What Next – Ishqbaaz OS – Shot 1

Hello this is VHM , signing in with two shot OS …….please ignore the grammatical mistakes !!

Anika was brought back to life by Shivaay’s love and brought back to home by Oberoi family members……..

Shivaay took utmost care of Anika till she recovered…….He worked from home and never left her unattended…….

His care and love for Anika was observed by every family member but Dadi had something more special ………..

Dadi Pov ‘’ I can see they have immense love for each other but they still have some distance between them …….i must do something to bring their relation closer….their ishqbaaz has started but I must take it to peaks…’’

Thinking she left to meet both of them in their room

Anika ‘’ Dadi …why are you standing there ? please come dadi ‘’ and went upto her and brought her into the room and made her feel comfortable in the chair .

Shivaay ‘’ what’s the matter Dadi? You should have called me I would have come to meet you ‘’

Anika ‘’ yes dadi …you could have called us’’

Dadi ‘’ why? Can I not come to meet you ?’’

Anika ‘’ no dadi..it’s not like that’’

Dadi ‘’ anika puttar I know what you mean…how much time would I sit there alone in my room and take rest…so I came to meet you both ‘’

Rudra and soumya were passing by and listening to Dadi’s words in Shivaay’s room entered into Shivaay’s room.

Rudra ‘’ what’s going on? Withour Rudy what is being planned? ‘’

Dadi ‘’ Shut up khoteya…..i just came here to talk something important with both of them’’

Rudra ‘’ ohh ok..i thought you guys are planning something and you know without me no plan will work ‘’

Soumya ‘’ control Duffer…let dadi say first’’

Rudra stared at Soumya listening to the word Duffer after a very long time and they shared an eyelock……..

Anika and Shivaay saw them and winked at each other and started coughing and clearing throats……..Dadi was all the way enjoying……..

Finally Rumya broke the eyelock and looked here and there and Rudra said ‘’ tell na dadi what was the important thing you wanted to discuss with bhayya and Bhabhi ?’’

Dadi turned towards Shivaay and Anika and asked them to sit showing the sofa infront of her……….they obliged and sat…Rumya sat on the bed

Dadi ‘’ Shivaay … I am really getting bored staying in this house …and I need some company now’’

Rudra listening to it said

Rudra ‘’ Dadi..i don’t think it would look nice if you get married at this age ‘’

Shivika , Dadi and soumya glared in disbelief at Rudra’s words while Rudra glared at them in confusion

Shivaay ‘’ Shut up Rudra…you speak anything’’

Rudra kept quiet

Dadi ‘’let me say it straight I want to see my greatgrandson or granddaughter as my company…and before I die I want to play with them and leave my last breathe ‘’

Anika’’ Dadi please don’t speak of death…you have to live longer ‘’

Dadi ‘’ Anika….i don’t know how many days or months or years I might live and you can’t change the destiny…so I want to atleast listen the good news from you and you too Shivaay’’

Shivaay and Anika felt shy and were smiling shyly ….Anika bent her head down and smiled while Shivaay turned his head towards other direction and smiled by putting his hand against his lips…

Rudra came to dadi and kissed her and said ‘’ You are great dadi…I think I too need a partner in crime and who can be better than a bhateeja ‘’

Dadi kissed him back and said ‘’ that’s true ..you always need a partner in crime to bring this house down’’

Dadi turned towards Shivaay and Anika and said ‘’ I have said whatever I wanted to …but this is my last wish from you both …so I hope you wouldn’t disappoint me’’ saying this she got up to leave…

Rudra ‘’ yes bhayya Bhabhi either Shivika or Ansh anyone is okay for me too ‘’

Dadi ‘’ who are Shivika and Ansh ?’’

Rudra ‘’ come dadi I will tell you while accompanying to the room ‘’ saying this he held Dadi and took her out of the room

Anika and Shivaay also got up and were still feeling shy ….they walked till the door….Soumya came to Anika and hugged her saying ‘’All the best dii ‘’

Anika blushed ………

After Dadi left Anika went near the wardrobe still reminding Dadi’s words and blushing…Shivaay closed the room door and saw her blushing……..he reminisced all their romantic moments and continued to stare at her ……….

