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At about midnight some young sons of sages came and told Valmiki the good news of Sita’s giving birth: “O venerable one, Rama’s wife has given birth to two sons. Therefore, perform rituals to protect them from evil spirits.” Upon hearing these words, the great sage went there. The two babies looked like young moons or the sons of gods, and where tremendously splendorous. Valmiki entered the delivery room in a joyful state of mind and saw the two children. Then he performed rituals to protect them from evil spirits. The brahmana Valmiki took a handful of kusha grass, and then just a little in order to perform the ritual for warding away evil spirits. He said: “Elder women should purify the first-born child with kusha grass, and therefore his name shall be Kusha. They should purify the younger child with less kusha, and therefore he shall be named Lava (less). In this way I give them the named Kusha and Lava. They will become well-known by these names.” Ram opens his eyes, wondering what made him wake. He goes out n sees the weather clean.. He hears the cries of the babies that no one else could. Ram gets wondering what’s happening while he recalls siya…

Then the sinless elder women attentively performed the protective ritual, cleansing the two children with the kusha grass. While the elder women were perform the protective ritual, they chanted the glories of Rama and Sita’s two beautiful children, praising the members of their dynasty. Shatrughna heard the good news. He entered the thatched hut and said: “O mother, this is very fortunate!” The great soul Shatrughna was so pleased that He passed that night of the month of Shravana of the rainy season in discussion. At daybreak, the valiant warrior performed his morning duties. He said goodbye to the sage with joined palms and again set off toward the east. He visited some other sages on the way to Madhupur, the anode of Lavanasur.
The sages inform shatrughan abt the powers of Lavanasur and his spear. They suggest him to kill Lavanasur when he’ll b alone without his spear.. When he goes fr hunting..
When the clear morning arrived, the rakshasa left the city in order to get food to eat. At that time, the heroic Shatrughna crossed the Yamuna River and waited with His bow in hand at the gate of Madhupuri. When it was noontime, the rakshasa of cruel deeds came carrying a load of many thousands of living creatures. Seeing Shatrughna waiting at the gate and holding a weapon, he said: “O lowest of men, what will you do to me with that weapon? I have angrily eaten many warriors armed like this. Now Your time has come. O rascal, my meal for today is not yet complete. Why have You come here to enter my mouth?”

The rakshasa laughed repeatedly while he spoke. The courageous Shatrughna shed tears because of anger. All the limbs of the enfuriated Shatrughna began beaming with splendor. Shatrughna said to the night-stalker: “O fool, I wish to fight with you in a duel! I am the son of King Dasharatha and the brother of the wise Rama. My name is Shatrughna, and I have come with the desire to destroy you, My enemy! Give battle to Me, who am eager to fight. You are the enemy of all living beings. You will not escape alive!”

The rakshasa seemingly laughed while Shatrughna was speaking, then he said: “O fool, it is my good fortune that You have come. O lowest of men, my uncle is the rakshasa named Ravana. He was killed by Rama because of a woman. I have tollerated the destruction of Ravana’s dynasty and all that. I have particularly had to tolerate Your insulting me to my face. In the past I killed all the fools as if they were straw. I did this in the past and will do so in the future, including You, O lowest of men. O fool, I shall give you, who want to fight, a battle. Wait here for an hour and I will bring my weapon. I shall
Bring my weapon n kill you..
Shatrughan tells Lavanasur that he’ll kill him, even if he’s the bravest of all..
When Lavana heard what the great Shatrughna said, he became extremely angry and said: “Stay where You are! Stand still!” Rubbing his hands together and gnashing his teeth, he began challenging Shatrughna. As the dreadful rakshasa was doing so, Shatrughna, the slayer of the enemies of the gods, spoke the following words to the dreadful-looking rakshasa: “You conquered the other persons before I was born. Therefore, today you will go to the abode of Yama after being struck by My arrows. O sinful wretch, as the gods saw Ravana destroyed, today the sages will see you killed by Me in battle. O night-stalker, you will fall down when scorched by my arrows. Then this city and kingdom will be blessed. Stretching My arms, I shall send arrows like thunderbolts at your heart, as a beam of sunlight enters a lotus flower.”

