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Hi dears.. I’m extremely sorry if i snatched the fun of the story in any part and if it felt boring. Sorry for the delay in the updates.. Okay, No bak bak lets come to the story..
Another beautiful morning..
After performing His morning duties, Rama, who knew how to attend to the citizens, gave public audience. Then Sumantra came and said to Rama: “O king, great sages and ascetics have come and are waiting at the entranceway. Cyavana Muni, the descendent of Bhrigu, has urged me to quickly arrange an audience with You.Raghunandan, those sages who reside on the banks of the Yamuna River are very pleased with You.”

Ram replied: “Let the highly fotunate brahmana descendents of Bhrigu come in.” Accepting the king’s order, the door guard touched his joined palms to his forehead. Then he let the mighty ascetics in. Thereafter more than one hundred great ascetics glowing with their own glory entered the royal palace. Those brahmanas presented Rama with a great amount of fruits, roots and pots full of water from all the holy places. After accepting all those different fruits and water from holy places with great pleasure, the mighty-armed Rama said to all those great sages: “Here are prominent seats. Please sit down as you ought to.” Upon hearing what Rama said, all the sages sat upon the lovely guilded seats.

Seeing that the sages were seated, Rama, the defeator of enemies, joined His palms and spoke the following words: “What is the reason for your visit? What should I do with full attention? I must do whatever you demand. I am happy to fulfill all of your wishes. This whole kingdom and the soul in My heart—all this is for the brahmanas. I say this to you truthfully.” Upon hearing these words, the sages get happy and approve.. You’re indeed blessed Raghunandan.. Ram ram… Plays…
Sita sat alone besides a beautiful river. A girl approaches with a food plate ??. She sys, where’re the babies, ma said I’ve to feed the babies. They’ll b hungry.. She asks sita about the babies. Sita smiles and says babies, which babies, whose babies, who told you that there’re babies here?? I told, a voice comes from behind n a lady (sage’s wife) comes. Sita says Mata you?? Which baby ? are you talking about?? Mata says the baby in your womb. You never care for him. You forgot to have food today also. Sita says-when I’m immersed in the memories of Raghunandan, this has to happen. Mata says you’ve to remember eating on time for your Raghunandan only. Otherwise only memories will be left. Don’t you want to preserve the parts of your Raghunandan forever?? You’re going to kill them like this… Sita says no no no mata, I’ll take care. She hugs the girl ?. The girl feeds her food. Sita feeds her also ?..
After the sages spoke in this way, Rama replied: “O sages, tell Me what should be done. Do not be afraid.” When Rama had spoken in this way, the sages replied: “Please hear the cause of our fear, O ruler of the land. In the last Kritayuga there was a very powerful daitya who was the eldest son of Lola. The great demon was known by the name Madhu. He was surrendered to the brahmanas and had steady intelligence. He had an unequalled friendship with the amiable gods. Madhu was valorous, righteous and attentive. He was greatly respected by Lord Shiva, who therefore gave him a wonderful boon.

“Lord Shiva was very pleased and gave him a powerful and sparkling spear produced from his own spear and said: ‘You have pleased me by your unparalleled righteousness. With great love I present to you this fine weapon. O great asura, as long as you are not opposed to the gods and brahmanas, this spear will remain with you, otherwise it will vanish. If anyone comes fearlessly before you to fight, after burning him to ashes, this spear will return to your hand.’

“After receiving this boon from Lord Shiva, the great asura offered respects to him and again addressed him in the following words: ‘O lord, you are the lord of the gods. Please let this fine spear always remain in my dynasty.’ The deity Shiva, lord of all living beings, replied to Madhu as he was speaking: ‘That is not possible. But because I am pleased with you, your good words will not be fruitless. This spear will be a son to you. As long as this spear is in your hands, it will be your son. As long as you are holding this spear, no living being will be able to kill you.’

“After Madhu received this very amazing boon from Lord Shiva, he had a shining palace constructed for himself. His beloved wife was the highly fortunate Kumbhinasi. She was descended from Vishvavasu from the womb of Anala and she was very lustrous. Her son was very mighty and formidable, known by the name Lavana. From childhood he was wicked and sinful in his behavior. Seeing that his son was misbehaved, Madhu became angry and disappointed, but did not say anything to him. Eventually Madhu left this world and entered the abode of Varuna. He entrusted Lavana with the spear and informed him about the boon.

“By the power of the spear and because of his own wickedness, he began tormenting the three worlds, especially the ascetics. Such is his strength and the kind of spear he possesses. O Rama, having heard this testimony, You are indeed our supreme shelter. O Rama, in the past Lavana terrified many kings and sages. We ask for protection, O hero. We do not have any other protector. Having heard how You destroyed Ravana along with his army and vehicles, we know that You are the only king in this world who can protect us. Therefore, we want You to protect us from that foolish egoistic Lavanasur.. Ram smiles ? ?..

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