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Epi starts with sita talking to a lady about ram. She describes about eternal love. The souls always remain united with each other even if the bodies depart.. Such is my relation with Raghunandan. Even if we’re not together, we’re together!!! We’re one united soul…..i still have hope living for him.. I’ll live for him still.. I’ll live for the reunion of my sons with their father. I’ll live for nature,..
Lord Rama continued: “O Lakshmana, I have narrated in detail the story of King Nriga’s being cursed. If You are interested in hearing, then listen to another story.” When Rama had finished saying this, Lakshmana replied: “O king, I never tire of hearing these amazing stories. Ram smiles and says one more about our dynasty??

“There was a great king of the Ikshvaku Dynasty named Nimi. Fb shows a king. He was the twelfth son of Maharaja Ikshvaku and was fixed in valor and righteousness. At that time the courageous King Nimi lived in a city like that of the gods near the hermitage of the sage Agastya. The well-built city where the glorious King Nimi resided was known by the name Vaijayanta. While residing in that great metropolis, the king got the idea to perform a long sacrifice to please his father’s mind. After consulting with his father Ikshvaku, a son of Manu, King Nimi chose Vasishtha, the best of brahmana sages, to be the priest. Afterwards, he invited Atri, Angirasa and the austere Bhrigu. At that time, Vasishtha said to King Nimi, the best of royal sages: ‘I have already been chosen by Indra to execute a sacrifice, therefore wait.’

“In the meantime, the great brahmana Agastya came and fulfilled the king’s desire. The glorious Vasishtha also performed the sacrifice for Indra. King Nimi summoned the learned brahmanas to perform the sacrifice near his capital on the slopes of the Himalayas. The king took a vow to perform a sacrifice lasting five thousand years. When Indra’s sacrifice was completed, the venerable sage Vasishtha approached King Nimi to perform his sacrifice. Then he saw that Agastya had begun the sacrifice. Vasishtha, the son of Lord Brahma, was greatly outraged. He waited for one hour to see the king, but that day the king was overcome by a great deal of drowsiness. Because he did not get to see the king, Vasishtha became extremely angry and said:

“‘O king, because you chose another priest, ignoring me, your body will become insentient.’ When the king woke up and heard the curse that had been uttered, he became furious and said to the brahmana: ‘I was not aware that you had come because I was sleeping. Being contaminated by anger, you uttered against me a fiery curse like Yama’s rod of chastisement. As such, O brahmana sage, your beautifully effulgent body will also undoubtedly become devoid of feeling..
In this way the king and Brahman cursed each other.. Lakshman gets interested.. Every story involves a curse lol ?..
Upon hearing what Rama said, Lakshmana joined His palms and asked: “O Rama, after the brahmana and king gave up their bodies, how did they get new bodies to take birth again?” When questioned in this way by Lakshmana, the splendid Rama replied: “After giving up their bodies because of their curses, being righteous and rich in austerities, they became like the wind.

“Finding himself bodiless, the great sage Vasishtha approached his father in order to get another body. Vasishtha, who was like wind and who was familiar with righteousness, bowed to the feet of the god of gods, Lord Brahma, and spoke the following words: ‘O venerable lord, because of the curse of King Nimi, I have become bodiless. O god of gods, I have become just spirit. All those who do not have bodies will suffer greatly because all activities are inaccessible for those who are unembodied. Please be merciful to me so that I can have another body.’

“Then the self-born Lord Brahma whose effulgence is immeasurable said: ‘O famous Vasishtha, enter into the semen of Mitra and Varuna. O best of the twice-born, you will thereafter have a supernatural birth. When you acquire tremendous righteousness, you will again achieve the position of being my son.’

“After Lord Brahma said this, Vasishtha offered him respects, circumambulated him and quickly left for the abode of Varuna. At that time, Mitra was carrying out Varuna’s affairs. He was being worshipped with Varuna by all the great demigods. Meanwhile, by chance Urvashi, the greatest of apsaras, happened to come there surrounded by her friends. When Varuna saw Urvashi enjoying herself in the ocean, he experienced heightened delight on her account. Varuna decided to approach that woman with eyes like the petals of a lotus flower and a face like the full moon for s*xual union. Joining her palms, she stood and said to Varuna: ‘O lord, I am already promised to Mitra.’ Panged by Cupid’s arrows, Varuna said: ‘O shapely woman with a lovely complexion, if you do not wish to unite with me, then I shall deposit my potency in this urn made by the gods and thus fulfill my desire.’

“When Urvashi heard the fine statement of Varuna, a protector of the world, she was very pleased and spoke the follow words: ‘O lord, although we both are feeling the stirrings of love in our hearts, your affection for me is excessive. Moreover my body belongs to Mitra.’ After Urvashi said this to Varuna, he placed his extraordinary semen which was like blazing fire in that pot. Then Urvashi went to where Mitra was. However, Mitra was exceedingly angry and said to her: ‘O mischievous woman, previously I chose you as my partner. Why have you rejected me? Why have you chosen someone else as your husband? Because of your misdeed, I am overwhelmed with anger! You will have to live in the world of humans for some time. The royal sage Pururava is the king of Kashi and the son of Budha. Go to him, O malicious wench. He will be your husband.’

“After being cursed, she went to the city of Pratishthana where King Pururava, the son of Budha, was. He engendered in Urvashi a glorious and mighty son named ayu. His son was Nahusha, who was equal to Indra in spendor. When Indra was exhaused after assaulting Vritra with a thunderbolt, Nahusha ruled in place of Indra for one hundred thousand years. Because of the curse, Urvashi, who teeth and eyes were charming, dwelt in the world of humans. After time over, she returned to Indra’s abode. Lakshman gasps.. Precap: Sita is sitting besides a river bank lost in thoughts. Saints arrive at ram’s court.

Credit to: Vanshika

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