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New Swasan ff {chapter 7}


Hey guys
Sorry for the late…..

Dp says her something…… Swara’s tears start flowing and cryingly she says
Swara : I will marry sanskar….. I promise….
Dp becomes happy
DP: give me your address. (Swara looks at him confused) we are coming to your house to talk to your parents for this alliance.
Swara: Sir ! Please have some mercy! (Tears roll down her cheeks)
DP: I said give me your address. (Swara gives him address) good! We will come at night. You will ask your parents to accept our proposal.
Swara: (looks down) yeah!

DP: Nobody should know about our deal…. Compose yourself and be happy and ya about your sister in law she can meet you but only in functions and about your children so forget about them….. (Touches her cheeks and goes)
Swara cries bitterly and falls on floor….
Swara (in mind) : I’m sorry Sahil but whatever I am doing or I will do is just for safeguarding kavi and children…..
Swara wipe her tears and went back to her home with a heavy heart….. Before that she called her parents informing them about the marriage proposal….

Swara reaches her home…. She sees her twins emotionally…. She sees kavi who is looking at Swara doubtful eyes…. She thinks to tell the truth to her……
Swara : Kavi come here….
Kavita : Bhabs what happened?? Your eyes are looking red…..
Swara : Actually…. She narrates her confrontation with sanskar and then tells about dp…..


Dp : Actually, I wanted to talk to you about my son.

Swara : Sorry sir but I can’t understand what are you talking about??

DP: Actually, he loves a girl but she is not accepting him. I could not see him like this.

Swara: you should make him understand…

DP: He could not understand because he could not live without her. Neither he’s eating something nor he’s interacting with anyone…. Always keep himself busy either in work or in that girl’s thought…. The name of that girl is Swara…..

Swara: (shocked) what??

DP: My son name is Sanskar Maheshwari…. Don’t act innocent. I know you are responsible for this condition of my son. Now you have to accept him….

Swara: no sir! You can’t force me into relationship with your son…..

DP: (angry tone) look, I only know that you can make him old Sanskar. I cannot see my son in pain…..

Swara: (angry) you don’t care about others’ pain….

DP: you will have to marry him……

Swara: (shouts) never….. I will never marry him…

Dp : you would have to accept my offer.

Swara: never. I will show your real face to whole world.

DP: I am just asking for my son’s happiness. You don’t know what I can do. I can kill your whole family.
Swara: please don’t harm my family….. Why are you doing this….. What my family did to you…. Please spare us…..
Dp takes his phone out and pretend to call….
Dp : Fine then talk to your family last time….
Swara : I am ready to do as you say.
DP: (smiles) good girl. This marriage will be like normal marriages. Now go and tell Sanskar that you are ready to marry him…..
Swara : I want some time…..
Dp : You have 2 days…. Tell him and if I found that you’re trying to do any cleverness then your children will be dead at that very moment and your sister in law her life will be destroyed which will be coz of you….
Swara : I will marry sanskar….. I promise…..


Kavita got shocked listening this…. Then only Swara’s phone rang…. It was of Swara’s parents…. Swara picks the call….

Shekhar : Swara beta…. I’m happy that you are moving on….. We already started the preparations….. Come home soon with kavita and Emith…..
Swara : Yes baba…. We are coming….

Kavita : I am going to see the children…..

Swara : Hmmmm….

Precap : Same as previously mentioned…..

Hope you guys will like it……

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  1. Plz don’t separate swaras kids from her.
    Even sanskar daughter need mom love which only swara can give.plz post the next part soon.

    1. SammieR

      Don’t worry Swara and kids will not be seperated……

  2. Gayathri.visu

    Nice… But dont separate Swara and kids..

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya don’t worry Swara and kids will not be seperated…..

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      Thank you

  3. nice update next part soon

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      Thank you

  4. Nice…..

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  5. Nice update

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      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  6. Oo thank u sooooooooo much that u write this FF. I am very happy . But sorry for late comment as my exams are going on so I am busy now a days . But awesome marvelous episode .

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya don’t need to be sorry as Exams are more important than these ff’s…..

  7. ur update z always marvellous n superb sammie

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