Anika didn’t dare to look at him …..Shivaay slowly walked towards her and stood folding hands at the closet door………

Anika ‘’ what? Why are you staring at me like this ? ‘’ she was staring here and there while speaking

Shivaay ‘’ so what did you think?’’

Anika ‘’ about what ?’’

Shivaay ‘’ about what Dadi said just now ?’’

Anika ‘’ what will I think? I donno anything ?’’

Shivaay ‘’ and do you feel I know everything or I experienced everything ?’’

Anika got angry and Shivaay realised what he spoke

Shivaay ‘’ I didn’t mean like that ’’

Anika ‘’ I know…I was just acting’’

Shivaay ‘’ so when are you planning ?’’

Anika ‘’ for what ?’’

Shivaay ‘’ don’t you know or you are just trying to get out of me ?’’

Anika smiled shyly saying ‘’ I donno anything’’

Shivaay ‘’ I was asking when are you planning for Shivika or Ansh ?’’

Anika blushed and said ‘’ You are …your are cheapde ‘’ and started going from there

Rudra explained dadi about Shivika and Ansh and Dadi smiled heartily….

Dadi ‘’ why don’t you plan to help Shivaay and Anika to bring them closer ?’ you can do this much for them…think about it ‘’

Saying Dadi left for her room

Rudra was in thoughts and Soumya too was in thoughts…they both looked at each other and Rudra spoke ‘’ Are you also thinking the same what I was thinking ?’’

Soumya ‘’ yes… I think dadi is saying right …we should bring them closer…..atleast they will be happy’’ saying the last line she felt sad

Rudra observed her and felt sad seeing her sad and then spoke ‘’ yes …come let’s plan something’’ saying this he held her hand…Soumya looked at him holding her hand and moved in trance with him……

In Shivaay’s room Anika held her wrist and dragged her closer to him and held her by her waist from back and coming near her ears said huskily
‘’still you didn’t say whether it pains you or not when I see you , when I come closer to you like this ?’’

Anika turned towards him and looking into his eyes said ‘’ I already said no…and even if I feel so I wouldn’t ever say you ‘’

Shivaay ‘’very soon you will accept it Anika’’

Anika ‘’ let see Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi ‘’

Shivaay ‘’ fine let’s see’’

Saying this Shivaay kissed her on her cheeks and she was stunned and stood as statue while Shivaay left from there smirking ……..

Anika came out of the trance and called Shivaay

Shivaay ‘’ yes Anika ‘’

Anika ‘’ shivaay I have something else to say..’’

Shivaay ‘’ yes go ahead’’

Anika ‘’ Shivaay we have to make Rudra and Soumya realise their relation …as their elders we have this duty towards them’’

Shivaay ‘’ you are right…what do you think we should do ?’’

Anika ‘’ I have no plan…let me think’’

Shivaay also stood there thinking and said ‘’ you don’t worry …I have already thought something’’

Anika ‘’ what? ‘’

Shivaay ‘’ nothing …just wait and watch’’

Anika ‘’ okay’’

Shivaay left from there

He went to Rudra’s room and there rudra and soumya were deeply thinking and in between fighting over how to bring Shivaay and Anika closer……
Shivaay entered the room and closed the door….

Rudra ‘’ bhayya you here?’’

Shivaay ‘’ yes …do I need permission to enter your room?’’

Rudra ‘’ no no bhayya …I didn’t mean that’’

Shivaay ‘’ I know Rudy’’

Soumya ‘’ we were just..’’

Shivaay ‘’ I know Sumo you both were discussing how to bring me and Anika closer’’

Rumya were shocked and looked at shivaay in disbelief and together said ‘’ but how do you know ?’’

Shivaay ‘’ one is my brother and one is my sister can’t I read what’s running in their brain?’’

They both hugged Shivaay …

Rudy ‘’ but what to do now…we are not getting any good idea’’

Shivaay ‘’ Rudy I expect only this from you…so I will tell the plan you just arrange’’

Rudy ‘’ aree wah Bhayya…you are so desperate for your kids’’

Shivaay ‘’ shut up rudra , not for kids but for something else…till now Anika has not expressed she has feelings for me …so I need to make her accept it…you know I challenged her to make her accept very soon…and now I need your help’’

Rumya ‘’ yes bhayya …we are with you…tell us what should we do ‘’

Shivaay says the plan and Rumya smile !!!

