Next move in kumkum bhagya 30 january (FF)

dadi gets tensed after hearing that abhi is going to marry tanu within two days, She Informed Pragya about this, pragya shocked but showed faith in her relation and tells dadi that she will expose tanu in 48 hours, She again called tanu as chowkidaar and said that either she pay money or she will tells truth to everyone, Tanu gets tensed and calls Nikhil for the money, but Nikhil doesn’t picks, purab calls pragya and asked if she get some information about tanu’s unborn baby’s father, pragya informed him that she is unable to expose tanu as only twenty four hours remain and she didn’t get anything, pragya comes to dadi and said that she is losing hope, dadi ask her to have faith on god.

Next day tanu and abhi are in the court for marriage they are about to sign the papers but a girl came and stop them & said abhi that tanu is cheating him as her baby is not of abhi but Nikhil, tanu ask her to show proof, they starts arguments then pragya,purab and dadi reaches there, they are shocked to see a girl explaining abhi that Nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby

she calls Nikhil inside the court, tanu gets worried as Nikhil exposes her, abhi slapped her hard, Nikhil thanks that girl and takes tanu out, abhi ask that girl who u are? and how you know about us, she said she is Bulbul and explained whole accident and plastic surgery, then purab, pragya, dadi & abhi hugs her..

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice…. .

  2. Super. But ithu nadakuma?????I thought like that when pragya returned in new avatar and questioned all like she found all truth.but nothing she found.what she did in 20 that new avatar episode. I thought she came to expose in same scene but all get ulta and 100 episodes finished she didn’t find tanu child father.

  3. wooo! i lv it i cnt belv if ths s really ya!

  4. agree of sana

  5. I agree sana…but so much of dragging…in kkb real epi.

  6. Omg..too much dragging in story… Sana hope ithu nadakunam,..papom

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