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Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.

So as you all know guys, it is an analysis season and why should I lag behind it!..
So here me Anamica Sengar presenting you my analysis on the ff written over here.

Some of you may know me, but maximum won’t. Writing for you guys is just a very difficult task, the every writer who writes a story for you put about 2-3 hours just to mark it upto your expectations .

I’m not going to say much about Nisha, Anjali, Sree Harini , Saba and Meher. They are really fabulous writers and are the best. They are worthy of praise and they do get bu the no of comments they received.

So here are the few ff which really needed motivation and they do not get no of response they should get.

1) The don and his Roma-,I didn’t remember the writer name but one should read this ff. It’s the story of a don and his love interest Swara who is a officer. The way she describes, the intensity of story is commendable.

2) because I love her: Sanskaar love story by sethooty( malar)-, the unconditional love of sanskaar for swara is the thing which attracts the most. She is not regular for updates, but a worth reading ff with sweet and steady pace.

3),Falling for you by Sha is the teenage love story of swara and sanskaar. It is one the most lively ff with fun, masti and romance . A perfect blend of all!

4) broken wings- author not known. A new ff. It’s again a story of swasan where sanskaar has a backward thinking and swara with a modern one. The way swara use to fulfill her desire is like wow. Excellent job dear.

5)red strings of fate-, Ragsan.author nit known but a amazing ff on ragsan. Please don’t go on pairs but for the story. Do read it.

6) his army officer-, A Ragini ff by Sindhu rm. A new story with a bubbly, chirpy Ragini . I don’t know why she is missing now days but an awesome story.

7) A swasan short story- A ghost love story by Aashi. It’s a short story which is completed of 5 episodes with a unique concept where sanskaar is the ghost who came back for swara. A full of suspense and a worth read.

8) Prank+ Revenge: Again a new ff with entirely different concept. With few episodes it seems sanskaar is a rude arrogant boy and swara a bubbly chitpy girl.

9) Accept your fate: New ff with sanskaar as a Casanova and swara am average class girl. It’s first episode was a bang with 32 comments and good luck dear.

10) Meri Aashiqui by dolly: A ff with third season and had a same spark which initial episodes had!. Worth reading ff and you will love it.

11) the kiss that I hated the most. A new story with an awesome storyline. As usual about swasan and a great bonding between swalak as a brother and sister. Loved Ragini too in this ff.

12) I make her Mrs maheshwari: New ff with intro only published but quite interesting and would love to look forward for it.

13) The yellow rose by Bisha: An awesome story by her. Unveiling the shameful truth of our society and with a message forwarding us. She had given a prologue of her new ff which is just outstanding.

14) incomplete scrapbook by kashish: A wonderful ff posted on saba’s blog Fantasy Diaries.. Here a sanskaar is an slayer and swara a girl who was kidnapped by him. A mystery, suspense thriller and unpredictable ff. A worth reading.

15) tujh Mein rab dikhta hai by g_s: An amazing ff. A cute love story of swasan with Twist.

16) stay away I’m not your husband by sujata again a wonderful ff with an amazing response. Sujata please upload it soon.

17)Best friends and why does it still effect by Deepa Sharma: Both are just fabulous…i would recommend it to read it. You all will surely love it.

Now here are few of them which are discontinued because of low response or may have ended.

Mandy’s A modern tale of love: Those who have read it would know such a excellent work it was. A perfect blend of all emotions with outstanding writing. Those who haven’t read should read it.

Sindhu rm all alone ragini-, again a simple light and lovely ff with ragsan as a pair. All about love and family.

Sondaurya Together forever -,due to low response she had discontinued her ff but it was a unique ff with modern approach. If sondaurya is reading it then please do continue and also your another ff.

Namrata’s dil dostk dance: Fantastic ff with dance, love, friendship…one would love to read it.

Guys you all shouldn’t stop writing its your talent.And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

This all are wonderful ff in my pov..hope you all feel the same.

Credit to: Anamica

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  1. Oops had forgotten one of the great ff
    The devil met his Angel by Ruhi khan…..a very amazing story with a unique concept!

    1. I think you are talking about swaragini fan fiction if you have time give a try to mine ,
      Complicated life
      Chander lekha

    2. Sorry to say dear …but the devil met his angel by ruhi is a stolen story of wattpad…u can check Irresistible attraction n his very personal assistance by sweetchoclate9 on wattpad….she has made slight changes by changing the plot according to Indian BG…otherwise dialogues are word to word same
      I know u must be not knowing this…that y felt like informig

  2. Di red string of fate is by azure di…

    My army officer- sindu di is out of station she had gone to help her mom for vacating house as her dad got transfertransfer

    All alone ragini i think di had ended it with happy note..is that bcoz of less cmnts???

