New Swasan ff {Chapter 2}

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Maheshwari industry
Many candidates are seen… All were nervous as they know that how much Sanskar Maheshwari is strict when it comes to work…..
Candidates were going for interview when they were called but soon they come out….
After some time Swara’s turn came….
she went into the cabin and ask
Swara : May I come in?
Sanskar : Yes ( Engrossed in file)

Swara went inside and give her CVS to sanskar.. Sanskar gets impressed and looks up to see her and get mesmerized….But controls himself and starts asking questions….
Swara started giving All the answers nicely yet confidently…… Seeing her versatility, diligence, enthusiasm sanskar finalised her…..
Swara became happy but controlled it and asked thanks after that she went out unnoticing rage in Sanskar’s eyes….. Here after Swara went Sanskar went to his secret cabin and started shouting saying “Swara you’re mine only mine”…

Other side
Swara was happy as she got a job…. She went back to her house and after picking her children and thanking raglak (neighbors) for taking care of Emith….. She took some rest and then starts preparing for lunch…..

Maheshwari industry
After some time sanskar came out and starts doing his work but he was disturbed so he called kavita…..
Sanskar : Kavita I want you come in my house via back door….. I will wait for you…..
After completing his work he went to his house and asked them not to disturb him…..
Sanskar’s room
A boy is making out with a girl…..The girl moans
They are none other than Kavsan….
Sanskar : Kavi baby you’re just awesome…
Kavita (tears) : Sanskar Sir I have done all the things you said please sir leave me don’t do this now….
Sanskar : It’s your brother’s fault which you and your bhabhi and those little kids are paying…
Kavita : You promised me you will not harm bhabhi and kids if I will do what you want…
Sanskar : Kavi baby…. Don’t disturb me and keep quiet…. I will tell you after I get satisfied… Now kindly keep quiet…..
Shruti is watching this peeping from door….

Sanskar sees this and stops and shouts
Sanskar (shouting) : Shruti go outside…..
Shruti (?) : Sorry dad…. Voh I just came to say bua is calling you….
Sanskar : hmm go (turning to kavita) Kavi baby go it’s late night… My future wife will be waiting for you….
Listening this Kavita was horrified but controlled herself and asked sanskar
Kavita (stammering) : What you want to say??
Sanskar : Kavi baby don’t you know that after 2 months you’re sweet bhabhi will be going to be my wife……
Kavita (horribly) : No sanskar you promised me you will not do anything with bhabhi….
Sanskar : I think I should kill Emith

Kavita : No please don’t….
Sanskar : Then get lost…..
Kavita : hmmm
Saying this she went out and started thinking


Swahil were happily married….. They loved each other very much…..
1.5 years back
Swahil were going to restaurant unaware of the upcoming storm coming in their lives…. Sanskar with Uttara went their as Uttara wanted to eat outside…… Suddenly sanskar collided with the girl she was none other than Swara….. Seeing Swara he fell in love with her and thought to make her his……
Flashback ends
Kavita reach home Swara welcomed her

Swara : Kavi where were you?? Your phone was also switched off….. I was tensed….
Kavita (acting to be rude) : What the hell…. Now I should tell you each and every thing…. You bl**dy murderer…..
Saying this she went……

Precap : Sanskar madness for Swara…..

So guys what you think….
Why sanskar got angry after Swara went??
Why kavita is sleeping with sanskar though she doesn’t want to??
If sanskar love Swara why he’s silent since 1.5 years??
What was Kavsan were talking about??
Why kavita is behaving rudely with Swara??
How Swara doesn’t recognize him in office??
How was the episode?? (guys it’s answer is compulsory)

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    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  1. nice continue

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  2. Gayathri.visu

    Aree yaar, you are asking so much questions. So much twists SammieR…. Very interesting!!! So Kavitha is not bad, she loves her bhabhi very much… But Sanskaar, what is this yaar??? So because of his madness towards Swara he kills Sahil right??? Post next part soon please……..

    1. SammieR

      He he he thank you and ya don’t worry after some parts story will be clear…..

  3. Pummy

    Dnt tel that sanskar kild sahil

    1. SammieR

      I am afraid but it can be true…..

