New Swasan ff {chapter 11}

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Guys I have a good news remember I told Dinesh Bhaiya…. Dinesh Bhaiya is out of jail…. Yup he has been bailed….. But there is a sad news Dinesh Bhaiya’s child is no more…. He/she died….

And then she realises that

It’s just a dream (Yup it was just a dream)…….

But her mind was covered with fear….

Sharmistha : Shona beta…. What happened why are you sweating??
Swara : Nothing Maa… Maa I am going to meet sanskar….
Sharmistha : Ohk beta…..

Swara went to cafe….. And when she reached their…. She saw sanskar sitting there already…. She went towards him… Sanskar seeing Swara became happy…

Sanskar : Swara come na…. What happened sweetheart?? why you called me here?? Is everything fine??
Swara : Ya sanskar everything is fine…. Sanskar I wanna talk something important to you….
Sanskar : Yes Swara say what happened….
Swara : Woh I wanna say that ki….ki…. Do you have any problems with Emith…. I mean will you accept them…..
Sanskar : Swara it’s true that at first I hated Emith but after spending time together with them…. I have started accepting Emith…. Even I came to know how much I have done bad with Shruti…. Don’t worry Swara I can understand your fear…. I promise I will try to give my love to Emith as much as I can…. But still I need sometime to accept them…..
Swara : Thank you so much sanskar… I’m happy that you accepted them…. Thank you sanskar….
Sanskar smiled seeing her happy….
Swara : Ohk so I am taking leave as I had to help Maa Papa in arrangements…..
Sanskar : Ohk….

Saying this Swara went but he remembered something which made him realised his mistakes…. (think what can it be)


All the marriage preparations were finished….
Swara was dressed up in a red bridal lehenga and was adorned with jewellery like in cover photo…. Obviously putting a fake smile as she was forced by her FIL for this alliance…. But still somewhere she was happy that…. At least her children are not going to seperated from her and also they were accepted by sanskar….

In hall

Sanskar was eagerly waiting for his bride…. When he saw her desending the stairs…. Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing her. She is looking like a beautiful fairy came from heaven 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘and Sanskar could not take off his eyes from her face….. She is irritated by his looks…. Swara comes down and sits in the Mandap with sanskar…. Sumi does their Gathbandhan…. After the pheras sanskar adorned her neck with nuptial chain and filled her maang with vermilion…. A drop of tear escapes her eyes…. Priest declares them husband and wife….
They both take blessings of elders… Swara hugs shemish and cries vigorously…. They lead her to the car and Sanskar sits with her…. And they drove off taking Emith also….

After 4 hours

They reach Maheshwari mansion and get off the car…. They are warmly welcomed by Ap and Uttara… Swara comes inside teary eyed….
They do all the post marriage rituals….. And ap ask swasan to go to their room and told swara that Emith will sleep tonight in shruti’s room and next day she will prepare Emith’s room…. Swara nodes and goes with sanskar……

Precap : Swasan first night…..

Guys previous part’s confrontation with sanskar was Swara’s dream and this confrontation part was their real conversation…..


  1. mariya

    My exam is done. Woww awesome part. & Also previous parts r amazing. Thanks for continuing this FF. Plzz don’t think about comments & people. Continue soon……..
    & That’s a great news that Dinesh Bhai is out of jail but sad for another news. Take care dear . & Keep smiling always 😀😀

  2. Jj

    Why dinesh Bai can’t leave the house with her wife, the stupid people will live in hell what a step father and real mother is her mom is accept this kind of behavior to her own child it’s irritating a lot .I am glad he is out of jail but sad for the child,I will pray the god for him

  3. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    And happy that Dinesh bhaiya got bail. Same time feeling sad for him, he lost his child. Why can’t he leave that house with his wife. But I m really angry on Dinesh bhaiya’s spinless mother! How can she tolerating this? Here her son is bearing so much pain even he lost his child. But she doesn’t care about him?? What kind of mother she is??
    Sorry if I m wrong.

    • SammieR



      Thank you and ya I can understand your feelings but it’s not aunty’s fault…. She’s binded with a promise that’s why she is unable to protest against her husband….

  4. Milestone

    Nice…… happy that Dinesh bhaiya is out now but sad for them as they lost their child …it means bhabhi did abort… kya?

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