a new swasan ff on current track (episode 2)

Hello everyone! Ashka here with nxt ep.
Well! Thankyou for ur response so here we go with nxt part…

Sanskar threw the frame in anger and it broke in several pieces.

At the same time swara was still in temple when she feels some pain.
After sometime she composes herself and goes to a lonely place.
It was dark room and swara walks in and a lady asks her to come in

Lady: welcome swara welcome.
Swara:(tears flowing in her eyes)pls stop it now. Pls i dnt want to get separated from sanskar pls stop. What will you get from all this?
Lady:peace! I will get peace. My revenge wil get completed. The way you destroyed us, i will do the same. (Smirks evilly)
Swara: now y have u called me here.
Lady: to give u more pain which i went through. Poor sanskar he is seatching his dear brother laksh everywhere but unfortunately he cannot find him as he is with me. hahahahaha!!! (She laughs and smirks evilly)
Swara: (cries) pls leave him. Forget about revenge. It will give u nthng. Pls stop this.
Everyone is waiting for laksh. Pls stop it.
Lady: hahahahaha!!! Its just starting swara now u all will suffer more. Everyone has to pay for eat they did…

A man enters there
Man: yes right they have to suffer more. This is just starting the have to pay for separating me from my love…
Swara: u! How u came here?
Lady: i bought him here. Hahahahaa
Both the lady and man laughs evilly…

Swara goes from there
She enters badi and shekhar asks her
Shekhar: swara where were u we were waiting for u from long
Swara: baba i had went to temple.
Shekhar: ok now fresh up and come fast we will have dinner
Swara: ok baba

She gets fresh and everyone have dinner.
At night in swaraginis room
Swara was arranging bed lost in her own world when ragini enters in room with a jug of water.
Ragini: swara
Swara doesnt respond as she is lost in her thoughts
Ragini lil loud: swara
Swara comes in her senses.
Swara: ha ragini kya hua
Ragini: swara u r ok na i mean after what happened in evening.
Swara: i am ok ragini now come lets sleep.
(Covering as she does not want ragini to know her pain)
Ragini: now u will hide ur tears from ur sister ha!! Swara pls dnt do this. Stop sanskar dnt ruin ur life for me
Swara: its not like that ragini. Sanskar took the decision and now i dnt want him to suffer more may be i dnt have love in my destiny so this is happening(teary eyed)
Swara then composes herself and sleeps or u can say pretend to sleep to avoid her conversation with ragini. Then ragini also sleeps.

But that night neither swara nor sanskar get sleep.
Both are having tears in eyes tears of pain tears of anger
Bg plays
Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai

Swasan are remembering their lovely moments

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

Swara comes in balcony and cries keeping her hand on mouth so that no one can here her…

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi, Ranjhana ve
Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..
Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan.
Sasnkar is watching swaras photo in his mobile and has tears in his eyes

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni
Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Lakeeran vich likh di judaai…

To be continued…

Now think guys who was that lady and man who forced swara to take such steps..
Who is the man whose love got separated why are they taking revenge from maheshwari family…

Think guys and comment how was it

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  1. Deeksha

    Awesome.. Continue soon dear…!!!!!

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    nice…may be kavhil

  3. Rabia

    Awesome dear ?? and may be they are pari and adarsh

  4. awesome

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear…poor swasan??..Well, I have no idea about that lady and man??.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  6. Mariyajap

    awesome ashka

  7. I guess kavya and karthik….Awsm update

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    Awsm yr …pls post nxt soon..

  9. Wow loved it ❤️

  10. Kaynatk01

    maybe kavita and sahil and it was damn emotional loved it

  11. I think kavita or pari n adarsh…. Nice update dear…. ??????

  12. Nice

  13. The ff is fab .. Pls update soon

    I wrote ff but it’s not showing anybody knows what 2do ??

  14. nice epi . And van anyone tell me how to post a ff here

  15. Arunika

    The people may be Cavity & Sahil!!!

  16. Nice….I guess pari n sahil

  17. Mahjabeen

    Wahhh loved it dear?????its emotional..cnt c my swasan in dis state??
    Nd i thnk thy r kavita nd sahil
    Continie soon

  18. Nice part..i think they r pari & sahil…

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