next in siya ke ram 1 (season 2)

Hi dears.. I’m back again with the second season of next in siya ke ram ff., thnx alot for your support in the first season. The updates will be irregularly posted.. Sorry for that.. I hope u’ll like it..
In the first season, sita was abducted by ravan. Ram and ravan had a fierce fighting and ram killed ravan. The family reunited and Siam were made king and queen of the auspicious kingdom.
Location: Ayodhya
A beautiful garden with flowers ? is shown. Birds are chirping and the butterflies flying. A pleasant weather…
Entering that opulent pleasure garden, Rama sat upon a beautifully-shaped throne spread with a coverlet and decorated with a great many flowers. With His own hand, Rama gave Sita a beverage of honey to drink. Servants quickly brought different kinds of spiced dishes and fruits for Rama to eat. Apsaras, nagapatnis, and kinnaris that were skilled in dancing and singing began peforming before the king. The beautiful and skillful women, who were intoxicated from drinking, danced before Lord Rama. The righteous Rama, the best of enjoyers, enjoyed the performance of those women who were always well-adorned. Seated with Sita, Rama shone like Vasishtha seated with his wife Arundhati.

Day after day the blissful Rama enjoyed like a god with Sita, who was like the daughter of a god. Thus Sita and Rama enjoyed for a long time. The lovely cold season, which is always enjoyable, passed. As the two of Them enjoyed different kinds of pleasures, the cold season elapsed. During the first part of the day, Rama, the knower of what is right, would religiously perform His different duties. He would spend the remaining part of the day in His palace chambers. Similarly, Sita would spend the first part of the day in worshiping God, then She specifically worshipped all Her mothers-in-law. Afterwards She would come before Rama dressed in beautiful garments and jewelry. They’ll manage the kingdom affairs..
A dasi informs ram that siya had fallen unconscious and on being examined , found that she was pregnant.
When Rama saw that His wife was blessed with pregnancy, He experienced unequalled joy and exclaimed: “How nice!” Then He further said to the noble Sita, “O princess of Videha, You have now become pregnant with a child. O fine lady, what do You want? What wish of Yours should be fulfilled?”

Smiling, Sita thereupon replied to Rama: “O Raghunandan, I wish to see the holy forests for the practice of austerities where sages with fierce effulgences reside on the banks of the ganga river and spend with nature. Ram told her that her wish will be fulfilled soon. They share a hug..
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I’ll not give any Precap. Ya, I’ll keep giving spoilers in 10 episode.. Pls comment how’s this part..

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