a new swasan ff on current track (episode 4)


Hi guys ashka here. Sorry for late update. I was with my friends and could not give u ep. Due to diwali and i didnt had my mobile too coz of some reason.
So now lets begin here…

At mm
Swara was checking the decorations hiding her tears.
Ragini was determined to save swasan relation but less did she knew that whatever swara was doing is due to her helplessness.
Here sanskar was also disturbed he was showing everyone he is strong and hates swara but he really loves swara.
While swara was working she receives a call and she leaves from there telling ragini that she has some important work.
Later she is in a dark place.
There the same lady and man are present.
Swara: why have u called me here?
Lady: u have to do our work.
Swara: wat work now?
Lady: u have to take dp’s sign on this paper.
Swara takes it and reads the paper.

Swara: no i wont do this how can u do this bhabhi y r u doing this to all. Everyone has suffered a lot bade ma n badepapa is waiting for their son and u, sanskar is searching for him everywhere ragini is dying to see him. Pls leave laksh now.
(Yes guys the lady is none other than pari. And those papers are adarsh bail paper)
Pari:you jave to do this or else ragini will never see her suhaag her love her husband will go far away from her life.
Swara: no pls dnt do this i will do whatever u say. But pls leave laksh.
Pari: i will leave laksh but before that u have to do one last work.
Man: marry me and laksh will go to ragini.
Swara:Sahil!!! How can u say that. I will never be urs
(Ya the man is sahil)
Sahil: u have to swara or else u knw wat will happen.
Swara cries a lot.
Here in mm
Ragini goes to sanskar
Ragini: sanskar i need to talk to u.
Sanskar: u dnt need to be lawyer of ur sister ragini i knw u r here for same. u have some work do that and go from here i will find laksh u dnt need to be worried for it either.
Ragini: sanskar atleast listen to me swara really loves u a lot and she is doing this because u were wrong then in anger u both broke the relation that time but pls sort all the misunderstanding and save ur relation.

Sanskar: but now its too late and m gonna marry someone else.
Ragini: but can u give swaras place to that girl can u really love anyone else. No sanskar u cant u will destroy 3 lives with this. U cannot let this happen sanskar u love swara and she loves u. Then y r u both letting come ur ego in between ur relation just stop all this and accept swara again.
Sanskar: enough ragini i dont care about swara our relation broke the day she left this house. So now its all of no use whatver u talk so pls go from here.
Ragini: but sanskar…
Sanskar: pls leave it.
He goes from there leaving her.
After the work swaragini reach to baadi separately.
Its night.
Everyone has their dinner and go to sleep.
Its 12:00 in night and swara gets up and comes at the backside of baadi.
Swara then calls someone. She waits there for 10 mins. Someone comes there.
Swara: thankyou so much for ur help. U r dng this much for me sahil.(yes guys he is sahil)
Sahil: no swara i m just repenting my own mistakes which i had done in the past. Now i will set everything right. I just thankyou for giving a chance…
Swara: so have u got any information about laksh.
Sahil:no yaar parinita bhabhi is just changing his place from one to another.
Swara: from three months we r searching for him sahil still we r not able to find him. I m just worried for him. Sahil: dnt wry swara we will find him.
Swara: ya hope so.
Sahil: and i m sry but today i had to say that bcoz bhabhi forced me to do so but now i have no idea wat to do about it.
Swara: ya sahil i knw i have a plan about that marriage will tell u about it. Now go from here or else someone will see. Bye.
Then sahil leaves.
Swara then goes to sleep while she thinks how all this started.

After the police arrested aadarsh later everyone was searching laksh and swara received a message from an unknown no to meet me at xyz place at 12:30. Dnt dare to tell to anyone or else it wont be good to laksh.
That night she reaches at the place there she sees parinita.
Swara: bhabhi u did all this. It means u knw where laksh is right. Pls bhabhi tell me where is laksh. Everyone is waiting for him.
Parinita: bas bas enough my dear mahan swara. And yes i knw where is laksh but i will not tell everyone so easily. Everyone has to pay for what thwy did with me and aadarsh ji.
Swara: bhabhi what r u saying it was u all the time wrong and u r punishing whole family bhabho pls stop all this. U r dng nthng but falling more in everyone’s eyes.
Parinita: stop it swara i called you here for telling u something not listening ur lecturs.
Swara: i will tell everyone about u. Wait i will call sanskar now.
Parinita:no swara u will not do anything like this.
Swara: i will
Parinita: no u wont or else laksh will die. Ragini will never get her suhaag back. Maheshwari family will loose their son forever. My one call and laksh will be dead. Now u decide what u want. Swara: no bhabhi pls dnt do this i will do whatever u say.
Parinita:good now listen u have to blame sanskar for everything. U have to leavw everyone and be wrong in everyone’s eyes.
Flashback ends.
Swara cries silently remembering this.

To be continued.
So guys hope u liked it. And rwally so sorry i said to post it on monday but it is friday actually i had been with my friends at a trip and could not post it m sry and i will post one more ep tmrw mrng soon as i was late. Hope u like todays ep. i will also reveal how swara and sahil met each other.

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