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One day different humorous friends were sitting around King Rama talking about different matters. Their names were: Vijaya, Madhumatta, Kashyapa, Mangala, Kula, Suraji, Kaliya, Bhadra, Dantavaktra and Sumagadha. With a great deal of laughter they related different stories in the great Rama’s presence. At that time, Rama asked about a particular matter: “O Bhadra, what are people talking about in the city and countryside? What are the people of the capital and countryside saying about Me, Sita, Bharata, Lakshmana, Shatrughna and Mother Kaikeyi? The faults of a king are always discussed by people both in the city and forest.”
Having been questioned in this way by Rama, Bhadra joined his palms and said: “O king, the citizens only have good
things to talk about. My dear friend and best of men, the citizens of Your capital talk a lot about Your victory in relation to the slaughter of the ten-headed Ravana.”

After Bhadra had spoken, Rama replied: “Tell Me everything in detail without leaving anything out. What good and bad things are the citizens talking about? Some people only want to hear good news and not bad. Tell Me without any fear or anxiety what the debased people of the kingdom are talking about.”

When Bhadra had been questioned so nicely by Rama, Bhadra replied with joined palms and full attention: “O king, hear what good and bad things the citizens are saying at the crossroads, shops, forests and gardens.i don’t want to tell but still..: ‘Rama built a bridge over the formidable ocean. This was never accomplished by anyone else previously, not even by the gods or danavas. He destroyed Ravana, who was difficult to overcome, along with his army and vehicles. He has brought under His power monkeys, bears and rakshasas. After killing Ravana, Rama rescued Sita. Turning His back on jealousy, He took Her back to His own home. What kind of happiness can His heart have from enjoying Sita when She was forcefully taken by Ravana into his lap? Then Ravana brought Her to Lanka and kept Her in his own pleasure garden. Why should not Rama be disgusted with Her since She was under the power of that rakshasa? Now we’ll tolerate this from our wives..
O king.. Al those rumours are spread by a washerwoman, whose daughter was exiled for two months by shatrughan, as she’d spent a night with a stranger. Ram looks at him. O ministers.. Is this what I’ve expected from you.. Hid it till now… The citizens are really nice but now aren’t ready to believe the purity of siite, their queen.. It’s indeed a sad thing..
Dismissing His friends, Rama began considering what to do. Rama spoke the following words to the door guard, who was nearby: “Immediately summon the handsome Lakshmana, the son of Sumitra, as well as the fortunate Bharata and the victorious Shatrughna!” Upon hearing Rama’s command, the door guard raised his joined palms to his head. Reaching Lakshmana’s palace, he entered unobstructed. After praising the great soul Lakshmana with joined palms, the door guard said: “The king wishes to see You. Please go there. Do not delay.” Assenting to do so, Lakshmana obeyed Rama’s order. He mounted a chariot and rushed to Rama’s palace.
When the door guard saw that Lakshmana was going, he went to Bharata. After praising the great soul Bharata with joined palms, the door guard humbly said: “The king wishes to see You.” When Bharata heard Rama’s request from the door guard, he got up from his throne and quckly walked away on foot. The door guard watched with joined palms as Bharata left in a hurry, then he went to Shatrughna’s palace and spoke the following words: “O best of the Raghu Dynasty, please come. The king wishes to see You. Lakshmana has already gone, as has the glorious Bharata.”

When Satrughna heard this, he got up from His excellent throne, touched His head to the ground out of respect for His elder brother and went to where Rama was. The door guard returned and saluted Rama with joined palms and informed Him that all His brothers had arrived. When Rama, whose senses were overwhelmed with anxiety, heard that the princes had arrived, He looked down and said to the door guard: “Have the princes enter and come to Me in a hurry! My life depends on Them. They are dearer to Me than My own life.”

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