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Hi guys I am here to give u all some information about the leap track in tei.

As u all know that our favorite tei is going to take a leap (either of5yrs or of1year, I am not sure about that) with twinj separation .well I know that the twinj’s promise of being together always is a KATHRE KI GHANTI and moreover all are saying that twiraj will unite then let me tell u that even writers know that tei is 0 without twinj ( sorry if I am hurting twiraj fans.. But that’s true)
And when it comes to twiraj’s union then whatever may b the reason we all know that twinkle loves Kunj madly as she was ready to do everything for saving his life.. So I don’t think so that they will marry may b its a kind of friendship union.
Well all these are my logical views and now the reason behind twinj separation i.e, leela Taneja’s murder by Kunj, yes the reason is this only but Kunj is innocent its a plan to separate twinj (I think by Anita).because v all know that Kunj loves leela equally as he does to Usha.
Twinkle being broken because of loosing her mother and finding Kunj behind it will leave India and go to London- to mahi( don’t forget as she is in London too).
Now the track will go like Kunj to reach London in search for twinkle (or may b twinkle return India for some work-but for me its impossible)… make her realize his innocence.. All the tashan will b definitely b back on tei because of love confession and uv’s plans we were somewhere loosing that twinj tashan and were finding only ishq.
And according to the sources there will b twinj remarriage track post leap.
So enjoy twinj and tei.
I hope now twinj fans will b happy because of twinj reunion.

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  1. oh my god thank u so so so so so sooooooo much shreya dear…. i glad tht the twiraj union is temporary! thnks for gvg this update but can u pls tell me frm where did u got this info! i m glad tht the tashan will be only frm twinkle’s side nd nt frm both sides so they will reunite soon now i think the uv is just faking of being positive…… but whatever it is we will miss leela taneja ri8 guys??

    1. I am sorry if I am mistaken about Leela’s death chehek but I updates what I knew and I told while wriy only that I am not sure about the time period but its good if it is one year only as 5 yes would b too long.

  2. OMG !!!!!! Thanks u sooo much 4 d update cuite :-)……….. I think this track is gonna be intresting ……. waiting 4 twinkle & kunj to unite …..

  3. Ur mistaken 5 year leap nd leelas death is fake news. Tei is going to take 1 year leap dats the new news.nd ita true.

  4. Thank u so much fr d update ; since last 2-3 days I was wondering what could be d reason fr separation. Can u please tell from where did u got this info? Yah tashan will be back bt this time only frm twinkle’s side might be frm kunj’s side also coz somewhere he will also be hurt thinking that twinkle didn’t support him during the time when he needed her d most ; he felt to be betrayed as she didn’t trusted him.
    Let’s see how CV’s r planning fr their reunion . Bt I’m happy that there will be no Twiraj . Love TWINIJ.

  5. It’s gonna take only a year leap and the reason you’re telling for the leap was a false rumour.. It is the ongoing jamai raja track.. The TEI track is yet unknown..

  6. Isn’t this track just like the yhm track?????? And not just that even mahis death was like shaguns death right ??????

  7. But this is the storyline of jamai raja where DD , roshni’s mom died due to sidharth (Ravi dubey) don’t know if this reason of twinj separation is true but can u pls tell us from where did u got the info…

  8. Thnx Shreya but I thought that news was for jamai raja I mean how can twinkle think that Kunj can kill her mom it’s impossible right anyways thanks for the news let wait and see what will happen right

  9. i also read d sm thing in a site bt later i came to knw tht its d stry of JR season 2 nt tei bt m nt sure abt it….lets see wat happens nxt cz even i dnt hav ny clue tht on wat matter twinj wl b separated….

  10. Yey leap confirmed of 6 7 months

    1. Ya true there is an interview with twinkle regarding it and she said its going to be fun and I think aand I am sure Twinj will unite the video link plz do watch so cute

      1. Just read an article stating no TWINJ separation.. Post leap the show will focus on kunj’s life.. And, entry of a new villain.. Hope so it turns out to be true.

  11. Actually this is jamai raja’s spoilers someone changed the characters name and mentioned it as tashan e ishq as in tashan e ishq fc cleared the confusion 🙂

  12. I know I have done stupidity .Because even I am not confirm if its true or not.?????????

  13. I don’t think this is the reason for Twinj separation!! All I know is that if Twiraj is brought together then TEI will lose 99% of its fans as they are Twinj fans! I m sure they will reunite Twinj post leap! And I think there will be Twinj remarriage before the leap!!!

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