Hi my dear.
How are you all.
Wishing you all a very happy new year.
In the past year I had many new friends on this site Tu. It was special for me.
I hope this new year brings lots and lots of happiness and success in all your lives.
Today I’m with a os.
Let’s start with a smile


New Year.

It is the last day of this year 2017. This year had give me so many things, so many memories, specially love of my life. I have never ever thought that I’ll fall for her. It’s so, I don’t know what to say. With time she became my love, my life and the reason of my breathe. I always used to see romantic movies and love stories too. And I used to think that, love does only exists in movies, but she came and changed my definition for love.

It’s weird for me to believe, a person like me who never used to believe in Love is now deeply and madly in love with his wife. Yes I love my wife alot.
At first I was against this marriage but nevertheless my parents blackmailed me emotionally with their talks. So there was no reason for me to say ‘no’. When I said yes they were so happy that it made me feel I had taken a right decision.

Within a week, my mom showed me a girl photo. She looked so cute. I felt like some kind of attraction towards her. My mom said she had chosen her for me. She wants me to meet her and to take final decision. I agreed and went to meet her at coffee shop.

Unknowingly for the first time, I took lot of care while readying. I want to be perfect. I had never felt this. I went to coffee shop and was waiting for her. I was little nervous.

She came there in a sky blue salwar looking like an angel who came from heaven. At that instant I missed a beat. I felt instant attraction or to say love at first sight. But I was not sure about my feelings. I don’t want to rush. She came and took seat in front of me.

“hi. Twinkle. ” she said ever so cutely. I felt her voice to be so melodious. And Twinkle such a cute and unique name.

“hi. Kunj ” I replied. She smiled at me. Argh. That smile. It’s something. We talked for a while. She said a little about her and I about me. We talked for a while and left from there. I went home and mom was eagerly waiting for my answer but she had not asked me anything. I know she is giving me time.

At dinner time, we all had our dinner silently. After completing dinner dad asked me.

“what’s your decision Kunj? ”

“umm. Dad she is a nice girl and I’m ready to marry her. ” with that I left from there immediately. I don’t want to make it more awkward. I went to my room and was smiling like a teenager. I took my laptop and started to work. I had started my business few months before as I don’t want to work in my company. I want my own and dad agreed immediately. It’s going good. I tried to concentrate on work but her face was playing in my brain like a movie. So I thought to quit work for now and slept.

Next day evening I came home after completing my work. I greeted my parents and sat with them. I started sipping my coffee which my mom gave to me.

“Kunj even Twinkle said yes to marriage. ” mom said to me. I smiled at her. But deep inside I want to scream out of happiness.

“and marriage will be in next week. As we don’t have good day other than that. Other day is after 5 years and we decided to keep marriage in next week as we can’t wait for more. ” said dad and I was beyond shock. I mean only a week. I know I said yes but still. I had started my business only before months.

“but dad don’t you think it’s too early. ” I said.

“we know but trust me, if she comes into your life you will be the happiest person. She will be always on your side, she will love you, cherish you and support you. ” said dad and I don’t know what to say next. So I said OK and left.

After marriage rituals started and we both married each other with all customs.

It was our wedding night. I went to my room which now ours. She was sitting on my bed. I took my dear beside her while she shifted in her place. I can understand her situation.

“Twinkle. ” I said and she looked at me. Those beautiful eyes are so attractive .

“yes. ” she said and I came out of my thoughts.

“umm. Twinkle. You know. Um. I had started my business a while before precisely only before few months. Firstly I want to get succeed in my business. And on top of that I don’t know you. So let’s start our relationship with friendship. I don’t want to run in anything. ” I said honestly. I thought she will shout at me but instead she smiled and we became friends. I said I’ll sleep on couch but she said we can share a bed as she trusts me.

