New twist in Swaragini


Guys this is a recent news I got in web don’t know if it’s true.

Expose, betrayal and vengeance will drive the plot of Swaragini in the coming months. We know that Rajat (Mohit Abrol) has captured Parineeta and that Swara wants to save her life. She will also try her best to prevent Uttara’s (Khyati Mangla) marriage to Rajat. They will apparently distribute chits amongst the family members to inform them about Rajat’s nefarious intentions. Uttara will also find a note in her room and confront Rajat. The cops will be summoned to arrest him.

However, he will point a gun at Swara (Helly Shah) and run away holding her as a hostage. They will reach a mountain area where after a lot of arguments he will push her off a cliff. She will survive but lose her memory. After that, she won’t be able to remember Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as her husband. They will be in a fix.

We will see Swara falling in love with a new guy now. The makers are auditioning in full swing for a hot face opposite Helly Shah. As per reports, actors Anuj Sachdeva and Angad Hasija have been approached for the part. Anuj told BollywoodLife, “Yes, I have auditioned for the part but have heard nothing from the makers since then. It is not finalized.” Apparently, Angad is yet to get the green signal as well. We guess makers are thinking twice before breaking the adorable jodi of SwaSan.

What do you think about this news leave your opinion in the comments.

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  1. Guys chill Swara wont fall in love with any guy… Guy may fall bt nt Swara 100% sure…
    So no need to worry abt it…

  2. Plz don’t separate swasan for long time like swara never gets her memory back or sankar dies and swara lives happily ever with new entry
    If this happens i m not gonna watch this show

  3. But i heard a news that there is a double role of swara nd ragini will find the real swara anyways i am abt this track

  4. it tb article also given that “the makers are not really keen on casting of any of these actors and the hunt is still on” so no one is paired and hunt for new entry going on and also swasan are best jodi for sr they are trp bosters and rashmi sharma will never change the pair in any of the serial.. if lead pair any one can gets quits the show.. thats it.. so swasan and raglak endgame… for now no one is finalised among these two.

  5. hell… no… this is weird .. plzzz makers do think before separating swasan …. if this happens I won’t be seeing this show any more … koi intrest hi ni reh jayga … they both make the show … infact they are best to be together forever …

  6. But i have heard tat after swara’s memory loss……….. she will only remember her love life with LAKSH……So wat abt tat??????

  7. I hv no issues with falling her for other guy… The must not be obsessive lyk kavita…. Cz m sure yr jitta marzi drama kar le.. Swasan will be together… N I don’t want that new guy to create problems for them…

  8. We should petition Rashmi Sharma for her to not break up Swara and Sanskar. This is horrible, why do you need a new guy. Why can’t Swara have normal ml and be a child or something.

  9. Don’t u think itz stupid…c swasan r hus nd wife…tey r nt lovers fr swara forget sans nd love some else…wat ever happnd to swara she shuld b wit sanskar …she s his nw…mrge s nt toy to play…itz highly disgusting…even I don’t like swara double…swalak track ill b better tan tis…

  10. no plz………..swasan forever…………no new entry plz

  11. I was a silent reader and finally thought to comment… Swasan are superb together and I don’t want them to be separated anytime makers pls change the track… And pls give some importance to raglak also

  12. Plzzzz…..don’t separate Swasan….agar swasan alag ho gaye show will be no more interesting… Plzzz…air agr kar bhi diya to zyada din ke liye nahi….plllzzzzz…

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