new year new twist (TEI)


Hello people….a very happy new year to all (subha nava barsha for Bengalis)…first of all m sooooooo sorry for being away from TU for so many days. But trust me I was really very busy… in fact m still busy..but but but the fact is I cannot stay away from u all nd TU for m back!!

So what do u think is today’s topic?? Well what else is there other than “DEVIKA KHANNA”? It is the ‘hottest’ news of TEI…!! so let’s begin…

Honestly after twinj love confession…the mahi death drama had made me sick..for many days i didn’t watch tei nor did i read WU. But devika khanna’s entry made me mad!! I mean look at her..she looks stunning….western outfits perfectly suit her. He beauty which has been faded by the character of mahi now outbursts with elegant luminescence!! this is what shritama is..this is what Vinnie (from bffs channel v) was…nd i just loved her.
Her attitude is just awesome, her confidence level s mind-blowing….on a whole she looks perfect!! Mahi was someone whose existence can be doubted as i don’t think people staying in London have such personalities. Devika is surely not the same..but a more polished character.

I somewhere liked the now yuvi will get it!! But a question which was disturbing me is…..what would follow next??
What i mean is….after the truth comes out..will mahi forgive yuvi..will she accept her?? Or cvs had planned something else?? According to me yuvi should actually repent..he should understand values..nd then he may be forgiven ….. but all these seems nearly impossible…so m actually worried..

Anyways lets enjoy the current tract and hope for the best…..nd i really want to knw what u ppl feel…so plzz comment as m missing u all ..stay blessed..

Credit to: tara

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  1. hiii tara….WELCOME BACK….???????
    think sooo uv will never understand values of someone…..but now no one will trust uv…..
    m thinking of that RT …what will happen to him when he will see true face uv….how rudely he talked to twinkle…he doesnt trust on his own daughter bt trusting someone who is much dangerous …….

  2. I would really like a new jodi in tei that is mahi and yuvi (which is next to impossible). So if that doesn’t happen then at least Devika shall take revenge from Yuvi

  3. hey tara u r back after a long tym…missed u…n m afraid fr todays episode wat will uv do to mahi ? will knw the truth today ?? no i dont want that….n this revengeful mahi is stunning….waiting fr uv to fall fr mahi …i dnt knw if this will happen ever..

  4. UV & change– just doesn’t fit together but I really hope that to happen..god knows what’s in store for us…

    Shubho Nobo Borsho & last but not d least— welcome back…missed u sooooooo much but plz don’t hide from us again❤❤

  5. Where were u Tara
    What has happened to u from many days u were away from tu
    Plzzzz tell me
    I m so happy ……u are back????????
    Luv u dear


    1. actually i was out of town for few days..nd then when i came back my tuition started…nd eventually i got involved in all dont worry i will not go u too dear..muahhhhhhh

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