Later Shivaay calls Anika and says something ….she says ‘’ Done…I will make the arrangement’’

Shivaay smirks ‘’one shot two birds no two love birds’’ and leaves from there……….


Please let me know how did you feel after reading this !!! I will reply as soon as possible…….all comments positive or negative are welcome!!!

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  1. Jerry_36

    One of the best works of you till now. Di kaha se aate hai yeah ideas…loved it to the core. Do post soon❤❤

    1. VHM

      Hey Jerry..thank you for the comment….aise hi aaya tha ye idea…but i am glad you liked it

  2. It was superrbbbbbbb….
    Awesome. I loved it??
    Plz post next part asap….
    Eagerly waiting for the next post..

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Naina……..was busy today so just uploaded next part..eagerly waiting to know how you feel after reading the next shot

  3. Nita D

    Hey VHM, I just read your status…..OMG u r married…which means u r so elder to me…Sorry from now onwards I’ll call u di…..
    This time another story with only romance….no mystery n suspense n villains….Eagerly awaiting the next part…

    1. VHM

      Why sorry Nita…i am still very young..hayee mera baal vivah ho gaya…just kidding…age shouldn’t matter and marital status is to be ignored …we promised to be best friends so you will continue to be with as you were earlier…..

      Thank you for your super constant support…just posted next part…eagerly waiting for your analysis dear

  4. That was really good…looking forward to it…?

    1. VHM

      Thank you Sabhya…hope you would find the next part equally good

  5. Gayathri.visu

    I want this should be happen in our IB. Wow!! Always Dadi is cupid in Shivika’s love story…. I like Shivaay’s last line! Post next part very soon dear…pleaseee….

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Gayathri….yeah Dadi’s character is most loved next to Rudra….waiting for your response on next shot

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    VHM…I read it yay!!!…..
    Dekha my Brother Shivaay is so smart… you made him smartest…and lovely …
    I too am waiting for Ansh and Shivika..
    Hum dono toh Dadi ki shaadi karwane mein tule hue hain in our OS..
    Rudra… kissed Dadi is so…sweet…
    Rumya eyelock and hand holding is cute..
    It seems to based in the new written spoiler..and you gave justice to it by your words…
    One stone two birds…. lets wait what the plan is from bhaiyya…SSO show some classy heaven to us….
    Loved this Part…waiting for the next one….

    1. VHM

      Yay you read it and posted such an awesome comment….i didn’t know there was a spoiler on this concept….i generally read TU spoilers or mostly India forums Spoilers and was not aware….but that’s okay…glad you liked those scenes and dialogues …and Shivaay he is the hero so he ought to be smartest and lovely …………..just uploaded next part and eagerly waiting for your next comment………

  7. Awesome superp

    1. VHM

      Thank you Somya …

  8. Please post soon

    1. VHM

      Sure Kripa…just uploaded…thank you for posting your comment

  9. Nithu

    Rudra ‘’ Dadi..i don’t think it would look nice if you get married at this age ‘’…..this line made me laugh like anything…and as usual…ur shot is amazing….

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Nithu…it just came from me as i used to be very close to my dadi and teased her the same way ………..glad it made you laugh……..thanks again for those amazing lines

  10. Wowwwwwwww

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Payal

  11. Dhar

    Vhm you have nailed it with ur words …….. Eagerly waiting for ur next update

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Dhar…….i just uploaded the next shot…waiting for your opinion

  12. Ariba25

    Di its amazing …. I wish ki u r ib’ s writter … really full on khikitod … plz post soon ….. we all r waiting ???

    1. VHM

      Awweee so sweet of you Ariba…….mee becoming IB writer is something impossible and unbelievable for me…thank you so much for this awesome comment…just uploaded now i am waiting for you all to read and comment

  13. Amayaa

    Ooooh my god VHM DI seriously
    I m not believing what I read just now
    u r de great Di
    how u wrote so beautifully
    I m very glad that u r 1 of de inspirator for me
    what an amazing part
    truely loved it
    Rudra’s convo s r de best
    whether it will be with Dadi,sumo or shivay
    I m on de cloud 9 now
    thank u so so much for this ff dí

