next in siya ke ram 19 (season 2)


The epi starts with Janak n Sunaina leaving for Ayodhya. They reach Ayodhya n go in d palace. Urmila n Mandvi shocked knowing their arrival. What’ll we do now?? How’ll we tell pitashri…… They go to Janak n hug him. Sunaina is fully tensed. Where’s Kirti?? Mandvi says maa.. You’ve started forgetting things. She’s in Madhu Puri, with prince Shatrughan. Lakshman and Bharat see Janak n get shocked.. They go to him n seek his blessings. Janak asks where’s ram? Where’s sitaa? Bharat says bhaiyya ram must b in the sabha, I’ll call him. Sunaina says I’ll come. She goes to ram siya’s room n doesn’t find sita there. She thinks she must b with ram perhaps.. Ram gets shocked knowing of Janak’s arrival n goes to meet him. Janak says where is sita. Urmila n Mandvi cry. Sunaina says she isn’t any where in the palace, where is she?? Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra look on., Janak asks ram where is Sita?.? Ram cries ? ? ?.. Urmila says she isn’t here.. Janak says then where is she? Ram sys in… The.. Forest.. Janak gets shocked ???., what’s she doing in the forest? Urmila n Mandvi ask them to come n sit.. Sunaina says noooo.. Where’s my daughter?? She recalls the fortune tellers words that sita will have vanvaas. Urmila tells them everything… Sunaina gets shattered. Janak says we always thought you’ll protect our daughter from all evils, bt u proved today raja ram, that v were Wrong, you abandoned our sita jus fr Maryada, you never thought about.. Ram cries and says pitaji I’m responsible fr a fathers sorrow. He takes the sword n gives it to Janak. Cut off my head. Janak throws the sword. Sunaina says it is true that ram isn’t going through less sorrow. Everyone get shocked. Fb shows Sunaina sees in ram’s room… A sheet on the floor, sum earthen utensils n other simple items. Janak tells ram that they should leave.. Ram asks them to wait fr… Janak tells him that he’ll go. He tells Mila n Davi to tk care n goess..
In the forest sita is crying sitting in a corner.. Luv n Kush come there. She wipes her tears. Luv hugs her. She smiles. They ask her why she’s crying ?. She sys I’m not crying ?. Luv asks her too tell the truth. Sita asks which truth?? Kush sys the truth of our birth.. Sita gets shocked n puzzled. What’re you saying?? Luv asks her who their father is., sita gets shocked..

Precap-Urmila n Mandvi smile seeing four kids playing in the garden. Ram thinks about his kids n cries..
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  1. NABANITA626

    Vanshu where are shrutkirti and shatrughan?
    And feeling bad for ram… the way great epi.well done?

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx nabanita dii ? ShatKirti r in Madhupuri, where shatrughan slayed Lavanasur and became the king. He’ll return ayodhya after 12 years, wen ram ll unite wid luv kusha. Thnx n luv u ?

  2. Shrinithi

    its awesome vanshu

  3. Padmaja

    It is superb dear.. and waiting for next part..

  4. Nice…….. Waiting for next

  5. Anushya

    feeling bad for ram… no one will even sympathise with him all will only find fault…. cant believe how he is alive after so much of hatred from everyone

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