    N u missed many ff of ragsan
    Power of true love, my hearts beats for, and now ragsan they r destined the list go on like astha di ff ,pavani di’s its a big list…(its full ragsan list)

    And recently two os which really nailed it..

    1.Swaragini raise ur voice
    2.anu di’s recent os…eventhough i didnt read any of swasan ff’s or os… But anu di u really nailed it..

    And priya di ‘s ff’s too…i cant say all names of ff’s as it l be going on….

    1. Basically I don’t read much ragsan ff so have a lack of names in it.. But there are many more and I had written they have ended it or may be discontinued because of low response…

  3. Hey Anamica, what u said is all correct. But u missed out a lot of other very good Fanfictions like:
    – Ishq, Love, Kadal by Dhamu
    – Power of true love by Lila
    – For ur smile and friendship request by Joona
    -Soul of Love-Ragsan by Shailu

    1. Yaa love ishq kadal…actually I didn’t remember it’s name so had forget to mention but it is also an amazing one!

    2. Ya ragini i forgot to mention it n my cmnt sach mei di these ff’s r awesome…i said na the list go on…these r also there anamica di…

    1. Thanksβ€’?

  4. Also one should not follow sindhuja. She is a fabulous writer with a fee amazing one shot like my crazy girl, unpredictable life and her ff i dreamed a dream was amazing
    N about Jyoti das her the rain, the spring, the autumn. A feminist ff revolving around swara in which three seasons mark three important phases of her life!

  5. More two ffs by tanu are really great

    she is not known writers but really nice storyline. Must read

  6. Kashish’s incomplete scrapbook is the bestest Swasan ff..Other than Vini di nd Saba di.. OMG..Marvellous story..

    I agree with u.. but I NVR read any RagSan ff… Other than SwaSan ff I never read any couple’s ff..

    Accept the fate.. its new..but awesome story line..Same goes with the kiss that I hated the most..Actually I like Sam’s both ff..

    Nd guys..Sujata is in 12th.. so lil busy in her studies.. just wait for sometime.. c will come back soon.. ??

    Nd G_S di is also an amazing writer..

    Nd Falling for u.. I just loved it.. such a cute sweet naughty story.. My honewali sautan If u r reading this then lots f kisses from my side for giving us such a wonderful story.. Love u loads Sha,my H.S.. ???

    Nd Bcz I loved her.. Sethoo di.. Awesome writer’s amazing story..love u loads sethoo di..

    I HV read those ffs only.. I don’t read any ragini,laksh,swalak,raglak nd ragsan ff.. so no comments about those ffs.. sorry if I hurt any1..but its my personal opinion.. nd guys plz don’t try to bash me for not reading other couple’s ff.. plz don’t try to change my opinion.. Cz Its cmpltly my opinion..my choice..

    BTW Anamica good try.. ?kp writing such analysis.. ?☺☺

  7. Anamica don and his roma is written by ireena. Even i too love her ff and others too. Very good work dear?

  8. you have added ”red string of fate ”amongst the ff’s that really needed motivation…………..but there were really huge number of followers for that ff written by Azure…………I am saying this because i am a regular reader of that ff…………….there were days when the no.of comments exceeded 100+………………sorry if I hurt you.But to the readers I would really suggest you to read that ff……………who ever couple’s fan you are…………..you will definitely like that………….i am huge raglak fan…but still i read that..such an awesome ff……………..

  9. i read all the ff and os you have mentioned it’s really amazing falling for you is one of my fav..and as you hve mentioned some new ff the kiss that i hate the most and many more all are great..!! evn SWASAN-you are mine was my fav ff but dn’t knw wht happen to the writet she is no uploading these days….