    Di I know I m not a great writer like u but ya by taking inspiration from ur ff
    I too wrote a ff named as “oberoi family moment” please read that also nd tell how much I have 2 do Labour to be like u

    1. VHM

      Ohh my God so much of love for me Amayaa……thank you so much for such amazing words……..conversation of dadi and rudra is natural for me as i used to converse with my dadi the same way…..glad you all liked it……….coming to being your inspiration….your support and encouragement has given me the boost to improve…you just started you will understand what i exactly mean when you complete the FF…i will read and post my comments soon

  14. Awesome loved it…waiting for next update soon

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Niriha…somemore time and you will be able to read it

  15. Amazing……..

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Iqra

  16. Amazing epi

    1. VHM

      Thank you Lilly…thanks a lot

  17. Navz

    ?????????????????????????????????this was me whole throughout blushing while reading this episode….loved it to the core.actually i like rumya more among all d 3 pairs ..soo when u were giving equal importance to them…i just fell in love wid this..

    1. VHM

      thank you so much Navz…after reading your comment i am sure the next aprt would make you happy…eagerly waiting for your response on the last shot

  18. Ahaana

    so cute….

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Ahaana

  19. Awesome

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Anaya

  20. Nida

    Why why why you always surprised ? me why ??? It’s better than the best… i loved it .. and make sure to complete rumya story because in serial we will never get .. but i have hop from you that you will definitely complete it

    1. VHM

      Surprising you is the best thing i can offer you…..thank you for this awesome support Nida…how can i deny your wish…waiting for you to read next shot and respond

  21. It’s was awesome os and nice starting .next part update soon.

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Ahsana…….just uploaded and now i will be waiting for your response

  22. Awesome …keep going on

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Adhya….thanks a lot

  23. it was awwwwwwww

    1. VHM

      thank you for the ”awww”esome comment

  24. OMM! VHM r u married??? I just read ur status…

    I always read the spoilers as gul khan has now banned the media on set??but most of the spoilers dont come true.. But i dearly wish that this comes true yaar.. Nd i’m really glad that u made this os..as i was hoping that someone would make a work based on the spoilers… Nd there u are.. Nd as expected u nailed it…????
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt.. Update asap! ??

    1. VHM

      What to do Bhavana..i am married …i just read Aastha’s comment and got to know that there was a spoiler on Dadi playing cupid …i had fairly no idea…i just wrote it………….thank you for liking this OS

  25. Archisha

    How can someone be so awesome ?? Well, no doubt after seeing you. I am in love with this ff of yours too di. And I guess I will fall in love with every ff of yours. Post soon

    1. VHM

      I donno how awesome i am or how awesome this OS is but i can definitely say your lines made me feel pretty awesome

  26. Surbhi Sharma

    Wow !! Vhm di , u just nailed it . Its fabulous. I can’t wait for next epi . Post soon plzz .

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Surbhi…..your wait will end when you open your TU page next time…i have uploaded it just now

  27. Amazing?

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Hirah ……

  28. It is superbbbbbb… Awesome.. Amazing….
    You are one of the gems in the world of the ishqbaaz tu page….
    So many varieties in your writing skills… It is simply superbbbbbb dear… Waiting for the next update….

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Nikita ……thanks a lot for your super awesome comments… can you please ping me a private message if possible..i have written a portion of your spy thriller …so wanted it to send it to you

  29. Awesome…
    Rudy was hilarious….
    Shivika scenes were cute…..
    Waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Shivika…i uploaded long ago…not sure why it hasn’t published yet

  30. Savera

    Wow VHM i loved ur work the way u express plz.post soon yr can’t Wait to Read More

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Savera ….thanks a lot…i uploaded second part long ago not sure why it is not being poublished…i have uploaded it again

  31. The most awesome post ever read

    1. VHM

      Ohh My God …thank you so much for such an awesome comment

  32. Justt wonderful, awesome ,adorable nd I don’t know what else to say…

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Zaveesha…i too donno how else to thank you

    1. VHM

      Thank you Alekhika

  33. VHM dear, sooooo sweet.smart singh oberoi. ???????? I really love it.

    1. VHM

      He he he…yeah Shivaay has all shades in him …it’s just CV’s has to bring it out before us…thank you so much Arpita

  34. Fabulous…

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Ankita

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Rashi………

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