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The episode starts with shatrughan killing Lavanasur. Once Lavana had been killed, the gods headed by Indra and Agni came and spoke the follow sweet words to Shatrughna: “Fortunately You were victorious. Fortunately Lavana has been killed. O tiger among men, choose a boon. O strong-armed warrior, we have come here to give You a boon. The sight of us who wanted You to be victorious cannot be futile.”

Upon hearing what the gods said, the self-controlled Shatrughna raised His joined palms to His head and replied: “The best boon for Me would be to enter as soon as possible this charming city of Madhupuri which was created by the gods.” The gods who were pleased at heart said to Shatrughna: “So be it. This charming city will no doubt have an army of heroic warriors.”

After saying this, the great gods rose up into the heavens. Then the glorious Shatrughna summoned His army. When the army heard Shatrughna’s command, it came quickly. Shatrughna began living in that city during the month of Shravana. Shatrughna lived peacefully for twelve years in the kingdom of the Shurasenas, which was like heaven. The agricultural fields produced abundant crops and Indra showered rain at the apropriate times. Protected by Shatrughna’s arms, the city was full of healthy and courageous people. That beautiful city on the bank of the Yamuna was shaped like a crescent moon. It was beautified by great mansions, crossroads, shops and streets. In it resided the four castes and it was supplied with comercial produce. Previously Lavana had had constructed many gleaming white buildings. Shatrughna had them decorated with different colored designs. There were gardens and entertainment places everywhere. The city was decorated with beautiful things made by humans and gods. That city was like heaven. It had many commercial goods. It was graced with the presence of merchants from many lands. When the joyful Bharata saw the prosperity of the city, He experienced the highest delight. While residing in Madhupuri, He began thinking that twelve years had passed since He had seen Rama’s feet. In that way, Shatrughna decided He wanted to see the feet of Lord Ram…………


On the other hand in the beautiful hermitage, Sita cradles luv n Kush. The lady tells her that she should rest. I’ll play with the babies till then. Sita gives the babies to the lady..

Luv Kush r playing in the forest.. Suddenly Kush gets lost. Luv gets sad ? and shouts maiyya…..

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  1. superb episode , shatrughan killing lavanasur was good . eagerly waiting for next episode . make it a little long if u can dearie

  2. Loved it……….. Waiting for your death of four brother fan fiction……. Plz give details of which time.. When and how they died………. ???

  3. Anya

    This ff was so great and your Mahabharata ffs were so nicely described vanshika

  4. Vanshika

    Thnx dears

  5. So nice

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