a new swasan ff on current track (episode 3)

Hello guys ashka here back with nxt ep. Sry i didnt had time yesterday to post as was busy in diwali preparation

So here we start with nxt ep
Recap: swara meeting a lady, swasan remembering their old days

Next morning
Swara gets up and her eyes are red due to continuous crying. She then goes to washroom and gets fresh.
Ragini has already got up and also prepared breakfast.
Everyone have their breakfast.

Here in mm
Sanskar told his decision of getting married to gayatri’s daughter. Everyone are shocked hearing it.
Ap: sanskar what are u saying how can u marry someone else. U and swara…
Sanskar cuts her and says: i and swara have no relation now and pls ma i want to get married.
Sujata: but sanskar what about swara beta i know u want to punish her but pls dnt do this u will destry 3 lives with this marriage pls stop it.
Uttara: ha bhai maa is saying right dnt do this.
Sanskar: enough now its too late i wont backoff i gave words to uttara’s mil and i dnt wanna risk with uttaras marriage so pls now i have decided and i wont backoff.
Ap: ok sanskar but just ask ur heart are u dng right. Do wat ur heart says.
Sanskar: i was dng the same maa i was taking all my decision with heart but all i got back is only pain.(he said with tears in his eyes)and left to his room.

In badi
Swaragini were getting ready to go and prepare for uttara’s wedding.
The wedding was going to be held in maheshwari mansion so swara was very nervous to face everyone. She was very tensed how will she faceeveryone. Shemish hav already got to know about sanskars decision by ragini.
Ragini comes to swara and says
Ragini: swara are u sure u can do this.
Swara : ragini i will do it. Now come lets go.
They both leave to mm.
Gayatri is also there.

She welcomes both and says to them
Gayatri: come u have to prepare a lot. Not only one but u have to prepare for two marriages.one is uttaras and other is sanskars. You have to prepare good ok.
Swara: dnt wry at all we will prepare ry good aunty she says looking at her.
Everyone are shocked on swaras reaction. They didnt expect swara to say like this.
Ragini: ya aunty dnt wry at all.
They both have plastered a fake smile while saying all this.
Sanskar in his mind: how could u do this swara. How can u see ur love marrying anyone else. Have i lost my swara forever.
He left with some unshed tears in his eyes but his heart was crying tears of blood also hers both were crying but not showing on there faces.
Then swaragini started to prepare everything as tmrw is there engagement.
Swara: arre dada take this fast. Are what is this. Do fast. Ragini have u talked to the caterers. If not do it fast or else…
Ragini: swara calm down i have talked to the cateters ok.
Swara: ok ragini. Wait let me see that side also ok.
Ragini:swara stop it y r u dng this?
Swara: what happen ragini what r u speaking?
Ragini: o so u dnt knw swara. Swara he is marrying some one else and how can u do this . Preparing for ur love’s marriage with someone else. Just talk with sanskar ones he will forgive u swara. U both love each other a lot so just stop ur sacrifices for me.
Swara: (in mind) how can i tell u ragini i am helpless i too want to talk with sanskar but if i do then no i cant do this i have save laksh( to ragini) no ragini i cant do this. She leaves from there. And starts checking the other decoration.

to be continued…
so guys how was it? do tell me.
and guys i will be gng to my uncles house for 2-3 days. so i cant write. so nxt ep on monday.

and guys many of u have guessed who are those persons but only one has guessed it correctly. but i will reveal it on monday till then think who it is an comment how was the episode.

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  1. Shilpi99

    Wow superb yar awesome episode loved it please update soon

  2. nice but reveal why she doing like this and ha is she saving sanskar or laksh? clear this all ..
    didnt understand lkast lines

  3. sorry to say dear clear the things why swara nt telling sanskar who is blackmailing her… dont show he is marng another one to give punishment for swara

  4. Deeksha

    loved it dear……continue soon….

  5. Nice part…

  6. Ashka

    chill guys. sanskar wont marry any other girl. he is just angry and swara wants to save laksh from that lady. i will clear all misunderstandings soon and dnt wry swasan wont separate as i am too a big swasan fan. and nxt ep i will reveal who are blackmailling swara.

  7. Awesome. Loved it.hope serial main hi aisa hi ho

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  9. Nice one dear… Loved it ???????

  10. Mariyajap

    So emotional I feel like crying

  11. Superbbb

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    nice bt short

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    superb bt short

  14. Mahjabeen

    Amazing dear….waitng fr nxt

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