news of tei


hiii all of u
r u excited to know d news
i know u must b thinking who m i n sm of u will scroll down n to see whos this
but u will not able to………sorry u hav to guess lovely people
enough of my chapad chapad…
lets come to point….but but but………….. itni b jldi kya hai yaar
note: at d end of epi plz read alll d writers of amazing ff

nowwwwwww… finally

so v r now disappointed to know dat nawan shaw is going to role in plce of sidhant
now it will get 5 or 6 years leap wen kunj will b back.. at dat time twinkle had married with yuvi n keep karwachauth for uv n her family kunj will fell ditched by family n most important person twinkle..kunj will misunderstand dat d baby girl is of twiraj but it is actually ofcourse of twinj yar n he will go back but he will not turn into negative he will just try to get tw back

so now alll d writer of lvly amazing tei ff
i want to salute u (u must b thinking who m i but itni jldi kya hai)
thanx for d ff
tara akanksha shamz shatakshi pali sayeeda krystal roshni crazyetc(yaar bohot lambi list hai na so sorry if i hav not included ur name bcoz i m writing in hurry na so big wala sssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy )
tara: ur todays epi was awesome i hav no words to short its amazing
shamz: yaar first of all a vry big thank u for invitation at d engagement n giv me chance to meet twinj(not in reality but in ff only i m very happy)ur engagement was diff fom evy1 thanx for d best epinot only thanks a big jhappppiiiiiiiii
pali:wer r u yaar y r u not uploading ur epi ur evry epi goes awesome so plz post soon
sweety: i m missing u tooo dear waiting for ur ff too
ritzi:hey ritzi yaar i m vry eager for ur second season yar plz come back soon… hope u will score good in ur 10 n yaa i m also in 10 only

now all d readers in advance thank u for reading my bak bak
tttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaannnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuu
(thoda lamba ho gaya kya)
now u all might b guessing who m i so i m me
hint: i m a silent reader but but now i m no longer silent reader yaa i know i dint cmnt in evry ff but i definately cmnt d ff if i had time.. i had cmnt on shamz ff yesterday also n on invitation also i had cmnt today bcoz i dont had time so soy
n yaa do guess me
my na e is of 4 word starting from……………. y will i tell u
guess guess n guess n do cmnt plz
i know i had speak to much but itna to banta hai bosss
by see u soon
n yaa d picture uplodee i of twinkle n her baby girl
loads of love to u llll

Credit to: i m me

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  1. Hey thanks for the news… I think u r saby…let’s see who u are..

  2. Shatakshi

    I think u mean to say that ur name ends from y…
    If that is so then u may be either SABY or BABY…he he
    Just a guess
    N thanks for the spoilers

    1. Shatakshi

      But saby has an account on tu…so let’s see who is it

  3. Sayeeda

    Thanks for the info dear…. but sorry I can’t guess u….

    1. Sayeeda

      Well guess krne mein kya burai hai …..I think it’s u Baby….

  4. Ritzi

    ummm…. yaar srsly i cant guess who r u…. bt ty re nd ya i will be very soon back wid a bang!

    1. Shatakshi

      Seriously Ritzi
      Kab???..jaldi as na plzzz
      Eagerly waiting

    2. okkkkk thanx for reading my news n
      shreya: welcome dear
      shatakshi: my name doesnt end with y i wrote dat y will i tell u.n thanks for reading
      sayeeda:thanx for cmnting n yaa u r right guess krne me kya burai hai…but sorry i m not saby
      or baby
      ritzi:its k if u cant recognise me waise b mai ek silent reader hu soo….n i had cmnted on ur last episode also dear
      so i m revealing my identity i m ……………
      n yaa ritzi waiting for ur ff eagely

      1. Sayeeda

        Ohhh !!!! so It’s Sana….sorry dear I cannot guessed u …but thank u soo much for writing my name in ff writer . Though I’m new one nd not a good one but still u remembered me ….thank u sooooo much ….love u

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