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Ram asks more abt Lavanasur.. How’ll we identify him? What does Lavana eat, how does he behave and where does he live?” Thereafter all the sages began describing how Lavana amused himself: “His food is all living beings, especially ascetics. His behavior is dreadful and he always lives in Madhuvana. Every day he kills many thousands of lions, tigers, deer, birds and human beings and devours them. The powerful demon slaughters different living entities as if he were death personified come for destroying everything at the end of the world.”

Hearing this, Rama spoke the following words to the great sages: “I shall kill that rakshasa. Your fear will be dispelled.” After making this promise to the sages with fierce effulgences, Rama said to all His brothers: “What hero will kill Lavana? To whose lot will this fall, the mighty-armed Bharata or the wise Shatrughna?” When Rama finished speaking, Bharata replied: “I shall kill this fellow. It shall fall to my lot.” Upon hearing Bharata’s deliberate and heroic statement, Shatrughna got up from His seat. Satrughna humbly bowed to the king and said: “O Rama, Bharata has many affairs to attend to in the palace. In the past when You left the city of Ayodhya vacant, Bharata suffered tremendously and protected it until Your return. O king, while lying on a bed of sorrow at Nandigrama, the glorious Bharata suffered so much. He ate only fruits and roots. He wore matted locks of hair and tree bark cloth. O king, undergoing such suffering, Bharata always served Me, therefore let Him have no further difficulty.”

After Shatrughna spoke in that way, Rama replied: “O Shatrughna, let it be so. Please carry out My command. I shall coronate You king of Madhu’s beautiful city. O strong-armed one, if it is improper to burden Bharata, then let Him be. You are a hero, You are trained in the use of weapons and are capable of managing a city and beautiful dominion on the bank of the Yamuna River. If after destorying the dynasty of a king, one does not establish another king over that city, one goes to hell. After killing Lavana, the son of Madhu, whose mentality is sinful, rule over the kingdom righteously, if You have any regard for My words. Do not try to counter My statments. A younger brother must no doubt carry out the request of his older brother. O Shatrughna, accept Your coronation in accordance with My order. It will be performed by learned brahmanas with appropriate mantras according to the rituals.shatrughan nods and all the arrangements r made fr the coronation. the coronation will b the next day. The court is dismissed..
Ram goes to his room and recalls sita.. He looks at the moon from his balcony while he hears a voice. Raghunandan….. He says siite and turns back. He gets shocked seeing sita standing in front of his eyes ?. He says siite, you.. here… Sita says I was always here.. Where did I go?? I’m here, in front of u. I was here only. I reside in you. We’re one soul, one united soul. Sita disappears.. It turns out to be an imagination. Urmila tells lakshman how everything has changed since siya left the place.. It has been 6 months still.. Still we miss her everyday.. Every night… Every single moment.. Lakshman says yes, I’ve been missing the delicious food she used to make. Don’t worry, I have started being used to the spicy food you make. Urmila gets angry and turns away.. If that’s so then cook food yourself. Lakshman recalls how he and ram had cooked food in the forest. Urmila goes while Lakshman pulls her and they end up falling on the bed….

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  1. Wow it is nice… I liked the last part ????

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    Thnx padmaja di… Last part specially cos I was missin lakshmila n Siam in my ff LOL ?

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    The last part ? awesome

  4. Nice… ??just enjoy it

  5. Anushya

    Vanshika you are rocking it…. I loved the Siam and lakshmila scenes today…..

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