says that I’ll cum in a second. Luv holds her sari. U wont go anywhere. We want to know the truth of our birth. Sita says u r very stubborn child, luv, leave me,I said leave me.. She cries ?.. Kush says every child has a father, who’s my father?? Luv says yessss, u never told us. We never asked. Today you’ll have to tell us. Whose sons r v?? Who has given u so pain? Fr whom do u cry? Sita signs the lady. The lady goes n informs Valmiki abt it. Valmiki comes there n says.. Putra luv n Kush, u want to know the truth of ur birth. Then I’ll tell u some story related to this, it’s jus lyk ur story. That’ll help u understand easily. The story of Ramayana.. The glory of Ramayana.. The stry of Ayodhya king ram.. Valmiki tells them abt the birth of ram.. Sita smiles n calls the other boys..
In the beautiful green gardens of ayodhya, four kids r playing merrily with the two Mithila princesses watching them n adoring them.
Urmila-Jiji, After long tym the ground of ayodhya is blissing merrily.
Mandvi-yes Mila, the beautiful environment is bcoz of our stars..
Urmi calls Angad.. Chandraketu.. Come here.. They run n cling to Urmi. Mondovi says Taksha..Pushala.. N takes them in her lap. Ram cries seeing the scenario, and thinks abt his kids. He looks at siya’s statue. Lakshman notices him crying ?. He calls Angad n Chandraketu. Urmila asks him what’s he doing. Lakshman says I’m playing wid them. U only don’t hv ryt to play wid Dem. He whispers something in angad’s ears. The boys rush to Ram. Bade pita Sri…. In a tone the shout n cling to Ram.. Ram smiles seeing them. Angad says u r lyk our father. Cn v play wid u?? Ram nods wid tears in his lotus eyes ?..
shatrughan decides to leave fr Ayodhya n on the way comes to Valmiki ashram, where the graceful story of Ramayana is being told with accompaniment of musical instruments. Valmiki welcomes him. Hearing the glories of the Ramayana, shatrughan , sita and the boys r blissing wid joy, bt the sad story is yet to b told…
When Shatrughna went to bed, He could not sleep because He was thinking about the many topics mentioned in that musical recitation of Rama’s pastimes. After having heard the sweet descriptions of Rama’s pastimes accompanied with the playing of stringed instruments, the remainder of the night passed quickly for Shatrughna. When the night ended and the dawn broke, Shatrughna performed His morning religious duties. Joining His palms, Shatrughna said to the great sage: “O venerable one, I wish to see Rama, the delight of the Raghu Dynasty. With your permission I wish to leave with My associates who are on a strict vow.”

As Shatrughna was speaking, Valmiki embraced Him and gave Him permission to leave. Sita also gives him permission to leave. After bidding farewell to the best of sages, Shatrughna got in His gleaming chariot and quickly left for Ayodhya, eager as He was to see Rama. When Shatrughna entered the charming city of Ayodhya, He entered the palace where Rama was. There He saw Rama, whose face beamed like a full moon, sitting in the midst of His ministers, as Indra sits in court among the immortals. Shatrughna greeted Rama, who seemed to be blazing with glory.

Joining His palms, He said to Rama, whose prowess is always effective: “O great king, whatever You instructed Me to do, I have done. I killed the sinful Lavana and have resided in his city, Madhupuri. It has been twelve years since I last saw You, O delight of the Raghu Dynasty. I am unable to bear any more separation from You. Please be merciful to Me, O descendent of Kakutstha, as if I were a motherless child. I cannot live abroad for a long time.”

Embracing Shatrughna as He spoke, Rama said to Him: “O hero, do not be disturbed! This is not the behavior of a kshatriya. It is not saddening for a king to live abroad. A king should protect his citizens according to the kshatriya code. Come to see Me here in Ayodhya from time to time, and I will also go to Your city. You are no doubt dearer to Me than My own life. A king certainly has to take care of his kingdom. Therefore, stay with Me for seven nights. Afterwards You can return to Madhupuri with Your sevants, soldiers and conveyences.”

Upon hearing these righteous words that were agreeable to the mind, Shatrughna sadly assented, saying: “So be it.” By the order of Lord Rama, Shatrughna, the bearer of a huge bow, stayed there for seven nights, then prepared to leave. Bidding farewell to Rama, Bharata and Lakshmana, Shatrughan decides to leave sadly..

Precap: Guru Vashisht tells ram to perform rajasuya n Ashwamedha yagna..

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  1. Awesome…I can imagine how luv and Kush ask sita about their father…so heart touching…waiting for next part…

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    Superb dearie.. wow ur writing skill is awesome.. loved it and update the next Epi asap

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    loved ur way of writing… ur a great writer… waiting for nnext one

  4. @vanshika……. Awesome………. Nice written

  5. vanshu loved the ff especially when angad and chandraketu hug ram and ask him if he can play with them

  6. NABANITA626

    Awesome……as usual?

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