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recap- shatrughan tells ram that he’ll kill Lavanasur. Ram imagines sita with him. Lakshman pulls Urmila n they end up falling on the bed.
Shatrughan gets ready fr going to fight with Lavanasur and end all his evils. Kirti feels worried fr him. Shatrughan assures her. Ram praises shatrughan and gives him horses n elephants n different kinds of weapons ??. Shatrughan takes blessings of the three mothers. He hugs Bharat n Lakshman. After bidding his teary wife, shatrughan seats on the chariot n leaves. He reaches valmiki ashram..He hurriedly left alone on route to Madhuvana. After two nights travelling, Shatrughna reached the holy hermitage of Valmiki. Shatrughna offered respects to the great soul and best of sages Valmiki, He joined His palms and spoke the following words: “O venerable one, I have come to execute some matter for My elder brother. Tomorrow morning I shall leave for the east.” The outstanding sage smiled and replied to the great soul: “I welcome You, O famous one. This hermitage of mine belongs to the Raghu Dynasty. Kindly accept a sitting place and water for washing the feet and hands.”

At that time Shatrughna accepted the hospitality of fruits, roots and other eatables. After eating them, He was completely satisfied. When he finished eating the fruits and roots, He said to the great sage: “Previously, whose arrangements for sacrifice were these that are near the hermitage?” Hearing this inquiry, Valmiki replied: “O Shatrughna, hear about whose hermitage this was in the past. Your predecesor was King Sudasa. He had a son named Virasaha, who was courageous and righteous. One day the child Sudasa decided to go hunting. There he saw two rakshasas wandering about. Assuming the forms of tigers, those two horrible rakshasas devoured thousands of animals without becoming satisfied. They could not fill their stomachs. He saw those two rakshasas rid the forest of animals. Becoming extremely angry, he attacked them with one huge arrow.

“After stiking down one of the rakshasas, Sudasa lost his anger and anxiety, and stared at the dead rakshasa. As he was looking at the corpse, the other rakshasa became furious and spoke the following words to the formidable Sudasa: ‘O sinful wretch, because you just killed my innocent companion, I shall give you the reaction.’ Having said that, the rakshasa became invisible. After a long time, Sudasa’s son Mitrasaha became king. King Mitrasaha came to this hermitage to perform a horse sacrifice. The sage Vasishtha was presiding over that great sacrifice and it lasted for many years. The sacrifice was as opulent as those of the gods.

“When the sacrifice was completed, remembering his enmity with the king, the rakshasa approached the king in the guise of Vasishtha and said: ‘Today the sacrifice has been completed. Therefore quickly give me flesh food to eat. There is nothing to consider in this regards.’ Upon hearing what the rakshasa in the guise of a brahmana said, the king ordered expert cooks to prepare food: ‘Quickly prepared tasty and fatty food with meats so that my preceptor may be satisfied.’ When the cooks heard the king’s order, their minds became bewildered. On that ocassion, the rakshasa assumed the guise of a cook. He then brought the cooked human flesh to the king, saying: ‘I have brought this tasty and fatty meat preparation.’ Accompanied by his wife Madayanti, the king presented the food brought by the rakshasa to Vasishtha. Realizing that the food was human flesh, Vasishtha became enfuriated and said: ‘O king, because you wanted to give me this food, this will be your food. Of this there is not doubt.’ Mitrasaha thereafter became angry. Taking water in his hand, he began cursing Vasishtha, but his wife stopped him. She said: ‘O king, the holy sage Vasishtha is our spiritual master. You cannot curse a priest who is just like a god. Then the king threw down the water that was instilled with anger and great power. In that way he sprinkled it on his feet. By doing that the king’s two feet became speckled. From then on the famous King Mitrasaha had speckled feet and was known by the name Kalmashapada (Speckled Feet). After bowing repeated with his wife, the king said to Vasishtha: ‘Someone disguised as you told me to prepare this food for you.’ When Vasishtha heard what the king said, he understood that it was the work of a rakshasa and said to the king: ‘O king, out of anger I uttered a curse. That cannot be undone. Therefore I give you a boon. The curse will end after a period of twelve years. By my mercy you will not remember what has happened.’ In that way the king suffered the effect of the curse and then regained his kingdom and ruled over it. O shatrughan, the beautiful place that You asked about near this hermitage is where he performed his sacrifice.”
Shatrughan greets the sage n enters inside the hut.

…..? it’s night ?…..
Sita is looking at the moon, lost in the memories of Raghunandan. She recalls how ram promised that he’ll never leave her alone. She puts her hand over her stomach n says Raghunandan, these parts of ur soul will always give me absolute peace. The lady looks on. Sita shouts in pain. The lady gets up n rushes to her side, saying now al ur troubles will b over vaidehi.. The lady calls her sister n they make sita lie on the bed. Sita gives birth to two sons. The sons of the lady inform valmiki about this, which make him overjoyed..

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