After being spoken to in that way by Shatrughna, Lavana was outraged and threw a tree at Shatrughna’s chest. Shatrughna shattered it into hundreds of pieces. Seeing that his effort had been nullified, the mighty rakshasa thew many other trees at Shatrughna. The glorious Shatrughna knocked those many trees down with one, three or four knotted-shaft arrows. Then Shatrughna released a shower of arrows over the rakshasa, but the rakshasa was undisturbed. Then the valorous Lavana laughed as he raised a tree and struck Shatrughna over the head. Shatrughna’s body shuddered and He fainted. When Shatrughna fell over, a loud cry rose up from the sages, hosts of gods, gandharvas and apsaras. When Lavana saw Shatrughna fallen on the ground, he thought that He was dead. He did not bother entering his palace to get his weapon. Thinking that Shatrughna was dead, he began eating. After about an hour, Shatrughna regained conciousness and again stood up with his weapon. The sages praised Shatrughna as He stood at the city gate. Then He took a divine and infallible arrow that filled all ten directions with its splendor. Its point and speed were like a thunderbolt. It was like Mount Meru and Mount Mandara. All its knots were smoothed and it was indefeatable in combat. It was smeared with red sandalwood paste. It had a fine blade and was fitted with feathers. It was frightful for the lords of danavas, mountains and asuras. It was shining like the fire that flares up at the end of the world. Seeing it, all living beings became frightened. Because the whole world with its gods, gandharvas, sages and hosts of apsaras became disturbed, Lord Brahma came and they said to him: “O lord, the gods and living beings are overwhelmed with fear about the destruction of the world. O lord, we hope the world is not about to be destroyed, for the end of the age has not yet arrived. O grandsire, such a situation has never been seen or heard of before.”

When Lord Brahma, the grandsire of the world, heard these words, he attempted to dispel their fear. He spoke the following sweet words: “All you gods, please listen. Shatrughna has seized that arrow in order to slay Lavana on the field of battle. All of us distinguished gods have been dismayed by the arrow’s brilliance. O sons, that eternally brilliant arrow which has terrified you belongs to the primeval Godhead Lord Vishnu, who is the actual creator of the world. The Supreme Lord created this arrow for slaying the two daityas, Kaitabha and Madhu. Only Lord Vishnu is familiar with this arrow. It is in fact the very body of the primeval Lord Visnu. Go from here and watch the great Satrughna, the younger brother of Rama, slay Lavana, the foremost of rakshasas.”

When the gods heard what Lord Brahma said, they went to where Shatrughna and Lavana were fighting. All living beings saw the dazzling arrow held by Shatrughna which resembled the fire that flares up at the end of the world. Seeing that the sky was filled by the presence of the gods, Shatrughna roared loudly like a lion and then looked again at Lavana. Lavana became furious when he was again challenged by the mighty Shatrughna, and so he stepped forward to fight. Stretching His bow back to His ear, Shatrughna shot that great arrow at Lavana’s broad chest. That arrow which was respected by the gods pierced Lavana’s chest and then entered Rasatala, the nether region. After the gleaming arrow went to Rasatala, it quickly returned to Shatrughna, the delight of the Ikshvaku Dynasty. When he was pierced by Shatrughna’s arrow, the night-stalker Lavana suddenly fell on the ground, like a mountain hit by a thunderbolt. After the rakshasa Lavana was slain, the gods saw the great divine spear return to Lord Shiva. By shooting just one arrow, Shatrughna, the protector of the three worlds, dispelled the danger, as the thousand-rayed sun dispels darkness…
Pls comment dearies.. There isn’t much info abt luv Kush in the Valmiki Ramayana so I’ll put up some more imagination.. Hope you’ll lyk that ??

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