    n rahi baat ragsan ff i don’t read them..i hate that couple to the core of my heart..they are jiju and sali ragsan ff writers ne unke rishto ko mazak bana diya i don’t understand why don’t they writers about serial pairs instead writng swalak and ragsan creating a havoc among the fans …it’s really confusing sometimes tv pe SWASAN and ff mein ragsan dimag karab karke rakhta hai

    ps:- i didn’t mean to bash the writers and if so am sorry it’s just my POV

  10. hey I’m writing broken wings.. thank you so much for liking it dear

  11. Nice analysis Anamica.. πŸ™‚ After this analysis I think I should add many FF’s to my wishlist..
    ‘The Devil met his Angel’ is a fabulous FF..Ruhi did a really good job in this FF..
    Deepa’s FF’s are truly awesome..No words to describe her FFs.. πŸ™‚
    ‘It’s not revenge It’s love’ is also another awesome FF..Aryna is an awesome writer..She started season 2 for the same..Every episode of this FF ends with a twist that too breathtaking twists..
    G_S is amazing writer..I fell in love with SwaSan and RagLak of this FF..Such a gripping story line..Awesome.. πŸ™‚
    Sindhuja’s FF ‘I dreamed a dream’ name itself takes me through myriad of emotions.. πŸ™‚
    Soundarya’s ‘Together Forever’ is an awesome FF with friendship,fights,love.. I hope she continues the FFs..She started another FF named ‘Our love is beyond this world’..It is another FF with strong story line..
    Don and his Roma-I just don’t have any words to describe this FF..Such a beautiful story line with a twist at the end of each update..Ireena, such a blessed writer she is.. πŸ˜€
    ‘Falling for you’-Arey meri Cutiepie(Sha) deserves all the appreciation..She is such a fabulous writer..This FF is a mood enhancer..Perfect blend of comedy,romance,friendship,care and many other emotions.. Love you my Cutiepie.. πŸ˜€ <3
    I can't comment on Kashish's FF 'An incomplete scrapbook'..It's just outstanding..Such a talented writer she is.. πŸ™‚
    Keep going Anamica.. Stay blessed dear.. πŸ™‚

  12. I read all the ff’s u mentioned n I’m a silent readers to all the ff’s but the one off which I love the most is “Don and his Roma” I’m varunholic so its a perfect ff for all the swasanholic specially varunholic.Don’s character was damn good I wish I could get killer life partner like Don.n most importantly the way she describes each n every situation it’s awesome.specially the romance it’s too good that I can’t think how she can brings so much intensity in her writing love u IREENA.

  13. Actually frndz I know you all re waiting for Swasan- You are Mine but unforunately it was a wattpad story written by a girl lila first she didnt mind bushra posting her story here but suddenly she gave a note that if telly updates doesnt delete it she will not post it in wattpad. The thing is bushra editted the names of Lila’s You are mine to our Swasan and anamica its nice one

  14. i only read swasan ffs….dey r awsm…hats off u guys..its really difficult to write an epi for two to three hours in busy times….so really appreciate dem for dis…

    nd coming to ragini-sanky ff…i hate dis pairs from d core of my heart…i dnt knw what is ragini fans problm…dey r always behind others like raguni….first whn it ws d time of swalak dey behind laksh saying raglak raglak nw behind sanskar. .blo*dy ppl.i thnk nw dey startd to make raguni sahil as a pair….hey swasan is a heavenly onscreen couple…nd ragini nd sanskar is jiju nd saalii…..
    nd moreover dey didnt shw any chemistry btw raguni nd sanskar in onscreen….bt swalak chemistry is already shwd so swalak is acceptable but not raginu nd sanskar…pls satisfy with u wat u got…arrey yaar ralak is an awsm couple den why you guys are after sanskar..chii…red string of fate all alone blah blah blah….i didnt evn read any of dem nd dont want to…we r happy with our swasan……..by making ragini with othrs prove dat u didnt give any value to laksh…poor lucky..why u ppl always ignore dem…
    pld dnt interchange coples….can u imagine ishitha with meher, raman with mihinka, abhi with bulbul, khushi with syam, pragya with purab…no na like dis we cant imgine our lovely swasan with any othrs….arshi, ramtha, abhigya, swasan etc…des r heavenly couple for us…..

    whn i see ragini nd sanskar cover pages in ffs i feel like irkd… d most funniest part is dat some ppl remove swaras pic from sanky nd add dat chepo ragini to it.. or make worst edits…really i feel pity for u guys for ur hard work….

    i can understand u guys like dat couple alot…bt raglak is also a swt couple…pls try to accept dat…some one wld say we read stry on d basis of stry nt on d couple blah blah blah blah…but to be honest i read on d basis of couple….bcz of swasan i strtd to watch swaragini…nd we can understand u ppl like ragini nd sanskar….bt der r alot of swasan admires here nd some like me dont want our swasan with any one…our swasan made for each other…nd exchanging couple is irked us alot

    1. Funny thing cuz I also feel irked seeing swasan pics… this is suppose to be about ffs analysis not about loving and hating pairs. Plz respect people’s choice. Everyone has different choices and opinions. Anyone liking Ragsan or writing on Ragsan shouldn’t bother u. Why are u worrying? Only because Ragsan is getting popular?