In this way our friendship started. With that day by day our bond had grown stronger. She was always on my side. She was always there for me as a friend, as a companion. Even when I used to get angry she used to calm me. After she entered my life I had changed into better. And I’m thankful for that. In this way months had passed and I had realised that I had fallen for my wife. She had became my everything in these few months of our marriage. Now my business is in good position. I remembered what dad said yesterday.
“son. I know you are developing your business. And it’s a great thing. But don’t neglect your marriage. Give time to Twinkle. I know you love her alot but express it. She will be so happy. Don’t bring your professional life into personal life. Don’t snatch your wife rights. Trust me love will be the strength of a person. So love her and cherish her. ” he said these words. I don’t know what made him to say these but these words left a great impact on me. So I thought to confess my all feelings and love for her. Tomorrow is a new year and we will start a new start. I had already planned everything.

Nothing can be perfect than this as I know even Twinkle loves me. I can see that in her eyes and actions. It’s 10:00pm at night. My parents had went to one of my relatives house. It’s a perfect opportunity for me. I and Twinkle are watching TV as I had already completed my preparations when she was preparing for dinner. At 11:00pm I asked her to get ready in a dress which I brought for her. She asked the reason bit I asked her to get ready then she will get to know. I asked her to get ready in guest room as I had decorated our room. She went to get ready. After 45 minutes she came to my room.

I had switched off room lights.

“Kunj ” she called for me. I had switched on the lights. She gasped by seeing decoration but I was lost in her. She was looking so beautiful in the read colour floor length frock.

“Kunj it’s so beautiful. ” she said bringing me out of from my thoughts. I had decorated our room with our pictures where we figured with each other for silly things, where we gave poses for some occasions and some little moments which are special. With that room was decorated with pink and red balloons with red and white background. I even decorated my bed with rose petals and at centre I made a heart shape.

“do you like it. ?” I asked her

“ofcourse I do. ” she replied.

I went to her and took her hands in mine.

“Twinkle today I want to say something important. ” I said while she looked at me and I continued.

“Twinkle I know I had took your all rights on our wedding night. I had never took any step in our relationship other than friendship. I had scolded you when I was frustrated. But I had changed alot after marrying you into better. You changed me. You always understood me. You had never rushed into anything. Whenever my mood was off you always brightened it. You were always there on my side when I need someone. You were a true friend and I cant thank you enough for that. ” I said and took a break and looked at her. Then I sat on my knee.

“Twinkle I had never believed in love and was not ready for any kind of relationship. I always thought there is no love. But you came into my life and everything got changed. For the first to when I had seen your face, I felt some unknown attraction. When I met you first time, my heart had done a kind of dance. I felt so special. Bit when mom said about marriage I was scared as I had started my business, but you understood me and stood by me. You never complained about anything. You were always patient. But you know what. I’m in love. I’m in love with this girl. I don’t know how, but I had fallen for you, for your antics. For your behaviour, for your care. Yes Twinkle. I love you. I love you more than anything. I had taken already so much time. But today I want to confess everything to you that you are my everthing, my reason to breathe, my love my life. I love you Mrs. Twinkle kunj Sarna. ” I said all there words and looked at her. She was looking at me shocked with my sudden confession. I had noticed tears in my eyes. I got panicked.

Next moment she kneeled in front of me to match my height and hugged me. I hugged her back.

“I love you too Kunj. ” she said. By listening to this I can’t describe show happy I felt. I hugged her back more tighter. We hugged before many yes but that was friendly one. This hug, it’s special because we both are conveying our feelings for each other through this hug. We broke hug after a while.

“you know what Kunj.i had fallen you at the first time I laid my eyes on you. After becoming your friend and by seeing your care, I had fallen for you deeper. I had never thought that I will also love a person in such a way. I love you. ” she said and hugged me.

“I love you too. ” I replied back.

We both stood.

“come let’s cut cake. It’s the time. ”

with that at sharp 12:00 we had cuted caked and fed each other.

“it’s the best gift Kunj. ” said Twinkle.

“for me you are the best gift Twinkle. ” I replied and kissed her forehead. With that we hugged each other.


I hope you all enjoyed. Pleas share your views.
Once again a happy new year.
Love you all.

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    Nice OS. I liked the support given by twinkle. Happy new year and sorry for commenting late.

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