      1. Pummy

        Mummaa??? suspence se mat maro muje. I want to live

      2. SammieR

        Don’t worry dear I will not kill you otherwise how will you comment in my ff….??* innocent me

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  4. awesome episode

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  5. awesome dear i love it

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  6. 1 bcoz swara might have refuse him by saying she is married and happy.
    2 may be kavati is involved in some illegal work .
    3 may be he want swara to come to him on her own. Or may be bcoz she was pregnant.
    4 they may be taking abt how that killed sahil.
    5 as kavithi is positive so may be she want to save swara and Swahili kids as they r precious to sahil that y.
    6 may be she didn’t regconised.
    But how is this possible ?

    1. SammieR

      Only 4$5$6 are correct dear…..

  7. IQRA222

    awesome waiting for the next episode

  8. Mica

    gooossshhhh this Sanskar..eeewwww

    1. SammieR

      Hey mica don’t say anything to my sansku.. Don’t you know we are going to marry each other ???

      1. SammieR

        I mean me and my cutieeeee sansku

      2. Mica

        huh! dare no, he’s for Swara only.. but not in this story, omg!!! Sammyyyyyy….*fainting

      3. Arshaanya

        Bt still u cant deny watevr he was doin wid kavita n was mrd n hve daughter bt hate her also
        Ok lets c wat u got for us in nxt update

      4. Arshaanya

        Ya dats y i only said he was mrd n hates his daughter coz he think shez rspnsble for his wifez death…
        Wat wrong i said in dat?? N dis also means he was in love wid his wife n now loves swara
        N dan kavitaz thing
        I was jus sayin u cannot justify dese things
        I guess u r misundrstng wat m tryng to say
        Ok leave dis topic here…

    2. Arshaanya

      Micaaaaaaa hez doing all dese bad things like killing sahil getting intimate wid kavita jus coz he love swara ????? oh god
      Kuch bhi…sammier sorry if u feel bad i dun want to hurt u bt its bttr u show him only villian not hero coz u can nvr jstfy dis deeds of sanskar

      1. Mica

        waaaaaaa……bad is baaaddddd!!!! that’s what i thought!
        i mean he fall in love/obsessed with someone but then .. omg!!!! really eewwwww!!!!

      2. SammieR

        I never told he killed Sahil

      3. SammieR

        Arshaanya if you read the character sketch in that I have clearly written he hates his daughter as sanskar wife died due to giving birth to Shruti

  9. G.Chandu

    awesome…!!! Is sanskar villian of this story??!!

    1. SammieR

      Nope just for Swara and Her children

  10. Nice interesting kavsan talking some thing that relate to shail

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya your right

  11. Awesome dear

  12. Independent

    Arre yaar when u love ur cities sansku this much then why r u making him villain but story is interesting go ahead dear

    1. SammieR

      He’s not villain whatever he’s doing just for his love…. He just wants to marry her otherwise he’s nice

      1. SammieR

        And ya thanks for comment

      2. Arshaanya

        Dats y hez getting intimate wid kavita coz he love swara
        Wat kind of logic is dis??

    1. SammieR

      Thank you ?

  13. Nice
    Thank God kavita is positive here.
    Is sanskar really loves her or only want her?
    please update next part as soon as possible

    1. SammieR

      He loved her but now want her at any cost

  14. Am confused dear.. If sanskaar loves swara that much, then why he intimates with kavita? And if he loves swara that much why he married shruthi’s mother at first?
    Hope you clear my confusion in upcoming parts.
    Waiting for the next part. ?

    1. SammieR

      He fell in love with Swara after shruti’s mother death…… Shruti mother died 5 years ago and sanskar saw Swara 1.5 years ago

  15. Soujanya


  16. I think he is psycho or little bit emotional or mad . he loves her but also I think he will give her hell punishment after marrying her. Bechari Swara. But over all nice concept . & waiting for next one

    1. SammieR

      Yup your right……. Swara will be tortured by sanskar in the form of Emith as sanskar knows how much Swara loves Emith…… Thank god that some one can understand my feelings……..

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