New Swasan ff {chapter 8}

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Swara : kavita let’s go…..
Kavita : Ya bhabs…..
Emith (happily) : Mumma we are ready…..
Swara : Come we will go….
Ehsaas : Mumma you know I am so happy…..
Swara : Why my baby is so happy??
Prithvi : Because we are going to meet Nana Nani…..
Swara : Always be happy my babies…..
Kavita : Bhabhi let’s go……
Swara : Ya…..
Kavita started the car and all reached Bose house…… Where shemish were doing preparations as mm were coming…….

Swara knocked the door….. Sharmistha opened and got happy to see her…..
Sharmistha : Come beta….. I was thinking to call you only….. I’m happy that you are moving on in your life….. Hope you get all the happiness you deserve……
Swara : I don’t think happiness can ever come in my life…… (absent minded)
Sharmistha : What are you talking about beta…..
Swara : Nothing Maa…. It’s just that I’m not feeling well….
Sharmistha : Ohk beta take rest….
Swara : Ya Mom…..
Swara goes to her room and she asks shomi not to call her when they come… She sits on bed and starts crying…..
Here dp and ap comes with smiling faces…. They talk sometime and all agree to the alliance…. Dp fakely shows that he also accepted Emith and has no problem….. Shemish gets happy….. Ap ask to do swasan engagement day after tomorrow and Shomi and Shekhar agree…..

Shemish are very happy…. After Dp and ap went, they come to Swara and blesses her….
Sharmistha : I am so much happy for you. How caring they are…. They also have no problem with Emith also….. You know what? They said that they will keep engagement party in their house.
Swara: (thinks) I have no concern where all the rituals are performed. (to sharmistha) Maa I am tired…. Can I sleep for sometime…..
Sharmistha : Yes beta…. Why not??
Swara : Thanks Maa…. (in mind) I will never forgive you sanskar nor will accept you…..
Swara lies down to sleep. She cries hugging pillow and sleeps…..

Guys comments are decreasing day by day…. I’m very dissapointed…… If this continues to happen then I will end this ff….. If you guys want longer updates then please comment on the ff’s……


  1. khusubu

    sorry for not commenting because of study now also i can’t comment because my semester is starting from 25th April.
    please don’t end this.
    when i get time i will comment

  2. ankita Gaude

    Awesome next part soon and ya I am also student so I don’t get time sorry for not comment

  3. Kesia

    Sorry I didn’t have time to write as I have got lots of homework and I have got a exam sorry and can I call u Di if you don’t mind .
    And also lots of people have got exams so they might of not got time
    Anyway this ff is really good don’t stop
    And this dp Huh why does he need to be the villain of a beautiful coming up lobe story .
    Plz don’t stop Di

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