      Plus these are just fanfictions…it’s not happening in the serial. U can stop getting irked and watch swasan onscreen but plz don’t disrespect other’s work which has a lot of effort in it.

    2. hey i think u r extremely wrong…………….if u r swasan fan enjoy reading their ff’s.but what’s ur problem with ragsan…why is it bothering you…..and u said ” blo*dy ppl.chepo ragini….plz don’t use such words.it hurts a lot.if u don’t like ragsan then just ignore it…u even said ”’chii’ for some ragsan ff’s……first of all who is asking you to read them………’every writer will put efforts to write ff..it’s r minimum part from r side to respect them……..after all they r fictional characters………and ragsan ff’s don’t have any conncetion with the serial track….so jiju..saali relation shouldn’t effect .u said that it effects swasan admirers ……in that case swalak should also bother you…….whe nswalak track is going on…after sanky’s entry all of us thought that it will be swalak/ragsan..but we didn’t get that….so ff’s r the only way for that couple’s fans……at the end of the day…it’s all up to the readers…..

    3. Excuse me miss…first of all mind your language and be humble. A humbke bash is acceptable.
      Regarding ragsan ff try to appreciate people if you can’t not discourage them.
      This comment shows how cheap you are!
      And better mind you words…..

  15. frds, i am writing my ff in the name of meri pyarri behan- swattaragini. please give a feedback that i’m going in a right track or not.

  16. cmng to ff analysis der r alot of ff i read…i read all d ffs names u provided here exept dat redstring fate all alon ragini(all ragunis ffs)….i read alot of ffs nd os…d first ff i read is saba’s I M YOURS….frm dat i strtd to read ffs…nd i m a big fan of saba nd neha… i love sabas i m yours nd path of hate to love
    i love nehas all ffs
    true love never dies, endless of love, from darkness to light, d hug dat changed me, mr.perfect, princess in veil, a day missing in my life, a revenge love story….i m madly love with nehas all ffs…princess in veil is most awsm

    i also read many ffs….anokha bandan(i thnk she discontinued her stry) a passionate love story, kuch iss tarah, love is painful nd complicated, mr.maheswari nd i, mileya milaya, tuj meim rab diktha he, meri aashiqui by dolly, hurdless in way to love, love is a beautiful emotion(where r u yaar i m waitng for ur chptr….get well soon nd give us a loooongy chptr) swasan u r mine, tere ishq mein(nadana pls update ur season 2 chptr) , devil met his angel by ruhi khan, narmathas d3, i love u enough to let u go , yeh dooriyan , his lust or love, heartless sanskar nd helpless swara nd many many more i like all dese ffs…nd i also read many os….

    in fb i also read many ffs incomplete scrap book is one of dem…it ws asws…koi mil gaya, bin tere by suma also fantastic ffs…a match made by love by aleeza is also a fantastic ff…i thnk u shld also try to read anups touch me not love me not….it ws an awsm humerous ff i ever readed….nd many more

    thnk u thnk u thnku thnku all d writers for giving us such wonderfull stories nd entertain us nd make us feel our swasan more spcl…..a lot of chubby nd puppy to u guys…love u all…keep writng like dis..

  17. Omg!!! M shocked to see my name along with anji anu saba n sree…
    Itz an honour literally…

    I agree with you… I hvnt read many but I hv read red strings of fate by azure… It was an osm story..

    Tujh Mein Rab dikhta hai… Is story with a strong n realistic plot…

    Yellow rose… My second favorite ff (first is I dreamt a dream by sindhuja)
    Bisha is best here according to me…

    Stay away… It was a bomb blast here.. . Sujata’s first ff n she came with a bang…

    There was an ff that attempt which changed my life. .. That was also good… Swara was so dominating here…

    Luv u ?

  18. I dropped by here as someone asked me to! I must thank you tremendously for one, taking the time to appreciate our stories and 2 for seeing the effort we put into them! It is certainly not an easy task to write ff every single day and we r glad that ppl like you read them and understand that! Thanks a lot for adding me there too!

  19. Fanficoholic

    Hey can anyone give me the link for sujathas ff stay away i am nt ur husband

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